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Sam Lutfi Terrorized a Kid -- Allegedly

2/27/2009 4:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

sam lutfi : exclusiveMaybe the most interesting declaration in the new batch of Britney Spears legal papers is from a dude who lives in New Zealand, claiming Sam Lutfi terrorized him and made scurrilous accusations against him.

Stuart Richards, a resident of Auckland, somehow struck up a friendship with Britney. He phoned and emailed her frequently, that is until Sammy got involved. Richards claims Sam used several email accounts, posing as Brit, sending emails to Stuart and his dad saying Stu was "dangerous and had mental problems."

Stu also claims Sam used the phantom account he denies using (the one where Britney got a series of messages) to insult his looks and questioned his sanity....and adding this choice ender "asshole hope you die."


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Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Sam Slut-Fee is a certifiable a-hole. Case closed.

2063 days ago


Britney really has a horrible life. She is super uneducated, no common sense, no nice men who want to be with her, demons like Lutfi and Adnan who keep following her, people being nice to her only because of the money, and she has no human rights left except performing to make the Spears family money. And she isn't even able to spend that they way she wants. After texting those two losers, she won't be getting out of her c-ship for many years.

2063 days ago


No wonder they are doing crazy things (the celebrities, Britt). I heard that they use their dreams...parody. This people could live in paradise.
I have read this book myself; The Fourth Sapphire Tablet of Malkhytzedek Tuthamenhaten-dreams, it creeps me out...

2062 days ago


This A-hole somehow got my # and has been harrassing me for the past couple of years, too. No lie. Not sure what his deal is, but I'd certainly be willing to give his # to authorities and a transcript of his texts.

He claims he's gay, by the way. And wants to mess around....

2062 days ago


OMG...I feel soo sorry for Britt...she really doesn't have any kind of life...atleast not a good one. But she really shouldn't have contacted him with that pre paid cell...she's a victim of abuse...and Lufti mind Fu**ed her...I hope she gets people in her life that want to do nothing but help her...I'm really tired of seeing people hurt's just soo wrong. NOONE deserves the kinda crap she's having to deal with now. And as for K-fed...who's playing good daddy...with how much money he's given for child support...of course he's going to be a good father. Why don't anyone ask him how his other kids with Shar Jackson are doing??Or does he only get in the lime light when it comes to the bread winners that he's I said...her life sucks!

2062 days ago

Me, myself and I    

I'm just kinda laughing here. Here is a person going on tour; who can't sing her songs, live, - who's "dancing" amounts to waving her arms around, yet there are people who would actually pay for this? This person needs to go through basic life training. This is it: You wake up; you take a shower if you didn't before you went to bed. You brush your teeth, you brush your hair; you get dressed; you eat breakfast; you brush your teeth again. If you have appointments for that day, you go to them. If this is a visitation day, you try your best to bond with your children. The reality of Britney's whole situation is that she is in no shape to go on any type of tour. She needs to get out of CA, and go to her home State, and try to become a whole person.

2062 days ago


Didn't Lufti do this kind of thing to people before? I seem to recall reading something to this effect.

2062 days ago


Who? I live in AKL and would LOVE to know what this guys story is. Anyone know him?

2060 days ago
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