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Fergie Upstaged by "Mamalicious"

2/26/2009 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fergie Ferg and her stacked mother were up in the hills, just workin' on their fitness when Mama Ferguson started gettin' chatty with the paparazzi.

Fergie: Click to watch
They were out for a walk. We're guessing Fergie wanted to pick up the pace.


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theres no way thats fergies mom sure they look similar but look at there bodies totally different if that chick is indeed fergies mom what the hell hapend too fergie why does she look like a little boy who never grew up and her mom has all the curves i guess when fergie was singing how everyone loves her lovly lady lumps she was actally singing about her moms lady lumps bc fergies doesnt have eny

2072 days ago


that was a nice video for a change of pace. real people just enjoying life when theyre not doing theyre job as a celebrity. it was cute to see fergie interact with her mom, we can all relate to the embarrassment of when our parents gush about us and we want them to just move a little bit quicker. ive always thought fergie is super nice, not much to report about her on a negative scale. her and her mom look a lot alike.

2072 days ago


Boobs! Milkylicious! Oh, yeah! Boobs!

2072 days ago


I dunno what you guys are talking about. Fergie's mom is hot. The older the wine, the finer the taste ;)

2072 days ago


Do they still live in Hacienda Heights? Oh the stories I have about these rejects

2072 days ago


I happen to like Fergie; but even if I didn’t, I would not denigrate her or use abusive and demeaning language. Would that not be a commentary on me rather on her? What is amazing to me is the large proportion of comments that appear on sites like this one, which are vicious, vile and vacuous. Hey, this is a free country so you can say what you want, even when norms of civilized behaviour dictate otherwise. From positions of anonymity it is easy to write filth.
The picture just shows a mother and daughter out for a walk in the hills. Their demeanour shows that they are having a good time. All the best to them!
- - - MarsRam

2071 days ago


"im fergalicious
and if you gimme kisses
your mouth will smell like fishes
and ill grant you all three wishes
dont tell the misses
cause she might get real vicious
youre cheating with a girl who can't even hold her pisses
do the dishes
and please dont get malicious
or else ill call the paps and your girl will get suspicious
im delicious..." (you know... like she says in that stupid "Fergalicious" song)

2071 days ago


In response to MarsRam: I'll make fun of piss-pants un-anonymously, too. My name is Virginia G. and I'm from Long Island New York. And it makes sense to remain somewhat anonymous online seeing as how there are tons of psychos lurking everywhere trying to find new victims for their credit card scams and pedofile fantasies.
So kwitcherbitchin.
If you made millions and millions of dollars for only having to put up with anonymous insults that you can choose to read or not read, I think you would be quite satisfied.
These people don't need any more advocates. They get plenty of ass-kissing without people like you.
P(is)S: Did you like my remix of "Fergalicious"? Do you think there's a snowball's chance in hell of Ferby seeing it?

2071 days ago


My, my, three responses in a row. You just proved my point! Thank you.

2070 days ago


I think her mother is kind and BEAUTIFUL.

Those that write ugly things on here are "the real ugly" ones.


Be happy!

2065 days ago


I would marry her in a second!

2065 days ago
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