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Probed by Child Services

3/3/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0302_octomom_ex_tmz_01-1Before she had the octuplets, Nadya Suleman was investigated by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) ... and that's just the beginning -- cops have been called to her homestead a slew of times.

We've learned on July 7, 2008, DCFS received a complaint from a neighbor who felt Nadya's six kids "were not clean or being fed properly." An investigation was opened, and DCFS took a Suspected Child Abuse Report. Investigators went to Nadya's home, interviewed some of the kids and filed a report. Officials concluded the allegation was "unfounded."

Fair enough -- but then there's this. Our search shows that cops were called to Nadya's last two homes a total of eight times.

(1) On January 9, 2008, someone called 911 after one of Nadya's kids accidentally locked himself/herself in a room. The cops came and a patrol officer picked the lock.

(2) On October 27, 2008, Nadya called 911 in a panic because one of her kids was missing. Five patrol units responded to the house -- turns out the five-year-old had followed grandma around the block.

(3) On January 23, 2009, three days before the OctoBabies were born and Nadya was in the hospital, one of the kids called 911 from the house. We don't know why.

(4 & 5) Cops were called by neighbors twice (May 12, 2008 and August 10, 2008) because the front door was left open and they feared a break in.

(6) Cops went along with DCFS after getting the complaint on July 7, 2008.

(7 & 8)
We all know about the two post-OctoBirth calls -- when cops were called to control reporters and when a neighbor brandished a shotgun.

But surely things will get calmer once the additional eight kids come home ...


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if you had 9 kids and half were affected because of being born premature, would you have enough love to give those special needs kids? or would you put them up for adoption?

i think nadya wanted this situation very badly and although she maybe naive about the physicality of looking after 8 small babies .(although perhaps not as she is asking for help) i believe she has what it takes to love them regardless of their handicaps. even her mother says she is a good mother.

she will get her own show and it was get lots of viewers. some will have a natural curiosity in her and the kids. others will watch hoping she will fall flat on her face. in the end i think that she will show what she is made of.

2038 days ago

Democrats are evil    

80% of all criminals in prison were raised in families (or non families) without the presence of a father. That combined with the fact that octomom is an obvious loony toon, and the children of this idiot are going to wish that she had been a feminist democrat who never would have wanted them in the first place and would have aborted them had she gotten pregnant by chance. The odds that any of these children will grow up without serious issues are few and far between. Many of them will most certainly be making the county jail their future residence. What a piece of work this idiot is.

2038 days ago


Interesting article. Glad to hear she is probed by Child Services. Poor 14 kids.

2038 days ago



2038 days ago


Any of you wondering how destitute she is right now have only to think of Nadya's begging bowl of a website.
There are 300 million people in America. If only one out of every 500 people contributed only $10, Nadya is already sitting on a minimum of $1.5 million dollars and likely at least twice that. And that's not counting Canada, either.
Nor is that counting the "donations" sheltered by her parents accepting instead of her from all the talk shows they've been on. No wonder her mother Angela has been so oddly complacent and going on off-camera about trips to Europe. While her house is in default.
It is quite possible Nadya has at least $5 million as you are sitting here wondering just how broke she really is.

2038 days ago


It takes a strong lady to do as she has done. It takes an even stronger lady to admit she needs help. And she has asked for help. I think she has it in her to raise these children along with the help of her friends and family. I am sure that diaper companies and formula companies will help her out with supplies, just as they did with other families of multiple births. And it they haven't, shame on them. In 5 years she will be on Oprah and they will be joking about this while her children play on set.

The media needs to back down and let her raise these children. FYI, when the police are called for things out of her control, ie a crazy person with a gun, nosey people next door (how would they know the door was unlocked??) doesn't make her a bad mother. Calling herself because her child is missing, shows concern and love for her children. Nothing wrong with that.

2038 days ago


TMZ won't be happy until one of their bitter, hate filled readers have been whipped up into a murderous frenzy and kill's octomum.

2038 days ago


She's a crazy woman - that's how I see it. I feel sorry for her kids.

2038 days ago


Thanks for all your discussion. Very valuable and smart.

2038 days ago


She's one crazy woman and I feel sorry for her kids!

2038 days ago

two cents    

It just proves what a f'ing IDIOT this woman is. She couldn't keep track of SIX lousy kids, how the f.k is she going to keep track of 14?!

The state needs to step in now, demand her uterus, and take those retarded children before she drowns them. D'uh.

2038 days ago

u stink    

Uh... As much as I dislike this woman, most of the calls have nothing to do with her children. And for tho

2038 days ago

Queen Gold Digger    

My ex husband called CPS on me twice during our divorce just to be a d*i*c*k. I told him the next time they show up at my door for some stupid ass reason that only exists in his head I could filing harassment charges. He stopped.

2038 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

ok..the last comment.." surely things will get calmer when the additional 8 kids come home"..cracked me up! thanks for the morning laugh!

2038 days ago


Where is the INS? Octo-Mooch married a guy so he can get his green card. That is fraud. Do your job Immigration and investigate.

2038 days ago
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