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Rihanna and Chris Brown

Back Together!

2/28/2009 6:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

back-together-1What is she thinking?!

The story just broke on and TMZ has confirmed, the couple has reconciled and they are "together." According to the report, the two are hanging at one of Diddy's homes.

The L.A. County D.A. is expected to get the case from cops soon and then decide whether to charge Brown for the alleged beating earlier this month.


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2023 days ago


Me too! I have lost all respect towards her except the rumors that she's pregnant is true which I highly doubt!

2022 days ago


O.K. first of all I cannot believe how all these people have the nerve to make such a judgement on this girl. She loves him and if these women were being honest they would admit to themselves that it isnt all that easy. First off nobody but Chris and Rihanna really know what went down in that car. Every couple has a fight or argument and no it should never get to that extreme but almost every human has been in a situatuion that got out of control. I think if they want to be together they should both seek counciling, together and seperate. I just really feel if there is anyone who deserves the scrutiny and bashing of the public it is Chris and NOT Rihanna. Hasnt this poor women been put through enough!!! Anyways take it easy on the girl and pray for the best.

2022 days ago


omg everyone who is talkin trash bout them better just shut the F*** up.its nun of yo bussiness so f*** off. shes not ganna care what all u sayin she really loves him and ur wrong from tryin to pull her away from him cuz u dont know the truth. just look at them befor... theyll be fine. they were fine lovers and time will heal it. he said sorry and did everything he could to be forgiven. sure he messed up but wut else do u want from him. maybe shes right maybe shes wrong...

2022 days ago


Hard to lose respect for her. She is too young and doesnt have the strength to know better period. What kills me are the young girls that make comments that she deserved it. Or that Chris brown was put in a position to beat her. Bottom line, if it was your daughter what advice would you give. If that was my daughter I would have taken care of business. I hope JZ follows through with what he said... Nuff said.

2022 days ago

older but wiser    

Chris Brown was probably about two punches away from being charged with attempted murder. Rhianna, get out and get out quick. You are young and there are many kind, good-looking fish in the sea who will not hurt you.

2022 days ago


I believe we don't have the whole story either. What if she hit Momma told me don't put yourself in a man's place unless you are ready. On the other hand, if he hit first then she isn't the first nor the last that will do this.

2022 days ago

erica carranza    

i think next time he hits her she has it comming for being so stupid

2022 days ago


makes you wonder what the B**** did to deserve it

2022 days ago


I don't know if I am crazy or not Chris Brown in the court reminded me to think of someone famous rapper. Maybe its me because Chris Brown resembles Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson little bit if he was a dark skinned guy. Chris Brown is a handsome guy but I dislike 50 Cent. Do you agree with me or disagree with me? Anyway, I just wonder why Rihanna didn't show up in the court. Was it because of the lawyer's order or was she afraid of the consequences that she would face to? did she try to avoid it for a reason or What? Plus, why you, people call Chris Brown and Rihanna bad/mean names disrespectfully such a$$hole, dumb a$$, douche bag etc. I don't understand how you lost respect for Rihanna. It doesn't make sense to me. You don't know the real story of what happened to them but They only knew it. Please don't waste your time to say other words on the board or the post either Unless you know the facts. I bet everyone included you make a mistake but don't make the same mistake again.

2022 days ago


wooow...first he bit her to the dead and now rihanna is ''rihanna brown''

2022 days ago


Now Rhianna and Chris can get married and in 30 years they can remember all the great times they had together and when they first met. And they'll have kids, everything will be great. Then one day they can talk about how Daddy beat the s**t out of Mommy and it's ok, ...Isn't that what every woman wants? Diddy you suck! Rhianna, if this wasn't the first time ..i feel bad for you, and I hope you will get a hint...Chris ur a P.O.S..I will never ever buy anything related to you, I hope this bites you in the ass.

2022 days ago

lil angel    

oh my gosh, i can not believe this dumb stupid bitch.
well if he batters her again she better not cry wolf!! coz i aint listenin.
is this love? i dnt wanna knw......

2022 days ago

Shurtonya stevenson    

It is truely sad when something like this happens. I personally don't think it's a good idea for Rihanna to get back with Chris Brown, it's not going to be his last. This case has sadden me because I have two daughters that looks up to her and I would have prefered her to set an example for all women of color and to say this was wrong and will not be tolerated. On the other hand I too was an abused woman and I do know what she is going through, I do recommend therapy. A experience like this one will haunt and taunt you for the rest of your life. May God get her through this and please Rihanna take the necessary steps to ensure your safety!

2021 days ago


she is so d** dumb im not buying nomore of her or his stuff

2021 days ago
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