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Chris & Rihanna -- Back To Where It Started

3/2/2009 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna and Chris Brown are both back in the city where she was beaten to a bloody pulp just weeks ago, and get this -- the twosome traveled to L.A. together!

Further proof that their relationship is in fact "on-again," both Chris and RiRi were seen boarding a private jet together in Miami late last night (as seen above), and exiting the same plane together in Los Angeles early this morning (video below).

Chris & Rihanna: Click to watch
Rihanna can be seen covering up in both cities -- Chris walked around like he had nothing to hide.


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al loanese    

48. Not dissapointing! In the wake of seeing 2 white Seattle police officers beat a 15 yr old female black teenager while in custody and knowing 99% of white people forgave Elvis for beating priscilla. This case is getting old. The fact that the are reconcilled should be promising. But reconcilliation in a black family or a black relationship runs counter to the wishes of white people.

Posted at 2:12PM on Mar 2nd 2009 by Quetou

you sound just like these bitches that get beat and go back because of some promise these women time he beats her I will laugh at her! so queto you are as dumb as rhianna...stupid bitch!

2069 days ago

m dennings    

Hit Me with Your Umbrella, Ella, Ella...

2069 days ago


I agree with c4olyn....she should talk with Tina Turner. Or Nicole Brown Simpson. Ooops...guess she can't do that, can she? Has there ever been a domestic abuse situation that ended up good? None that I know of. Ever.

2069 days ago


Leave her alone, its her life, if she wants a guy who beats her its her problem. Both their record sales will go down the tubes, they can be the next Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. Bottom line, no matter how many stories we read in the gossip mags, no one knows exactly what happened that night but Chris and Rhianna. And I do have to say, I am not condoning men beating women, but I have known a couple of women in my lifetime who got beatings they deserved. Some women provoke it, just saying.

2069 days ago

Dr. Adams    

I'm the best...pound for pound...I'll beat a bitches azz straight into the fu---kin ground...All you posters....STFU!!!!

2069 days ago


First time, shame on him.

Second (third, fourth,.... twelfth..... 69th.... etc) shame on her.

This was pretty much her only 'warning'. He'll do it again, and either she'll learn, or she'll be the poster child for abusive relationships. At least maybe she'll then do something for the community.... DO NOT be like her.....

Sad. So sad.

2069 days ago


how in the hell can you go back to someone that literally beat the hell out of you, I don't care what the reason she pulled on him, she read his messages ..whatever it was she didn't deserve that. How in the hell do you go back to someone before the damn scars on your face has even healed?!!. She is an idiot, Next time and there will be a next time please don't give me that he was abused as a child, and now he's in counseling please whatever everyone knows the difference between right and wrong!. Next time I hope to God he doesn't kill her no man is worth that, but please don't expect anyone to come to your rescue if you don't love yourself enough to get out of the situation.

2069 days ago


It's their life and what they do with it is their own business. Were nobody to judge anyone or say what they should do.
Good Luck to them both though!

2069 days ago


It's almost like the times you try to help your best friends out when they have bad or abusive relationships.........They keep on coming to you, calling you to complain but NEVER do anything about it. She should be embarrassed going back to him. Shame on her and shame on him for putting her in this position in the first place.

2069 days ago


Well, when it happens again (and it will happen again) she will have deserved it for being SO STUPID!!!!
I have zero respect for either one of these idiots and even less for Kanye and Pdiddy for working to get them back together. All IDIOTS!!!!

2069 days ago

Ms G    

It's the relationship that works for them. Aint Love Grand!!!
But whose to say that she wouldn't have face charges too, if it was
mutual combat.

2069 days ago


As a fellow Barbadian I am extremely disappointed by the fact that she chose to go back to him but you know what if he beats her again, i'm sure that 99% of Bajans wouldn't give a damn anymore. (PS: She surely won't get a bit of sympathy from me)

2069 days ago

Kay Zee Ess    

This is their culture so we should accept that. Chris Brown holds his head up high while Rhianna hides the scars her soul-mate brands her with. Typical of the culture and acceptable to me as it's not my culture, thank God.

No, I don't care how they live. I don't know them and they don't know me, again, thank God. I just gonna leave 'em be and allow Chris to whup Rhianna when she steps outta line. It's called love(their style).

2069 days ago


Since she's decided not to be a example to young women on standing strong and leaving her abuser, I hope he does kill her next time so she can be used as an example of what happens when you're stupid enough to stay with him.

2069 days ago


white-trash, black-trash, it's all trash. Ri and CB deserve misery.

2069 days ago
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