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Rihanna and Chris Brown

Back Together!

2/28/2009 6:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

back-together-1What is she thinking?!

The story just broke on and TMZ has confirmed, the couple has reconciled and they are "together." According to the report, the two are hanging at one of Diddy's homes.

The L.A. County D.A. is expected to get the case from cops soon and then decide whether to charge Brown for the alleged beating earlier this month.


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the girl's head is messed up. no respect for her anymore. i hate how she isn't showing a good example for younger girls who look up to her. its so sad when you come to think about it

2057 days ago


i am so sick and tired of peoples dumb opinions about this whole situation, like they know what happend. like they was right there. no one knows but them what the freak happened that night so people need to shut the freak up and mind their own gosh darn business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FReak Man!!!!!! They are still regular human beings. Celebrities are not superior to normall shortcomings and everyday life experiences. I'm prety sure more of these celebrities have gone through this same thing, it was just not publicized like this one. so does that mean people stop supporting them too? No, cuz you don't even know! so everybody, stop being hypocrites and move right along!!!!

2057 days ago


Maybe he'll beat her face in, we can hope.

1997 days ago


Wow! I truly hope that she knows what she is in for. With counseling maybe just maybe Chris will change his ways. I hope they don't turn out to be the New Ike and Tina. Eat the cake Rihanna Eat the cake!

2057 days ago


Here we go again. My comment for those that truly care for this young lady. What does love have to do with it?

2057 days ago

kiana anderson    

i hope he beat her again she si so stupid for going back out with him and he been got ugly anyway fat selt (no 6 pack) but still love take u down video bt3 by3

2056 days ago


Tmz u guys really need to take the photo down now... think about rihanna no one cares that u got the photo first or how u got jus take it down and leave rihanna and chris alone.

2056 days ago


i honestly dont think dat its wise dat she gone bac wit him!!!!!!!!! rihanna how cud u wen people were feelin sorry for u??? if it happens again i wudnt be surprised

2056 days ago


This is NOT love, this is codependence

2056 days ago


I expected Rihanna to get back with Chris Brown. She's from a 3rd world country and that's what women do in the 3rd world. It's a shame but until women are liberated worldwide, injustices to women will continue.

2056 days ago


RE: Open letter to Oprah
Hi Oprah,
I agree that if a man beats his wife or girlfriend once, the probability for a repeat performance generally increases substantially. However, I do not like stereotypes, as they, among other things, disregard the unique character traits of the individuals involved and the specifics of one-off incidents, some of which may be difficult or impossible to recreate, and even mitigate the crime. The fact is that we are all imperfect and can make mistakes that we learn and grow from.
A specific and perfect example is a recent incident involving a friend of mine and his wife of almost two decades, eighteen and a half years to be exact. Note that there was no history of violence in the subject relationship, and over the years, the husband made extraordinary sacrifices and selfless choices for the benefit of his family. Theses sacrifices helped his wife to grow from a store clerk to a lawyer, and her husband played a key role in this transition from idea to fulfillment. While some would quickly label this as a form of “control,” it was merely the type of direction a good guidance counselor would give to a student with strengths that fit a particular profession.
I will fast-forward. Approximately eleven months ago, after graduating from law school, passing the bar, and four years into a new job, my friend’s wife started talking to another man and ultimately told her husband that she did not love him anymore. After he cried for approximately ten (10) minutes, she continued to torture him with statements and questions like:
1. “I don’t want to miss out on my one chance at true love (with the other man).”
2. “Can I stay with you and have sex with him (the other man)?”
3. “I want to leave to make myself available for him.”
4. “I don’t enjoy sex with you.”
5. “You’re more like my father than a husband.”
6. Etc., etc.
I will fast forward again. Obviously distraught and confused, as he was unaware of how she felt over the years, he shook her and pushed her and she continued to torture him with more statements like the above-mentioned. In short, she managed to get a five-year restraining order against him with no physical injury whatsoever. No, this was not as extreme as the physical abuse in the Chris and Rihanna incident. Also, note that his wife admitted to making statements to force my friend to tell her to leave, which is, in other words, admittance to willful provocation.
You see, while men must control themselves and always treat us with respect, just as men must take responsibility for their actions, we too must take responsibility for our actions.

2056 days ago


I think that everyone needs to back off!!! It's their life if rihanna wants to forgive chris brown then that's her bizness, everyone is all hyped up and wanting her to set an example for other battered women and i think that's not her responsibility she dfidn't ask for her situation to be broadcasted on t.v, magazines and radio uncaring and inconsiderate people did that, i mean really what woman wants her biz out for all the world to see? I think that there are a lot of people being hypocrits because i'm sure there are a lot of women and men who have been abused whether mentally or physically and have stayed with their partners are they dumb? I'm sure that some of you who have sent comments probably have been with some one who mistreated you did you leave? All i'm saying is i still like both of them their biz is their biz do i like what he did Hell no nor am i condoning it i jus think that there are so many other things that we could be worrying about such as unemployment, all the murders that philly has had we need to focus on getting our city together and our own lives cause at the end of the day we're all human and nobody is looking at the fact that he's "Chris Brown" trying to get help does that not matter are yall out for blood that bad that yall can't see that? I still think of rihanna as a role model and i don't think that she has low self esteem. EVERYBODY JUS NEEDS TO LET THEM BE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2054 days ago


I hope that if and when he does it again the media would not give the story the time of day. Am sorry but Rhianna is an idiot for taking him back and am not sure why people make their kids listen to her or Chris Brown their music are BANNED from my household.

2054 days ago


I work as a domestic violence advocate and there are several things that you need to realize in these situations. They have been together for awhile and she does love him which makes it hard to leave. Also many abusers use threats to make the women stay because they are scared to leave. Another common reason that causes women to go back to there abusers is because the abusers use verbal and emotional abuse to run down there self esteem before they even start hitting. This causes the women to think their not good enough that and they will never have anyone else. We only know what the press is telling us about this situation and it is not the whole story. It normally takes 7-11 times for an abused women to leave her abuser. What she needs from her fans, family, and friends is support no matter what she decides to do.

2054 days ago


This is crazy! It will only be a matter of time when Chris Brown will get her again! I believe that she has lost respect for herself and she may lose her job soon going after Chris. I wonder why her parents didn't stop her for going out with this dude, but then yet she's a grown women she should know that if she touches a hot iron, she'll get burned.

1993 days ago
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