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Model Falls, Gets Up, Files Lawsuit

2/27/2009 10:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You shouldn't be allowed to sue over a video this funny -- but alas, someone is.

Sarah Welch -- a model and former contestant on "The Bachelor" -- is suing several companies involved with the fashion show she worked at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood on October 18, 2007.

We found the lawsuit -- filed in Santa Monica earlier this month. Welch claims she suffered "great injuries to her body, shock and injuries to her nervous system" after she fell through a hole in the runway which was created by the performer who went on before her.

Welch is suing for negligence and is seeking unspecified damages.


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L. P.    

Whoever was running this was a fricken idiot! Somebody should have told her the hole was there! And that idiot performer should be kicked in the ass!

2010 days ago


that had to hurt.
tell me how many of you after getting injured at work wouldn't make a claim?

be thankful this gal has a job and isn't living off the system.

harvey, you know she has a valid claim!

2010 days ago


Hello RETARD, haven't your parents taught you to look where you walk. ARE YOU BLIND??!!!!

2010 days ago

Dee McMillan    

It seems to me most of the comments here are downright hateful. What's funny about someone falling and injurying themselves? As far as her not seeing the hole. Duh, models don't look down, they look up and ahead. That' why you never see someone walk off the END of the runway and besides with lights and cameras flashing I'm amazed she can see even at all.
Another thing, until you walked in that girl's shoe you have no right to judge. I've never sued anyone, but I've had back problems for years since falling and it didn't start just after I fell, but disc in my degenterated after awhile.

2010 days ago


Hhahahahahahhhahahahhahahhahahah!! Tooo funny!

2010 days ago

Joe Mama    

What I wanna know is...why is the runway made of cardboard??? How low budget is this production??

2010 days ago


good thing she is so damn skinny! if she had been any bigger they would have had to use the "Jaws of Life" to get her outta there!

2010 days ago


The people running the show should have informed all of the models, plain and simple, it was negligent.
I'm betting that after she fell, they warned the rest of the models that followed.
Slipping because of high heels or dress design is way different than this, she should at minimum be awarded for any injury, cost of medical bills (x-rays, CTs, etc.), medications, and loss of work.
It didn't say she was suing for $4billion (like the real idiots against MiCy), so let it go to court and quit hamming on her.

2010 days ago

Ms. X    

I hope she gets every penny that she's seeking. Why wasn't the hole covered? Why wasn't she told there was a hole? You can tell she was going to bruise pretty badly, not to mention the humiliation. Good luck to her.

2010 days ago


Why didn't the idiots running the show cover the hole up? They are totally negligent for her falling. I generally don't take the side of a broomstick model, but damn, that fall has got to hurt on a lot of levels.

2010 days ago


Hahaha. I bet she's suing out of the embarassment she suffered! Yes, someone should have stopped the show for a little bit or at least warned her before going out. BUT, she should have looked down, too, for her own safety. How the hell could you not see it? Aren't models taught to pay attention to their surroundings like the rest of us earthings? I bet that ego she was wearing that night fell through the hole, too. Hahaha. Brings her right down here with the rest of us commoners. Poor, hungry model. I bet she's never been snowboarding. Maybe if she did, she could sue a resort or something...

2010 days ago


I know Sara - her mother is a nurse practitioner and her father is a personal injury attorney. I'm sure she wouldn't sue unless there was just cause. I just hope she feels better soon!

2010 days ago



You kidding me saying those models wouldn't sue??!!! Naomi Campbell would have sued em for 20 mill at least. That's bitch throws a hissy fit when her jeans got lost and uses cell phones as weapons.

2010 days ago


Damn right she should sue! The show should not have gone on without them addressing that situation and making sure everyone was aware the hole was there before walking out! She will definitely win!!!

2010 days ago


I was a runway model. The eyes are straight ahead even if you are tackling steps. Someone should have warned the model.

2010 days ago
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