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Graziano's Dad Arrested for Soliciting Hit Man

2/26/2009 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

john graziano: breaking newsThe father of John Graziano, the young man left in a vegetative state after Nick Hogan's 2007 car crash, was arrested today for trying to solicit a hit man to kill his estranged wife -- and cops say he tried to pay for it using a gift card.

According to police, Edward Graziano told an undercover officer posing as a "go-between" to a hit man that he wanted to have his wife Debra killed. Perhaps most troubling -- cops say Graziano wanted her killed in an automobile accident.

Graziano allegedly paid for the hit with $1,100 cash, a $1,000 personal check and a $13.06 gift card to Westshore Pizza.

The arrest is the culmination of a two-and-half month long undercover investigation by the Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigative Division.

Debra's attorney released this statement: "She is saddened by all of this. She can't believe so much tragedy can strike one family. Her main purpose is concentrating on John getting better."


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Tee Tee    

sad just sad

2029 days ago


SAD, just SAD...

2029 days ago


to TEe Tee, sorry, I HONESTLY did not read your post comment and the fact, that I am using the EXACT same words right after you is a COMPLETE coincidence. I thought you should know since it baffled me! Wow! I am a German , 33 year old woman, aer you the twin I thought I never had??? Unbelievable. I was not even going to comment!!!!

2029 days ago

ariane the way, maybe the guy used the gift card as some sort of, not alibi, but let's say cover story. If he goes to court and tells the jury, that it was obvious, that this was just a joke, since he wanted to pay with a pizza gift card, I'd believe him, if I were on the jury. It is the perfect way out! 'Hey, come on guys, I was kidding, isn't it obvious? I tried to pay with a gift card for a pizza joint!!!!' Isn't that convincing argument to throw out the charges. If my ex tried to kill me, I hope his gift card is for like a POrsche dealership or sth. not PIZZA,. or if we stay with the foods, please make it Sushi or godiva chocolate. Pizza, tzz, the guy has no class, just for that alone he deserves to be thrown in jail. Pizza! The guy might have not killed his wife, but he successfully killed my appetite. I am hungry no more! God have mercy on our society. Bless you all, be good!

2029 days ago


When will these morons learn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2029 days ago


Wow! What a complete idiot! Plus, What hit men take gift cards? On second mother-in-law has been getting on me nerve and I do have $20 left on my WalMart gift card. Hmmm! ...... forget I was here.

2029 days ago


TMZ - You MUSTget us the negotiation tapes on this one.

I have to know how this guy figures a real hired killer is going to accept cash, a check & a...... I'm sorry did you say what was left on a pizza restaurant gift card ? Really ? ahahahahahahaha Really ????

This guy gets the Smartest Citizen of the year award - Tell 'em what he's won Harvey



That's right......... 25 years in prison !!!



2029 days ago

truthfully yours    

Nick Hogan causes his son to be a vegetable for life, and he wants a hit on his ex...He must be nuts. Any self respecting hitman would probably do Nick for free....

2029 days ago


#41 Foghorn Leghorn----LMFAO!!! Hilarious!

2029 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

I can't imagine how the news went down with MRS. Graziano

2029 days ago


Finally, I have had the dishonor of witnessing this disgusting man's scams. I hoped he would some day get arrested, but I never thought it would be for this. Now, Debbie and take care of herself and John! No worries Deb, he can't beat you and scam you from jail.

2029 days ago

Ashley Berry    

Moluv- I think you should get a life and in the mist of it GO F YOURSELF!
You dont know John to call him negative. You have a lot of well-being yourself seeing that you believe everything your told.
As for what is going on- no comment which is how everyone should feel. I think the Graziano's have been through enough and regardless if this is Debbie or Nick it shouldnt have happened nor should it bring more focus back to the case! John needs prayers not negativity! ...and YES I have the right to say this being Johns girlfriend!

2029 days ago


Well Ya'll ... Here we go with one more so-called American "tragedy." To add insult to injury we have a Hulk Hogan imposter posting on here. WTF? One red flag is "Hogan's" description of his "victory" over the late Andre The Giant. Now as most of us know the Wrestlemania stuff is all entertainment; it is scripted. Period. The transfer of power, as it were, from Andre to Hulk was (as is evidenced by filmed recollections by Hulk and others) part of the plan to foist Hulk into the spotlight. Andre was ailing and he himself agreed before the bout to allow Hulk to win the match. Andre suffered from acromegaly or giantism which accounted for his enormous size and negatively impacted his health directly leading to his death at a relatively young age. The real Hulk Hogan more than likely would not dignify the inicident reported above given the fact that his life has been so affected by his son's irresponsibility as well as his divorce. Sad turn of events in our society where every idiot on the block wants his or her 15 minutes of fame. Sad to think these starf**kers are willing to lie, steal, cheat and damn near commit capital murder just to get themselves noticed. As for the guy who was trying to rub out his ole lady? Well, if anyone checks the life insurance policies the investigation into motive will be short lived. In today's tough economic times I guess he figured he can't collect on his kid while he's still breathing so why not collect on the wife and play the part of the broken father/bereaved hubby? Works since he probably wasn't going to win the lottery. Hm-m-m-m-m-m ... might be a good idea to call the insurance company? Hey I'm out. Peace Ya'll ...

2029 days ago


If she's dead.. he's the parent left for guardianship over his son. A poor tragic accident.. her comes daddy.. with that lawsuit pending against the Hogans.. which is BS in its own right.. still.. who knows with the judges here in Tampa Bay. A lot of money is at stake. If the mother were to die.. and the father took the kid off life support AFTER they won a judgment.. I wonder if he would get the money. Probate law isn't my area. Though I suppose the money would be put into a trust. But would the trust survive the individual.. can parents inherit from children without a specific will? Hm.

2029 days ago


I live in the Tampa Bay area. A local news channel reported that about two weeks ago Ed Graziano requested that they run a story on about him and his estranged wife. He wanted the news station to report that they did not have any income and wanted to solicit donations from the public. The news station turned down his story request.

2029 days ago
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