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Will Brown Be Charged with Beating Rihanna?

3/1/2009 5:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now that Rihanna has apparently decided to forgive Chris Brown for that unfortunate beat down, the burning question is whether Chris will beat the rap.

Rihanna and Chris Brown
Here's the lowdown. We're hearing the case will be turned over to the Los Angeles County D.A. next week, and a decision should be made soon thereafter on whether to file criminal charges against him. The two most likely charges: Making criminal threats and domestic violence.

As for a possible criminal threats charge, we think it's now less likely the D.A. will file because of Rihanna's change of heart. First of all, sources tell us the main reason he was arrested for this is because he allegedly told Rihanna something to the effect of, "I'm going to kill you." It's a terrible thing to say, but lots of people say it in the heat of battle, so it's thin to begin with. Add to that -- Rihanna may well testify she never believed he meant it and the case looks a bit lame.

Domestic violence is a whole other thing. When the jury sees the pictures of a clearly battered Rihanna, it's probably more powerful than any testimony she'd give. In fact, if she were to get on the stand and say she started the fight or somehow deserved it, it would not ring true ... especially because he was hardly the worse for wear when he was busted.

And there's this ... given the picture, it's going to be a tough call not to prosecute Brown.

Finally, we're told more than half of the D.A.'s domestic violence cases involve women who have either recanted their stories or have gotten back together with the alleged abuser.

We think a decision could come down sometime next week.


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well,,,if you act like a wanna be bad boy,,,you have to do your time like one

2003 days ago


I get the feeling that she went back because she "loves" him and more likely than not truly believes it "won't happen again" ie: "I'm so sorry baby, I never want to hurt you like that. You just know how to push my buttons" and so on and so on. I don't know the whole story and I hope this won't be the case, but I'll bet my bottom dollar it will happen again....It is a sad situation..was caught up in one like that for many years.(He never had to go to court or jail..."I'm going to kill you" was one of his favorite things to say when he was p.o.'d at me or anyone else (usually over nothing) He had many faithful followers for long time but eventually most turned away from him, and I finally was able to let go of my fear when he was too ill (strokes) to get his fingers round my neck! sad but true. I would hope he may learn real quick that hitting his partner is not alright and she would learn that she should really watch her back! I would also like to add THAT DOES NOT AT ALL MEAN SHE "LIKES" IT I hate when people say chit like that. There is much ignorance, as well as women on their high-horses responding to this blog ......... I just feel that rich or poor, smart or dumb, human relationships are not all that easy to control....maybe if they were on a reality show, they may have a script to say and do "the right thing" and "set good examples" because of their popularity and media exposure.. That really ISNT THEIR JOB Good luck to both of them Beenthere,donethat

2003 days ago


F*** Dat I still luv Chris Brown.....Hell every woman thinks she can jus hit on a man or provoke a man and think he wont do anything.....everyone is lookin at it as if dis is a sad case...h*ll she prolly did sumn to make him go ham....Im not sayin violence is da answer but he seem like to gud of a person 2 jus beat on a woman.....SO ladies who think they can get away with abusing a man...U got anotha thing ***!

1341 days ago
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