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Sheryl Crow: That Bailout Cash Wasn't Enough!

2/25/2009 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sheryl Crow is looking for even more money -- but this time, it ain't yours.

Sheryl Crow: Click to watch
The same day TMZ broke the story about Northern Trust using bailout money to pay her for a private concert, Crow was in D.C., urging Congress to force radio stations to pay artists when they play their music.


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Apparently you people do not know Sheryl Crow and what she has done for Children and breast cancer. In addition she stands for peace. I am sure she had nothing to do with this bank and their public party. As for Artists getting paid for radio airplay I'm sorry but artists have the right to collect on their work. The internet industry has stolen their music and profit where people are not buying CD's as much. Maybe some of you should go to work and let the company make money on you and not pay you. Maybe they can tell you that you have to work for free now. Technology has stolen musicians paychecks and the industry (Radio) has to change with the program. Like it or not. Sorry, no more free music now. Too bad. And cable TV is not free either. You are all a bunch of nasty people making nasty comments about a woman that fights for every ones benefit. Shame on you all!!

2066 days ago


You f'n COW! How dare you even consider making radio stations pay you for YOUR free advertising. What a crock of you know what. I wasn't a big fan of yours now and you can sure bet that I will NEVER be one.

2066 days ago


F*** Her!!!!! she's a dumb B****

2066 days ago


I honestly don't want to hear anything Sheryl sings!!!!!

She is one idot. Maybe that's why Lance dumped her stupid arse.

Note to ALL radio stations, DON'T play her music PLEASE.

2066 days ago


TMZ, I'm so glad you ran the story about Northern Trust and the amount of money they spent on entertainment, including Sheryl Crow and Earth Wind and Fire! No other news outlet I've seen has done the same! I majored in Music Business and Production at UCLA so here's a summary of what these royalties are that are being discusses. A musician and songwriter, who may or may not be the same people, are paid a portion of the amount of money collected in a "blanket collection" the performing rights organizations- ASCAP, BMI and SESAC - collect quarterly from the radio stations, movie theaters, juke boxes and anywhere else a recorded or live performance is present. The songwriters are then given a percentage of the mass sum of money collected by the performing rights organizations, and it's based on which songs were played the most throughout the quarter, with the ones most played being given the greater amount of performance money. It’s not always very accurate. However, the musicians are not always paid publishing royalties (a separate royalty from performance royalties) for radio performances of songs because many times they are not the owners of the publishing, even if they are one of the songwriters because many musician grant a portion or all of their publishing rights to a larger company who will take care of collecting that money for them, such as Universal Music Publishing. They are only paid those royalties if they are listed as one of the songwriters holding the publishing rights of the song(s). The lyrics and the melody are what is granted a copyright – not the piano part, not the bass part, etc usually unless it’s very distinctive. Just as if you write a paper for school, you technically own the copyright to that paper, and people cannot steal it and make money off of it – you can only. Radio stations do not own songs, and in fact many radio owners don't care if they play music or have a soccer game playing on the station. Their main goal is getting as many people to listen to their station so they can get as many advertisers to pay for ads on their stations! This reason is why you'll hear the same few songs over and over every day, because these songs have already shown a proven track record to the station that they are ones the listeners want to hear, and it's more effort for the radio station executives to find new songs, test them out through call-out surveys and see if as many people stay tuned in. Also, this reason is why many stations in cities, such as L.A. have switched to broadcasting only Spanish-speaking sports instead of music - more people in that region will tune in to hear the sports in that language than music in English. In the end, Sheryl Crow is a bit wrong in that most stations do pay for their use of the songs. She may want more money than the few cents per play they are given now. If she's not getting paid properly, she is with a very bad music publisher and performing rights organization. They have the power and clout to enforce the payment. But I know she’s with a big one; not a tiny publisher that has little clout. I think she's probably angriest about the fact that she can't sell many albums or concert tickets anymore - at least not at the level of millions of people she was reaching 10 years ago. Sadly, she is older and hasn't adapted to the types of music that are popular now, so the result is she's not as popular! But, don't feel too bad, I met her in CA at her concert and friends of mine have met her in other states, and she's been rude and ungrateful every time! Karma.

2066 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

No wonder Lance Armstrong dumped her. What a greedy bitch! She must be as dumb as a rock even to suggest such a thing. Bet the radio stations won't play her music from now on. She has always been overrated, anyway.

