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Kanye's GF -- If the Stripper Heels Fit ...

3/2/2009 2:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The paps knew Kanye's new GF was a former stripper -- but not what she looked like.

Kanye & Amber: Click to watch
Wonder what tipped 'em off this was her?


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10. Wanda is it? Egads, slap yo mama for naming you a fish called Wanda! Anyways, true enough, she does sport the skank look a little, but what hollywood actress/bimbo/no talent wannabe/gold-digging skank doesn't. They all dress like this and look like hookers. It get's them attention, doesn't matter from who, they get attention. 15 min of fame, a lifetime of STD's & a reputation. Look at paris & the kardashian sisters. We all know Kim slept with OJ, I mean get real here, OJ, RayJ and now Reggie. These girls love looking like ho's, but what they don't realize is...(sorry fella's, i have to let this slip) men think of them as just another "wet hole" and these types ablige these men! Full circle baby, full circle

2026 days ago


Where in the hell is her hair?????

2026 days ago



2026 days ago


USE A DAMN ASHTRAY!!! If you're going to smoke *cough cough* at least put the damn thing out and dispose of it properly. Have a little class and try not to burn California down, m'kay?

Where's Fire Marshall Bill when you need him.

2026 days ago


TooFastForYou you are such a douche bag! hehehehe

2026 days ago


Can you catch herpes by watching the video? I love how she throws her ciggy onto the sidewalk...classy!

2026 days ago


Looks like a skanky hooker to me

2026 days ago

el polacko    

if that is not a tranny it's as close as you can get to it. time for kanye to grow up and come out of the closet. although, on second thought, who would want to claim that douche-bag as one of their own ?!

2026 days ago

grow up    

what a pig flicking her butt into the street, find an ash tray loser.

2026 days ago


First off #2 YOU ARE STUPID! She is NOT WHITE! You idiot! Second where in the hell does TMZ find these dumb ass paps? Good lord why do they ask such STUPID STUPID QUESTIONS? TMZ's guy is the ONLY ONE asking such idiotic questions. Third off what a lady he has she is repulsive.

2026 days ago

I Heart NKOTB!!!    

Stop being haters! She is a beautiful woman with a phenomenal body. If I saw her on the street I would totally stop and stare. (BTW I'm not gay! LOL). Kanye sucks ass though.

2026 days ago


TMZ - ya'll are idiots. Gawd, I'd ignore your ignorant questions too if I were him.

Racism - hmmmm - how much African American blood does a person have to have before they're classified as white or black???? What if you're 50%, but you're so light that you can pass as caucasian???? Why is there a line??? What if you are an African American that was adopted and raised by a caucasian family in a predominantly caucasian community? Are you black or white then???? Please, somebody help me, I'm so confused. I don't know if I'm racist or not!!!!

2026 days ago

Wanda W.    

For #16............ First of all you idiot, I was born years before the movie "A FISH CALLED WANDA"came out. Secondly, Kim Kardasian is the murderer Simpson daughters age,so I doubt she slept with him. Your argument that all Hollywood actresses are bimbos holds very little water when you consider WHO doesnt dress like a whore......... ie CLASS ACTS like STREISAND,Kathy Bates,Hilliary Swank, Annette Benning,etc,etc,etc. Lastly,women who do dress like a whore have very LOW self esteem,and need attention,even negative its true,BUT YOU DONT HAVE TO ENCOURAGE THEM NOW DO WE? You are either a self hating woman,or a man WHO SHOULD GET OUT OF THE CAVE AND REALIZE REAL WOMEN DO NOT DRESS AND BEHAVE LIKE THAT WHORISH WOMAN DOES!

2026 days ago


her name is amber rose...come on been putting her name out there for weeks now...get on top of your game.

2026 days ago


hmm...seems like a beard to me.

2025 days ago
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