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Miley and Justin - What's Wrong with This Pic?

3/2/2009 12:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Gaston, 20, jogging with 16-year-old Miley Cyrus. See if you can identify how many things are just plain wrong with this....


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I find it sad that people would post such rude comments about other people they DO NOT even know personally. Am I supposed to think that people are that STUPID to believe whatever the media want them to believe? By reading some of these posts, I guess so. No one knows if these two are dating and even if they are so what?!?!? When I was 16 I dated a 20 year and we lasted 4 years. I didn't get pregnant or get into any trouble. It's not that uncommon then and why should it now? About the way she's dressed...are you kidding me?!? Have any of you people ever been to your local mall?!? Girls younger than Miley dresses MUCH MUCH more revealing than that!! Give me a break people!!!!

2066 days ago

mark tobin    

you americans have got to be joking there is absoluely nothing wrong with that photo,funny how you allow half naked women to dance provocatively in music videos but this sort of dress sense is not ok.wake up and go to the beach and you will see people dressed like that everywhere.what a pack of prudes you lot are.

2066 days ago

Cassandra Foresight    

two things wrong, they're both foreigners, and they're on my news site.

2066 days ago


Her boobs are as big as mine. That's whats wrong. To tell ya the truth, who cares.

2066 days ago

Daddy Long Legs    

Joggers on a street where there are cars. 1) cars might hit joggers 2) cars put out carbon monoxide etc. which will harm the joggers. If the cars stay parked then it's OK. 3) guy's pants are too long, restrict leg movements. 4) she needs a sports bra 5) why must photographers hound celebs?

2065 days ago


If i was dating a 20 year old guy and started dating him when i was 15, my father would beat him and my mother would kill me. The only reason being he should know better. He is older than her emotionally. This day in time premarital sex is no thing. But felonies still are. What does this 16 year old and a 20 year old have in common, besides the growing baby soon to arrive in her stomach? He should just know better.!!!!!

2065 days ago

rory derbyshire    

Get off her back and get a life

2065 days ago


She left her shirt on....Bugger

2065 days ago


I think that there is nothing wrong with this picture...she is 16 years old- LET HER BE! He is 20-my age- WHo CARES... for once can people start caring about themselves more than they worry about others...maybe our country would be in a lot better shape if that would happen!

2065 days ago


I only found one problem: the idiot who felt he had to take the photo

2065 days ago

Tom of Brisbane Australia    

Why is bare skin so stigmatized in the USA? If she had carried a machine gun or a rocket launcher on her shoulder, no-one would've reacted. Stupid Americans.

2064 days ago


are you yanks serious? there is absolutely nothing wrong with a 20yo dating a 16yo. If a 16yo girl can drive a car then she can ride a boy.

2064 days ago
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