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Condi Rice Actress -- Hit Me With the "Ugly" Stick!

2/27/2009 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Playing an ass-shaking Condoleezza Rice in Will Ferrell's new George W. Bush show wasn't hard for Pia Glenn -- but looking like her sure as hell was.

Pia Glenn: Click to watch
Last night outside the show, Pia actually said "We tried to ugly me up a little bit, it didn't work."

It must be hard to stay so modest...


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If you want to get work in Hollywood, attack conservatives. If you say anything good about them, you will end up like Mickey Rourke losing to Sean Penn or Whoppie Goldberg and Joy Behar getting on the View. They try to ignore Clint Eastwood, but he is just too good for them.

2028 days ago

mickey lou    

Sorry Pia, not only in Condi better looking, she is also a million times smarter & classier!

2028 days ago

Lisa Meyers    

i actually met condi in person - and she is, i can't believe i'm going to write this, actually beautiful in person, smells good and exudes class and money .. she's intelligent and actually smiles .. so, there's a reason why all the foreign men go gaga over condi .. she's no joke, very powerful presence .. as for this ugly llama, yeah, good thing she has a role on broadway cause this ugliness was going unappreciated ..

2028 days ago


Actualy Rice at this actresses age was prettier. This girl looks like a horse.

2028 days ago


Will Ferrell is just as ugly for hiring this piece of garbage. He aint even funny----freaking retread from SNL doing baby babble talk in all his movies. The guy is pathetic and now even more so hiring a twit wit like this Pia Glenn.

Glenn, go drown yourself because your career is now in a cubicle....the cubicle of ugly and stupid. I'm sure Sean Penn and Whoopi will hire you in their next movies.

2028 days ago

Mrs. Grossman    

Condi Rice ROCKS! Pia looks like somebody Pia'd on her face!

2028 days ago


I hated to Bush years, but Pia is a piece of sh*t compared to Condi. Any man in drag would still have better facial bone structure than her! Granted, Condi isn't what you would call stunning or hot, but she is an outstanding example of what a WOMAN is.

2028 days ago


She is arrogant, snotty and obnoxious, which makes her ugly. I will not see this movie because of her. And I really like Ferrell. Grow up, twit and get some class like Ms. Rice. She is far from ugly.

2028 days ago

Mrs. Grossman    

This pia person's photo caption looks like it should be "hee haw, hee haw, hee haw" because she looks like a MULE!

2028 days ago


bahahaha she looks like a caricature of Condi

2028 days ago


Pia isn't all that! What a bitch. Rice is a good looking lady and brilliant! Pia you suck!!!!

2028 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Evil Democrats are so stupid. They exposed their evil every time they open their big mouth. You just can't fix stupid. Ugly doesn't even begin to describe this biotch.

2028 days ago


WHAT? Condi looks better than her. She isn't all that, I can't believe she would even suggest such!

2028 days ago


PIA, EITHER YOU NEED GLASSES OR SOMEONE LIED TO YOU. Condi is prettier, extremely intelligent, always a lady, and she plays concert piano. Pia perhaps they could make you look almost as nice as Condi, but you'll never be able to match her on the rest.

2028 days ago


She looks like a transvestite, she has a total manhorse face and those horribly over-exaggerated, stenciled-in eyebrows are totally nightmare clown, like Stephen King's IT. Gives me the creeps....

2028 days ago
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