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She's Responsible for the "Twilight" Zone

2/25/2009 1:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Inspired by a dream she had, Stephenie Meyer only wrote the "Twilight" books, not the nightmare that was the cheesy film adaptation.

The 35-year-old new J.K. Rowling arrived in Vancouver to do some more press for her teen vampire series.

Wonder if awkward closeups, long pauses and bad acting were in her original draft?


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I personally loved the Twilight saga,and I am far from being a teenager anymore,granted the director could have done a better job with the movie,hopefully Chris Weitz will do a better job with New Moon.As far as Rob Pattinson goes he is gorgeous and they couldnt have picked anyone to better portray Edward.

2037 days ago


Stephanie Meyer may be a best selling author, and the movie did pretty good.

She's doing very well for herself, but she is no J.K. Rowling. The Harry Potter series sold 400+ million copies. The Twilight books have sold 40+ million. Not even close.

2037 days ago


Stephanie Meyer's is seeing her dreams coming to life on screen. I agree Twilight could have been better but she should have stepped in and not let them change it. It was supposed to be a Romeo & Juliet love story (the way the book was written) but it was lacking the diehard love. I loved the books and i am not a teenager. The reason why Harry Potter did so well was because there are so many more books. Who knows maybe she would think about going back and continuing the story, we can only hope. As far as what she looks like, she is a freaking writer not a model or even an actor.

2037 days ago

say what    

"Wonder if awkward closeups, long pauses and bad acting were in her original draft?"

ROFL, Exactly!!!

2037 days ago

Get over yourself    

Twilight was great when you consider the idea that most of the "meat" was written in thought, not action. Kristin and Robert did an amazing job of bringing the spirit of the book to life....I am far too old to be a teen, and my kids too young to be a twi-mom....I am just someone who is greatful that there is something more than sex and 90210 for my daughter to look forward to in her tween years. Stephenie did an amazing job in writing these books...and "WHAMO" real women have curves, and should happily flaunt them....Not try to impress some sofa riding fat guy whith a cheeseburger in one hand and a remote in the other.

2037 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Was ripped hollywood.The real writer still has her first versons which sony/fox made go away.She was`nt a show boat and din`t fit into hollywoods vison so they buryed her under 500 lawers and 10,000 feet of paper.

2037 days ago


That entire serious was so stupid I can't even describe it. The plot was absolutely ridiculous.

2037 days ago


No, the reason Harry Potter did better is because they're better books.

If you want to work with averages...

Twilight Books:
40 million copies of four books = 10 million copies per book.

Harry Potter books:
400 million copies of seven books = 57+ million copies per book

Not the same. I can't imagine any author being able to top the stats for RK Rowling. The last book sold 11 million 24 hours.

2037 days ago


OMG..JK fans...GET OVER IT. HARRY POTTER is dead. And there were seven books, btw, while there were only four Twilight books.
And while I do argee that the Twilight movie had awkward closeups and pauses, the acting was awesome. The two stars carried that movie and kept it from being lame and cheesy.
If you want to see bad acting, check out a Harry Potter film.

2037 days ago


did she eat Fran Drescher?

2037 days ago


THE BOOKS ARE AWFUL !!! Ok let me rephrase that Book 1 & 4 are practically unreadable with all her fawing of Edwardo's sparkly-ness !!! books 2-3 had potential, but she fell back on Edward and his whininy sparkely self AGAIN . I love love love looking at R-Patz but the movie sucked azz becasue the source material blew !!! How anyone can utter "your my own personal brand of heroin" with a straight face is beyond me. I also think strongly that Mrs Meyers may have gotten the idea to write the book in a dream, but she failed to mention re-runs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were playing on FX at the time !!!

2037 days ago


I agree that the movie was awful. But her books were great. The problem with the movie was Kristen the Crack Pipe Stewart. She is a horrible actress just like that girl from Spiderman (Mary Jane) was. She always was breathing heavy and didn't have enough lines so she just kept going "um" all the time. By the way, Stephanie has a normal weight for a woman, not that bag of bones starved Hollywood look. People need to make up their minds about the weight thing.One moment they say someones to skinny and the next when they are a healthy weight they are criticized for being fat.

2037 days ago


Alize... "The entire serious", hu? Ok, then.

2037 days ago


Oh honestly, the people who say that Twilight is the next Harry Potter are just in denial. The ONLY REASON Deathly Hallows was knocked off the Best Seller list is because it had ALREADY BEEN OUT FOR WEEKS.

ALSO, Harry Potter was actually written by someone talented and has sold TONS more books than Twilight.

2037 days ago


ok, the books are awesome! && for all the harry potter fans making negative comments, you're immature, its not a war!! people can like both series, i absolutelty loved both series (harry potter && twilght).

you need to stop talking about her weight && thank her for provididng the youth with reading material. thanks to her 40 million people read a book! anyone who can do that deserves respect && admiration!

as far as the movie having awkward moments, it's part of the story! its a human and a vampire falling in love, there has to be awkwardnes!!

2037 days ago
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