2066 days ago


Are you kidding me?? This is absolutley ridiculous. Seriously, where does she think she would be right now without the radio stations playing her music for free. What's next the radio stations chargning the listeners to listen! I was a fan of Sheryl Crow but I have to say this has changed my thinking.

2066 days ago


Uh, Northern Trust didn't ASK for any bailout money. They were told to take it by the Treasury Department. Northern Trust caters to clients who invest a MINIMUM of $10 million per year. These people a)aren't being affected by the economy and b)expect some serious entertainment value and A-list treatment. However, Sheryl Crow does suck.

2066 days ago


I will NEVER buy another CD she makes. I am done with this gal.

2066 days ago

Ms. X    

#33 If NT had not received bailout money, it would most likely have canceled its tournament agreement and no one would have questioned the decision. Also, to claim that NT did not seek bailout money but rather just decided to accept it to comply with gov.'s goal of all banks participating is garbage. Just say "No". You can make all the excuses you want but the bottom line is....NT screwed up "Big Time" with this one and so did "Hypocrite Crow".

2066 days ago

DJ Jeff    

I'm a DJ and I can tell you, straight up, there will be no radio station that will pay an artist to play their song. Radio is free to the public, if little drama queens you think they can't live on 5 million need more money, then they can go get sit and spin.

2066 days ago

please lady    

What the old crow forgets to mention is that radio ALREADY PAYS ARTISTS to play their music. It's called ASCAP & BMI which run them quite a pretty penny each year already. If it weren't for radio she'd still be playing some redneck bar in nowhere USA knocked up with her 8th kid & laughing about it with octomom.

2066 days ago


OMFG! She needs to take Business 101. These artists are making money in so many ways. As another poster stated it is free advertising. Most of them become famous after their songs are played on the radio. In turn they get concert and endorsement deals, clothing, jewelry, etc. Is it not enough that they are living high when the average American is pinching pennies??? Anyone in congress who would go for this crappy idea should have their head examined too. COME ON!!!! I have nothing against people who are wealthy. More power to them, it is their right to earn and spend money any way they please. (legally of course) However, I have serious issues with hypocritical people who talk the talk but don't walk the walk. If the artists are hurting for cash that bad, they need to do the same as anyone else and spend wisely and cut back!!!! Gee Cheryl, you didn't fly first class did you? That's awfully expensive.

2066 days ago


I just saw the story on tent cities on Oprah today and it was so upsetting. I can't believe people are living like that, here in the United States. Since Oprah is friends with the President, isn't there anything the President can do to help all these Americans out who are obviously suffering in these third world like conditions? Surly, if our government can give out billions of our tax dollars to these ridiculous banks without our consent, the government could actually help AMERICANS who are living in squalor. This is outrageous. The government is doing absolutely NOTHING about this. I am glad that Oprah did the show, but now what are we going to do to help these people and this country? America is turning into a third world country. It is disgraceful. This country needs help. Instead of having all this bail out money go to the banks, let's help these poor people who are living in these devastating conditions. This is so wrong. President Obama, let’s get some meaningful help to all of these Americans who are suffering so terribly. This should not be happening in this country.

2066 days ago

Jack Butters    

[quote]44. Listen you dumb@sses! Artists have always got paid when their song is on the radio, that is how they make the majority of their money now because of all the illegal downloading, they cannot count on record sales. This is not a new idea she is coming up with, she is trying to enforce that all airplay is accounted for and PAID for like it always has supposed to be. Educate yourself about the music business before you make stupid comments. Idiots.

Posted at 5:20PM on Feb 25th 2009 by tmzreadershavenobrains.[/quote]

what he said above , is the same way I feel reading all of these stupid comments.

a lot people posting on TMZ really need to get a clue! even the idiot that claims he works
at a radio station. Well guess what people, radio stations do in fact pay artists/publishers
for playing that music. But here is the technical info, if you didn't write any of the song
or are not listed as a songwriter for that song, you do not get paid any synchronization royalties.
Those are royalties that at paid from Radio spins etc,,

and yes I worked in radio for a while, this is why I know this. And I have a publishing deal through BMI.

Maybe TMZ should do their homework before posting new stories and educating their
posters so they know this stuff!

2066 days ago
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