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Chris & Rihanna -- Back To Where It Started

3/2/2009 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna and Chris Brown are both back in the city where she was beaten to a bloody pulp just weeks ago, and get this -- the twosome traveled to L.A. together!

Further proof that their relationship is in fact "on-again," both Chris and RiRi were seen boarding a private jet together in Miami late last night (as seen above), and exiting the same plane together in Los Angeles early this morning (video below).

Chris & Rihanna: Click to watch
Rihanna can be seen covering up in both cities -- Chris walked around like he had nothing to hide.


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So sad ,she doesn't have any self respect. No woman should go back to a man that hits.

2068 days ago

ashley first first    

this will end up the next jennifer hudson story , only with a differnt story line. same ending, and she won't turn up on top like jennifer hudson she WILL end up six feet under. more women with abusive husbands stay then leave, that doesn't make it right but it's true.
she has now chosen to be the victim, and this won't be the last picture of her brusied face only i hope she is still alive in the next one.

2068 days ago


it a sad situation when people you thought were role models come down to a low level I know no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes but being in the pubic eye makes your actions have a affect on people .. no matter what actually happend that doesn't changed anything chris hit her and she didn't respect herself enough or care the impact that would make on her fans or girls her age I was a fan of chris brown and rihanna but no longer shame on both.

2068 days ago


I'm Ready 2 Beat This B*tches Azz Myself For Being A Stupid F*ckin IDIOT...Geeeeeez...Did Y See My Movie Chile??? You Betta Start Gettin On Yo Knees Chantin, Prayin And Burnin Incense Like I Did....NOMEYA OH RENGAY CHO!

And Above All Else....EAT DA CAKE!

2068 days ago

ashley first first    

i hope that they will shock the world and say the only reason they got together was to break up
if not she will end up like every other abused women who stays
in a ditch!

2068 days ago

hes hot    

How stupid can this girl be? She deserves to get the pulp beat out of her again. If he did it once, he WILL do it again. There are many more fish in the sea. Open your stupid eyes (unless they are still swollen shut) and look around.

2068 days ago


That's soo sad. what's she thinking? what example is she setting for other women and young girls out there that are getting b**** slapped. sadly a lot of our youth looks to celebrities for strong role models, this is a huge let down for them i'm sure.

2068 days ago


Yes, we don't know what went on for sure...but, we all saw the picture of her. She probably didn't do that to herself. Even if she did hit him first and/or continued to hit him, he is bigger then her and I'm sure he is prbbably stronger. He should of restrained her until she calmed down. We all know the statistics of it happening again, but for some reason women tend to always go back. I feel sorry for her to a point. She has the means to stay away from him. Maybe someday she will realize it for herself and do something about it. Hopefully it won't be to late.

2068 days ago


Who CARES what she may have done to "provoke" him...whatever she did it DID NOT warrant a beating. Nothing EVER warrants a beating unless it is SELF DEFENSE. If she said something or did something to make him angry he DID NOT have to hit her...he could have dumped her off ...NOTHING and I mean NOTHING warrants Physical Abuse EVER !

2068 days ago


Remember that Nicole always went back to O.J., too.

2068 days ago


what is there 2 hide from.u made ur own decision so y cover ur face in shame?surely u cnt b embrass 2 b seen with him right now.

2068 days ago


I just can't believe that after a short period of time, that Rhihanna would be in such a rush to take him back.

Personally, if I were her, there's no way I could have EVER resumed the relationship-how can you ever completely trust someone that beats you?-but if she felt the need to get back together with Chris Brown, at least give the boy some time to get some help and get himself together-otherwise, how can she be for sure that he's "changed" and wouldn't do the same thing again?

2068 days ago


She is dumb. If she is back with him nobody should feel bad for her. She like the abuse he brings to her. She has the world supporting her to leave him but she wont. let him keep beating her its there realationship its out of our hands. it makes me look at rihanna in a different way

2068 days ago

R.i.P Michael    

She's pathetic.

2068 days ago


If that is the case, then you have no more story. And she has no more sympathy.

2068 days ago
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