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It's Britney's Comeback, Bitch!

3/4/2009 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sure, she lip-synched it, but that's nothing new -- and judging from the opening night of her Resurrection of Britney tour, it's safe to say Brit's back with a vengeance.

Britney Spears: Click to watch
It's actually pretty breathtaking ... in a positive way. Think back one year when her career was not only written off as over, but she was almost given up for dead. We're told she felt "at home" on stage in New Orleans last night and was beyond happy to be there.

The only thing going crazy now ... is the crowd.


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What the heck is so breathtaking about a supposed singer lip synching their way through their concert!!!

2058 days ago


i was there!! and she was great.. the whole show in itself was awesome!! and btw im pretty sure she didnt lip synch all the songs...

2058 days ago


Breathtaking! Are you serious! Lipsynching and bad dancing. Actuallly, she didn't really dance. It was more like strutting across the stage and gyrating her butt. Janet Jackson at 42 still can dance better than all these heifers.

2058 days ago

Ashlyn M.    

Bravo to #4!

2058 days ago

Kristi Jo Dee    

I'm happy for her that she is not shaving her head and stuff. But she cannot even do an interview, someone has to do it for her. She is being used by her dad and others to make money for them. Maybe working is good for her?! Hopefully she has a psychologist helping her. She has no control over her life or career and it seems very sad, like watching a train wreck. She was on GMA quite awhile ago and seemed out of touch when Diane Sawyer asked her questions, like a zombie, maybe that is why no more interviews. At least most of the young talent today like Taylor Swift write their own music, don't lip sync and run their own career. But in fairness to Britney even Beyonce lip syncs......yuck I'd rather hear them live even if they are out of breath or off key.

2058 days ago


She is F'in hot! I do such naughty things to her and she'd love it.

2058 days ago


What the hell was she wearing? Some cheap Halloween costume? The performance was so bad, didn't even finish watching it.

2058 days ago


You go number four!
I STILL say...
Britney who?
There are millions of hot looking girls out there that could lip -sync/strut their way across a stage.
Britney is a no talent who happened to be in the right place at the right time.
Nuff said.

2058 days ago


wow. that was really...underwhelming.

2058 days ago


Not sure why TMZ is suddenly singing her praises (at least TMZ sings!). She did in fact lip synch the entire concert, confirmed by MANY critics, and she did not get RAVE reviews from anyone other than the teeny-boppers that are easily impressed. Check your facts.

2058 days ago

Ellie Mae Clampett    

She is awful, and so are her stupid ass fans. Let them continue to pay for her god awful shows, more power to her.

2058 days ago

really now    

# 4 dee .............. right on ! I was absolutely thinking the same thing . I do wish Brittney the best for the sake of her kids. THEY are the ones who have been through too much .

2058 days ago


Laughed my ass off! Sorry, that was really bad!

2058 days ago


Her dad really straightened her out!

2058 days ago


UMMMM Britney Spears is an amazing performer and whoever is hating on her is jealous, I mean why waste your time even commenting if you don't support her? Clearly you have issues if you hate her so much, beyond simply thinking she is not a good singer/performer. Hate her or love her, the girl still attracts the attention even from the haters! All the reviews are saying she is back and great once again, so hate on that :)

2058 days ago
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