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PO'ed P.I. Sues R. Kelly

3/2/2009 2:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

R. KellyThat pesky child porno case is rearing its ugly head again for R. Kelly.

Kelly is being sued by a private investigator who claims the singer stiffed him on a $300,000 bill. According to a lawsuit filed last week in Missouri federal court, Charles Freeman claims he was hired during Kelly's trial to "obtain and/or recover certain tapes that were said to incriminate" R. Kelly.

Freeman said he did the job, but never got paid. He's suing for damages plus interests and costs.

Kelly was found not guilty on all counts.


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I will always love you Robert. F^&k the HATERS. U r talented and gorgeous.

2020 days ago


first this time it

2039 days ago

Arkangel Trujillo    

he looks like he's crying about those worm braids being too damn tight.

2039 days ago


poor him........

2039 days ago


Huh? He hired a detective to find evidence against him? Why not just confess? *SNIFF* Something doesn't smell right.

2039 days ago


Isn't that obstruction of justice?

2039 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

This guy is a child molester! He peed on a child! Send him to jail where he belongs. What a dirty SOB.

2039 days ago


It's not a good idea to stiff your PI for helping you get those tapes. But maybe this idiot mofo just outsmarted himself and the tapes might find their way into the DA's hands after all.


2039 days ago

Brian W.    

That P.I. is in good company. I can think of several African-Americans that skip out on writing checks when it comes to paying bills. O.J. Simpson, Plaxico Burress, P. Diddy, Fifty Cent, Michael Vick, and perhaps the biggest bill-skipper of all, Michael Jackson.

2038 days ago


@#10 "Brian W.",

This has nothing to do with anyone being "african american". Paying your bills does not have a 'color' the last time I checked. Some of you can make the most IDIOTIC statements I've ever read. No wonder the world is in the state it's in. Back to this report. R. Kelly disgusts me and I wish the justice system would have dealt with him accordingly because he was and still is GUILTY of molesting that young girl. Sickening.

2038 days ago


Brain W please stay in your home and dont ever come out, because your statement only shows your ignorance about the world around you. The world consists of different people of different backgrounds and races. Everyone is capable of doing anything and everything. These black celebrities that you refer to that have not paid their bills is a ridiculous attempt for you to prove a point, but people that are not prejudice and close minded will see that there are black and white people that do not pay their bills. Do you know how much black people are in the world? Do you know how much white people or other races/ethinicities are in the world? In all these groups there have been and will be people that do not pay their bills. Its people like you that always have to make any news story or event into a race issue, only when its not your race.

2037 days ago

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