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Probed by Child Services

3/3/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0302_octomom_ex_tmz_01-1Before she had the octuplets, Nadya Suleman was investigated by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) ... and that's just the beginning -- cops have been called to her homestead a slew of times.

We've learned on July 7, 2008, DCFS received a complaint from a neighbor who felt Nadya's six kids "were not clean or being fed properly." An investigation was opened, and DCFS took a Suspected Child Abuse Report. Investigators went to Nadya's home, interviewed some of the kids and filed a report. Officials concluded the allegation was "unfounded."

Fair enough -- but then there's this. Our search shows that cops were called to Nadya's last two homes a total of eight times.

(1) On January 9, 2008, someone called 911 after one of Nadya's kids accidentally locked himself/herself in a room. The cops came and a patrol officer picked the lock.

(2) On October 27, 2008, Nadya called 911 in a panic because one of her kids was missing. Five patrol units responded to the house -- turns out the five-year-old had followed grandma around the block.

(3) On January 23, 2009, three days before the OctoBabies were born and Nadya was in the hospital, one of the kids called 911 from the house. We don't know why.

(4 & 5) Cops were called by neighbors twice (May 12, 2008 and August 10, 2008) because the front door was left open and they feared a break in.

(6) Cops went along with DCFS after getting the complaint on July 7, 2008.

(7 & 8)
We all know about the two post-OctoBirth calls -- when cops were called to control reporters and when a neighbor brandished a shotgun.

But surely things will get calmer once the additional eight kids come home ...


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Fan Since 2007!!!    

The good news,

CPS is finally eyeballin' OctoMom,

The bad news;

It's a Californian thing,

I know what I'm talking about. I live in Sacranento where CPS is in serious trouble over several children's deaths because of CPS's negligence. I have a hard time believing L.A. is any different. Pray for the OctoKids.

2062 days ago


This WILL have a happy ending now! At least hopefully those babies will when they are all put up for adoption!

2062 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

My bad. I meant Whittier for OcoMom

2062 days ago


BLESS her heart for daring to care for that many kids.

Back in the old days, families of 12 and 15 even were common. There were some differences however, older kids HAD to chip in and help. The batch she has at home would be enough for me to want to join the MORMONS out in UTAH where you can get some group mom help.

I do hear that Dr. Phil is spearheading a change in attitude towards the Mom and helping connect her to much needed services. Free services that are NOT coming out of the tax payers pockets, but rather, coming from a nonprofit org supported by donations.

If she finds a way to support the children WITHOUT having to be away much, I'm sure it's doable once she gets over this initial hurtle.

Apparently she will be moving in a nice house soon and have help looking after the kids.

Every life is precious and I'm sure she'll be a fine mother

2062 days ago


(1)Seriously? Who’s kid out there hasn’t locked themselves in a room before come on.

(2) Why is it a bad thing that she called the police when she couldn’t find her child? I would think she would be labeled a bad mom if she didn’t call.

(3) Kids crank call 911 all the time. Ask any police station this.

(4 & 5) So if your front door is open its ok for the neighbors to call the police? The neighbors should have gotten in trouble for making a false report.

(6) Complaint was unfounded…Sounds like her neighbors are morons.

(7 & 8) Ok police having to disperse reporters is not her fault we all know that and the neighbor that brandished the shotgun had nothing to do with Nadya..Gee might this be the same jerk that keeps calling the police on her for no reason? Why hasn’t anyone asked that question?

Ive got an idea...Since reporters are over there all day anyway why not investigate the idiotic neighbors?

2062 days ago


TMZ= keeping yesterday's news current. Who cares about octomom? Nobody!

2062 days ago


Hopefully the "happy ending wil be that all the children will be raised in a healthy (mentally besides physically) home.

2062 days ago

You Can Do Better    

I was against her doing porn (who'd watch it after all???) but if she can bank some money for the kids, before she loses them...It's Nadyas world" ...but it frankly disgusts me. Her poor children...I'm speechless

2062 days ago

fish taco    

The DEADBEAT is also a child abuser!

Typical gutter slut having babies for income!

2062 days ago


who cares anymore if its not her kids its some illegal aliens getting all the government support

2062 days ago

Jay D    

I wouldn't be surpised if either her or her mother try to sue the doctor for getting her prego with 8 kids, because she keeps saying she only wanted one. Well she could try and sue him for putting her in danger by getting her to have that many kids and perhaps for how much money it's going to take to raise that many kids.

2062 days ago

You Can Do Better    

Cali.. Nice word you had but I have to dis-agree. She won't be a good mother, no matter how hard she tries ( and I do not for a minute think she's "trying"). Nadya Suleman is out for fame now that she's had 8 babies. I'm another Mother who is disgusted by her. If she had any chance of winning people over (which I doubt, due to the slap-in-your face of tax payers who don't want to support her lifestyle) She then flaunts this by manicures & shopping trips I wouldn't take my 14 yr old daughter on (because we can't AFFORD IT). But she want's a new house???? Lady u r nuts

2062 days ago

fish taco    

Im going to take my student loan and get 9 IVF babies at one time!
Then get a TV show.
Then write a book.

I will never have to work again!

2062 days ago

Bleep Blop    

She's going to end up dead (via suicide,accident, general retardation, etc.) or in the looney bin. I feel bad for her parents. They already know she's crazy.

2062 days ago


In CA, CPS workers always find reports of abuse or neglect "unfounded". They are "overworked" and don't want to do the paperwork and add to their case loads. If real social workers were hired and paid what they are worth, maybe something would get done. In my County, the "social workers" are hired off the streets. Some of them don't even have a GED

2062 days ago
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