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Morgan's "Friend" -- He Was Drinking Before Crash

2/25/2009 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Morgan's FreemanThe woman who was injured in a car crash with Morgan Freeman last year claims the actor was boozing all over town before he got behind the wheel.

According to a lawsuit filed today in Mississippi federal court, Demaris Meyer claims on the night of the crash, she first met up with Freeman at dinner -- where she noticed "throughout the course of dinner and afterward drinks were consumed by Freeman."

Meyer then says she left dinner and met up with Freeman and others at a friend's home. She claims Freeman "had at least one more drink" while there. She claims Freeman then invited her to stay at his home for the night -- guaranteeing her not only her own bedroom, but her "own house." She says she agreed.

Meyer claims at around 11:30 PM, while Freeman drove her to his home, Morgan lost control of the car and "ran off of the right side of the highway." Meyer says she suffered a broken left wrist and right scapula, a torn labrum in her right shoulder and numerous bruises and lacerations.

At a press conference today, Meyer said she and Freeman were "just friends" -- despite widespread rumors that she was his mistress.

Meyer is suing for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, permanent disability (short term memory loss) and additional damages.


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Womb for one    

Some "friend".

2010 days ago

ace lovesz crazy    

this chick is buggin. if she knew he was drinkin all night why would she get in the car with him??? it's like people do stupid things and want other people to pay for it.... her and the octomom should become friends they can come up with new ways to get "free" money.

2010 days ago


I'm sure he forced her to get in the car. Ugh...GOLD DIGGER!!! She claims that she witnessed him drinking all night, and got in the car with him -------> Why??? Get a life, woman.

2010 days ago


This chick deserves........NADA. What a douche! How you gonna sue somebody when you OBVIOUSLY knew the person was drinking when you got in the car. Gotta love this country!! Only place I know that you can sue because of YOUR lack of responsibility

2010 days ago


Why do people watch other people consume alcohol then proceed rto accept a ride home. I mean really, Does no one have any common sense anymore. I guess not. But the lack of common sense is very abundant anymore, it just runs out of the woodwork and people collect it like it was maple syrup. She needs to think about what she's going to say to the press before she opens her money grubbing mouth!!!!

2010 days ago


First of all, why would YOU get in a car with someone you know had been drinking all night. Or if you had not been drinking too, then why did you not drive? I think as usual this is about money and greed. Friends??? Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk! Not unless one is really wealthy and you can get lots of money if you wreck.

2009 days ago


Like I said you want tax revenue then add a tax to alcohol, all the celberties , politicians and rich people drink so they would pay taxes just like us poor people. And they would not quit drinking so lots of money toward edeucation.

2009 days ago


then why the heck did you get in the car with him if you knew he was drinking? it's your own fault you got hurt in that accident. and what kind of friend you are for letting a drunk person drive.

2009 days ago


If she KNEW he was drinking, than her injuries are partly her own fault!!! She was stupid enough to get in the car with him, she can pay part of her own bills. I could maybe see Freeman paying for her out-of-pocket expenses directly related to the accident, but not all that other stuff. No pain and suffering (chock that up to stupidity) and no disability and crap.

2009 days ago


First of all how stupid is this woman?
If you see someone consuming that much alcohol, would you risk life and limb and get in a car with them?
If so you deserve what you got.
Seems to me this woman is just seeking $$$$ from someone she knows has cash.
I am sick and tired of people suing over their own utter stupidity. Take responsibility for your own actions or lack there of!

2009 days ago

Aussie Mom    

Re: Comment #39, she isn't a big wig at FedEx.... I know for a fact she is just a VP admin which in common terms is a secretary.....

2009 days ago


That woman is pathetic. She knew that Morgan was drinking, she states that quite obviously, but yet she still got into the car with him knowing that he had been drinking, and then is surprised that they ended up in an accident. She should "chalk up" her injuries to bad judgment on both of their behalfs, but instead she's looking to hit the "celebrity lottery". I might even give some empathy towards her if she was only asking for medical expenses but to be paid, but come on, lost wages, PAIN & SUFFERING, MEMORY LOSS. AGAIN THE ONLY MEMORY LOSS THAT OCCURRED WAS BY HER WHEN SHE WILLINGLY GOT INTO A CAR WITH A MAN WHO HAD BEEN DRINKING, FORGETTING THAT IT MIGHT NOT BE SUCH A GOOD IDEA. At least Morgan has the excuse that he was drunk and in an altered state of mind, she made the choice while she was SOBER.
The woman has no sense of "Personal & Social responsibility" and now wants someone else to pay for her mistakes. should of just had 8 Invitro children, apparently that's legal and you'll get much more long term free public money.

2009 days ago


Ok, so let me get this straight.. you KNEW a guy was drinking and yet you still got into a car with him.

CASE CLOSED.. YOU are responsible for your own stupid decision. She MADE herself a "victim" the idiot.

2009 days ago


Another shoulda woulda coulda. I dont know about you - but IF she only just met him WHY would she accept an overnite stay at his house? own bedroom or not? and IF she wasnt out with him - and by her own claims - knew he had been drinking at various places before ..WHY would she have gotten into a car with him if he was "drunk?" Why not offer to drive? why not take a cab? why go home with him? I dunno - but I dont make it a habit to get into a car with drunks at the wheel then claim ignorance when they play with my life....gimme a break!

2009 days ago


oaky, she saw the drinking throughout the evening... Now she is getting into the "car" with him??? even though normal people realize drinking & driving dont' mix???? huh.. backup...she gets to have a free house for the evening. So risking your life for a 'free' room is worth it? She may have had a free long, forever sleep had the accident turned out worse.
She should count her blessings she got off with some scrapes, bruises, and a broken bones. She could have just taken a taxi home.

2009 days ago
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