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Sheryl Crow: That Bailout Cash Wasn't Enough!

2/25/2009 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sheryl Crow is looking for even more money -- but this time, it ain't yours.

Sheryl Crow: Click to watch
The same day TMZ broke the story about Northern Trust using bailout money to pay her for a private concert, Crow was in D.C., urging Congress to force radio stations to pay artists when they play their music.


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I say do it. That will be the end of radio because no stations would be able to stay in business. This would result in no music being played, no one knowing about new music, no one would buy their music, and then there would be no stupid Hollywood liberals.

2032 days ago


I agree with 8 and 9-----Sheryl Crow is the ultimate ditz. She is not a great singer, she is mediocre, don't care for her weird songs anyway. So, if I hear her anywhere from now on, I will be turning the station. She really turns me off at this point. No wonder she can't keep a man. She should just give in and go lesbian.

2032 days ago


Please people. Come on. The big 3 have to jump thru hoops and account for every penny. These "banks" get 4 times more cash from the government and are allowed to have their executives continued bonuses and pay increases. How is that fair? How typically "American" to have double standards and for congress to practice "dirty" politics. The auto industry started the industrial revolution in this country and made it what it is today. Lets get one thing straight. The quality of vehicle is there. Has been for a long time. There is no one buying cars because people aren't working!!! HELLO!!! It has nothing to do with quality or the amount of money per hour employees of the big three make. And just for the record. Auto workers DO NOT get $75 an hour. That's with medical, dental, life insurance and other benefits factored in. An employee at Wal-mart can make $50/hour if you want to start factoring pay on the same basis. And you want to make fun of SUV's and 4 wheelers. Go ahead. Come to the midwest with the winter we have been going through and let me see you drive your Hyundai"s!!!!!!

2032 days ago


Wow !!! that's balls considering no one would know who she was if it werent for radio because she came out before the days where you could be an internet celebrity ..Unreal !!! and yes she should be paying us to listen to her crappy, dated music

2032 days ago


Is she kidding? I work at a radio station, and if it wasn't for radio and promotions a lot of artists wouldn't be in the business .If anything "They" should pay the radio stations. Radio stations, as you know, pay fees for the priviledge to play artists music so Ms. Crow will probably be wasting her breath. If she wants to be an activist, activitate to save our children in this country who are kidnapped, abused, molested, murdered...and the falling apart of our school systems. Forget harassing those who are there to help you. Our station plays rock-n-roll from the 60's to now and we absolutely have Cheryl Crow playing everyday.
Thanks for the opportunity to relay my opinion and keep up the good work TMZ!!

2032 days ago


I don't know anything about this particular issur Sheryl is pushing, but it would seem that the bigger problem is people copying music. Easy to do from downloads. I am a huge Cheryl Crow fan, and I think that artists should "own their own work". I don't think this is the right way. For one think,m how would you monitor it?

2032 days ago


Congress will probably jump right on this. They are all a bunch of morons, anyway. It's not like they have anything important to do, like fix the country.

2032 days ago


I apologize for the lack of proof reading on that last post.

2032 days ago

Tom Marianino    

She is an idiot!

2032 days ago


#10 - that's hilarious!

2032 days ago

agent smith    

Radio stations get ur music out to the public u dolt...Crow either u r really greedy or really dumb...I think it may be a combination.

2032 days ago


They DID NOT use bailout money to pay for her concert. Stop lying and report the facts!

2032 days ago


Sheryl with an S...hate to tell ya girl, not a good'll be p poor cuz. If the stations have to pay you, they just won't play you!!! No one will miss you. Be greatful you get the plays and those too lazy to change the channel do listen.

As soon as the libs got BO into the big house they all started putting the screws to the middle guy.

Shout out to Clooney too.......I know you told us that what you were talking to the prez about was "Important" and "Not about Gov money or troops".....dude...I happen to think our troops are pretty g.d. important....but alas, you've never served.
Are you going to strap on 150lbs of gear and cammies when you get us into Darfur and it , too, hit's the fan? Same extremists, dude, different locale.

2032 days ago


Here are some hard facts that you have neglected to report.

Northern Trust had net income last year of more than $640 million, and paid for this event using normal operating funds.

No Capital Purchase Program funds were allocated for operating expenses, including marketing, advertising, corporate sponsorship or charitable activities.

Northern Trust did not seek the government’s investment under the U.S. Treasury’s Capital Purchase Program, but agreed to the government’s goal of gaining the participation of all major banks in the United States.

Northern Trust pays dividends on Treasury’s investment, and will continue to pay them until the capital is returned. Currently,

Northern Trust pays the government $78.8 million on an annual basis as a return on taxpayers’ investment – almost $20 million per quarter.

Capital Purchase Program funds are supporting high quality loan growth, benefiting both private and institutional clients. As of December 31, 2008, our loans and leases grew to more than $30 billion, a 21% increase from December 31, 2007.

This is the second year of Northern Trust’s five-year agreement to sponsor the Northern Trust Open. The tournament agreement was signed in 2007 and all associated contracts associated with client education and entertainment were signed months before the U.S. government’s Capital Purchase Program was contemplated.

During tournament week, more than 2,000 clients and prospects from around the globe participated in activities including three financial education seminars for our personal and institutional clients.

Over the two years, Northern Trust has raised $3 million dollars for the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce Charity Foundation and the many non-profit organizations it supports.

Over its entire history, this tournament has raised more than $50 million for the Los Angeles community.

2032 days ago


This is so sick. It shows how stars are out of touch with the country. I guess they get all the privilages.

2032 days ago
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