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Ann Coulter -- Private Dancer

3/1/2009 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently there's not a lot of food in the evil cave where Ann Coulter burrows.

Ann Coulter: Click to watch!
Now a full-fledged stick figure, Ann had the audacity to take bragging rights away from Tina Turner in the leg department.

In the meat department, she comes up zero.


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Whose got better legs? Olive Oil or Ann Coulter? I vote OLIVE, OLIVE, OLIVE!!!!!

2060 days ago


nobody has better legs than tina turner!

2060 days ago


Give the "women " a break. It's hard to eat when your mouth is as busy as "hers" spewing evil.

2060 days ago

flaming homo    

How much does the ho charge per hour these days? I hope it hasn't went up thast much from back in the days because I wouldn't mind bangin her skinny a s s again...but only if the price is right.

2060 days ago


Some just dont get it. If Ann had her way, there would be no free speech or thought. Anyone who disagreeed would be imprisoned for "treason".

Also, join the military service and you will learn some "liberal" things like equality, zero tolerance for sexual assualt, and diversity. I should know since I work for the DOD, so suck on that money worshippers who use abortion to get sympathy votes, yet coudlnt care less about 'grown babies, they say 'let 'em starve'.

Oh and btw, I dont see Annies new book on the #1 best seller list. And she is a puppet for Corp bigwigs wanting to keep stealing $$$.

2060 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

As disgusting as this chick is, what disgusts me even more is the fact that before she was embalmed, I was very attracted to her sexually, and wanted to bang her. -One of those "go figure" deals.

Now, because I can't seem to loath her the way I do Jessica Alba, I just feel sorry for her, because she obviously has some serious emotional issues going on to allow herself to get in that shape.

2059 days ago


Looks like a tranny .. and a deep voice ..I could swear I saw an Adam's apple on her neck.

2059 days ago

Blake Clement    

Mann Coulter on the loose

2059 days ago


Why would you try to alienate 50% of the country? Take a look at the ratings trend for the Liberal media such as CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC. Do you really want to follow their path?

Leave Ann Coulter and politics alone.

2059 days ago


"She seems to appeal to the double-digit IQ crowd who are too lazy to do any serious reading, study or education."
You mean, exactly like most people who voted for Obama? He has never even run a candy store, has no experience whatsoever but because he is black and speaks eloquently he appears smarter than he is. I fail to see the difference.

2059 days ago

Paper or plastic    

This lunatic woman says outrageous things for publicity. Can someone please lock this bith up, she just escape from the zoo. Her legs look like two match stick clue with chewing gum.

2059 days ago


At the age of 69 Tina Turna as the legs of a 20 year old Ann GET A WAY STICKS look like they could SNAP at any Time

2059 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Ann Coulter is just a very, very confused person. She thinks getting attention means people like her! Wrong.

2059 days ago


I see, as usual there are like two Ann fans on this site. They are just using diffrent handles if you will.

To defend, this, ummmm, woman? Is a waste of time. She'll bite you in your ass evrerytime when she opens her mouth. She insults EVERYONE!

Gee, Ann how is that Nobel winning new book of yours that is ALREADY off the best sellers list doing these days? Her books continue to tank, the new worse then the old one now!

I wonder why that is? Ann your routine is old now, nobody wants to listen to your VERBAL VOMIT. {you can use that one in your next trashy book, I'll let you} You could use the help.

Besides, she is a liar. Jerry McGuire's book about her lies is very interseting. He did a great job of picking apart all her so called truths. What a happy life she must have. Hated where-ever you go, no man, no kids, probaly not one girlfriend to save her life either.

Gee, I envy you. Now eat something!

2059 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I actually watched Ann on Geraldo's show last night. What a twit. She is very good at talking and interuppting, but horrible at actually answering a question. She uses the same talking points over and over and over again and just her voice and sarcasm are really annoying, but I watch for entertainment and her stupidity is entertaining!!

2059 days ago
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