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Steroids Scandal on "DWTS"?

2/26/2009 1:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DWTS ScandalMove over, A-Roid -- Jewel has now taken your place as the face of cheating in pro sports. Alright, it's dancing ... but still.

Jewel took to her blog yesterday to announce she is battling tendonitis in her knee as she prepares for the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars." But Jewel, unlike seemingly every baseball player, openly admits she is taking steroids to help her stay healthy. She writes, "Hopefully these steroids will really do the trick and I can keep bad flare ups at a bay in the future."

It is unknown what ABC's policy is on performance-enhancing drugs in reality dance competition shows. Certainly if Jewel should go on to win, "DWTS" purists will call for an asterisk next to her name....

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These aren't the 'performance enhancing' drugs at all. I've had to have these corticosteriod shots in various joints over the years from injuries to them: one of my elbows, injured while playing tennis, both knees, for meniscus tearing or cartilage damage, etc. These kinds of shots (usually injected directly into the damaged joint itself, and hurts like hell, just reduce the production of inflammatory chemicals in order to minimize tissue damage. By reducing the inflammation, it helps to ease the temporary pain in that joint, and helps decrease the swelling. OMG I used to hate having to get those shots, but they do help the injury heal faster.

Why is this even a story?

2063 days ago

truthfully yours    

From the TMZ show, it's easy to see that the writers are not too bright. This proves it. Standard protocol for tendonitis is corticosteroids.

2063 days ago

K C    

This whole steroid thing is out of control. I wish the media and government would focus on something that REALLY affects us...this is so much BS

2062 days ago


Could the writers of this article be ANY DUMBER ? I dont think it is possible

2062 days ago


WHO CARES about this?

2062 days ago


IDIOTS!!! u should remove this story.

2062 days ago


I had a bunch to say but it looks like everyone else has got it covered. I'm surprised that none of your staff knew the difference between performance-enhancing steriods and those used for inflammation etc. You guys can pick out no-name celebrities out left and right, but don't know BASIC medical info? jeez.

2062 days ago


TMZ, are you really this stupid? These are legal Steroids prescribed by a Doctor. My grandmother that is 75 took steroids to help her heal. Are you suggesting that she was cheating at something too?

2062 days ago


As others stated - oral steroids is not the same thing as injectable performance-enhancing drugs ("steroids"). People take prednisione, a "steroid", to supress swelling/inflamation associated with asthma exaccerbations, wisdom-tooth removal, autoimmune diseases, and various other conditions (such as tendonitis, which is inflammation of a tendon). I work in an emergency department and I administer steroids all the time.

I feel as if I lost 100 IQ points after seeing this "scandal" on TMZ.

Learn how to type "steroids" and "tendonitis" into Google Search next time...

2062 days ago


I knew she was on something. She is huge. Her muscles are so big they can't be stopped. Maybe now we can move on however since we know the truth.

2062 days ago


I think the writer of this story was being facetious.

2062 days ago


I know everyone is joking about anabolic steroids being different than corticosteroids, but corticosteriods are on the WADA banned list, when administered, without a Therapeutic Use Exemption, every which way except topically. If people recall, Lance Armstrong was subjected to alot of criticism for using a corticosteroid cream for saddle sores during one Tour de France.

From the WADA's latest Prohibited List:

All glucocorticosteroids are prohibited when administered by oral, intravenous,
intramuscular or rectal routes.

In accordance with the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions, a
declaration of use must be completed by the Athlete for glucocorticosteroids
administered by intraarticular, periarticular, peritendinous, epidural, intradermal
and inhalation routes, except as noted below.

Topical preparations when used for auricular, buccal, dermatological (including
iontophoresis/phonophoresis), gingival, nasal, ophthalmic and perianal disorders
are not prohibited and neither require a Therapeutic Use Exemption nor a
declaration of use. "

2061 days ago


Comfortable silence.....

2061 days ago

Hawaii MD    

Moron reporters. Jewel is most likely taking corticosteroids, inflammation fighting steroids, not anabolic steroids, the type used to build muscle. At the least the type being used should have been found out.

2061 days ago


lets put out thinking caps on tmz...theres a big difference between performance enhancing steroids and steroids prescribed by a doctor...

2061 days ago
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