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Dr. Phil, Gloria Allred, OctoMom -- Perfect Storm

3/3/2009 7:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

What do you get when OctoMom and Gloria Allred show up at Dr. Phil's home doorstep today in Bev Hills? We're pretty sure it involves TV and some serious cash.

Dr. Phil, Gloria & OctoMom: Click to watch


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The public will continue to be repulsed because she's repulsive. Her actions are repulsive, the way she lives is repulsive, her character is repulsive, her expectations that she can get away with this scam on America is repulsive. SHE IS DISGUSTING THROUGH AND THROUGH and I seriously doubt she will ever redeem herself in the public eye. From the minute she opened her mouth it was one lie after another, one scam after another and the more we all see her ugly, repulsive, disgusting face, the more we will hate her.

It's like "screw you then watch me continue to screw you everytime you turn on the TV or turn on your computer. Her I am, neener neener neener....and I'm getting away with it, people are giving me money. Look everyone, watch me spend it. You can't stop me, you can't stop me....neener neener neener...."

2062 days ago


I'm surprised that the biggest fame-whore, ambulance chaser of all time, Mark Geragos, hasn't jumped into the fray!

2062 days ago


bad hips, saggy tits and messed up lips

2062 days ago


#15...Say What? That was a really really run on sentence.

2062 days ago


Dr Phil is a fraud and is only out to get attention for himself AND profit. Instead of working with real cases, he HAS to chase after the highest publicity people. I NEVER watch him anymore, once I figured out his game is deeply about himself and he has a capacity to fake empathy, similar to Bill Clinton. I am still praying that Robin will finally divorce him, get her independence and as much money she can. None of us has to watch him, but poor Robin is still married to him.

2062 days ago


Truth be told I would rather Octomom and the octobabies have money any day over Dr. Phil's botoxed witch of a publicity seeking wife.

2062 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

I hear Denny's has a new octomom breakfast special. It's eight eggs, no sausage and the guy in the next booth has to pay for it.

2062 days ago


well now ,didnt this allred woman just a few days ago post on youtube what she thought of octomom and how she compared her to casey anothy, now she is singing to a new tune, what is it with this nut that she is some queen or something, this has gone too far ,where is justice in this circus that these babies are going to have to pay the price for, this is a DISGRACE, not one intelligent person has come forward to say this is stopping, and this mental case go to court for all the fraud dr. phil you need to be thrown off your high horse, all of you are nothing but fakes and frauds. people of calf. should protest in the streets by the thousands maybe that will stop the money grubbing dirt bags. how dare they give this selfish so much when honest people that have worked long hard hours and some are losing there homes. i hope the people of calf. do something about this insanity.

2062 days ago

Carrys F.    

Hey Crazy Cat Lady, Dr. Phil can't legally diagnose anyone with anything. He is NOT licensed in the state of CA.

2062 days ago


Finally, a down and dirty lawyer found a way to look like a saint! Put yourself between Octo-Freakn-Nutz and Dr. I almost lost my license due to inappropriate sexual contact with a patient.


2062 days ago


on second thought maybe quack phil and octomom were in there making more babies while allred was cheering them on, or perhaps he was doing both, do her and quack phil like they did the first publist, bombard them and boycott them and see how fast they back off. you can better well believe octonut already has a bank account contains millions. just watch , and she will be on shopping sprees. are their any decent lawyers out there that can stop her . there has got to be at least one, thats all it takes.

2062 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

New Breakfast at Dennys, THE SULEMAN SLAM


2062 days ago


I am so furious that Dr. Phil has been trying to gain sympathy for this con artist that I refuse to watch his show any longer. Maybe Dr. Phil and Oprah should get together and pay this selfish girl. Obviously, by having her and her family on their shows poor-mouthing it, especially when people are struggling to feed their OWN families, will probably result in millions for this wacko! Makes me furious that they are all trying to dupe the American people. New house, new car, french manicures, expensive makeup. Infuriating and sad for these poor children!

2062 days ago

bent outa shape    

One thing I will say it looks like she knos how to get what she wants no matter the hows or whats she has to screw to get it . hey Number 46 that left the comment bad hips ,saggy tits and messedup lips. check out radar on line and see her jumping on the trampoline with two- two yr olds how can she do that crap with bad hips, she was faking to collect money from her old emlpoyers for more babies whats she going to do next. Oh I know she'll say D. Phil is dating her under the watchful eye of leagal allred.

2062 days ago


TMZ, PLEASE stop giving this dimwit Octomom a place on your website! This is exactly what she wants, to be in the spotlight with all the attention, hoping to profit from the babies. If we IGNORE her sorry azz, maybe she will go away.

2062 days ago
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