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Cyber-Prudes Ganging Up on Sexiest Plane Alive

3/4/2009 2:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Southwest Airlines is in big, big trouble -- not just with the FAA, but with a band of angry cyber-geeks pissed about the half-naked bikini model on one of their airplanes.

sports illustrated plane
Ever since SW put Bar Refaeli's Sports Illustrated micro-bikini clad cover shot on a Boeing 737, people have been leaving tons of scathing comments on the Southwest Airlines customer blog page, describing the plane as "a Las Vegas Strip taxi cab" and "a flying porn ad."

But Southwest is standing by their Bar-fly, telling us: "We are proud to have partnered with Sports Illustrated on this promotion," adding that the response has been "about 70% positive, 25% negative and 5% neutral."


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Personally, I'd love to see a Giant half naked lady flying around my skies...

2060 days ago


That is the most awesome plane of all time.

2060 days ago


God can someone ever explain to me why if its ok for a girl to wear that on a beach but put it on a plane and a bunch of old tarts complain lol

2060 days ago

CrAzY DaDdY    

Nice double standard - SW kicks some college girl off of a flight for wearing "too skimpy" clothing, but they will run this ad. I don't have a problem w/ the ad, just the hypocrisy.

2060 days ago


I'm pretty sure the outrage has something to do with the little matter of humiliating a passenger by removing her from the plane because her outfit was "inappropriate". It's hypocrisy at irs finest. And do I really need to get a view of the Rockies through Bar's left nipple?

2060 days ago


I dont see why people are upset about this. You cant tell me that these people who are complaining have never seen a chick in a bikini on the beach, in a movie, on a television show or online. Im sure Southwest got a nice check for allowing this giant flying advertisement to be placed on the side of its airplane. In a time when everybody is strapped for cash, we shouldn't judge a company for trying to find a unique way to stay in business. These people need to complain about real issues like wasteful spending by government, genocide in Darfur or the fact the U.S. has yet to catch Osama Bin Laden. Those are real issues!

2060 days ago


People REALLY need to get a life and worry about the BIGGER issues in the world. WHO CARES if her photo is on the side of a plane! SERIOUSLY!!

2060 days ago


I can understand some of the uproar about this, but don't even see her when you are INSIDE THE AIRPLANE!

2060 days ago

The RoadRunner    

Corporations and the media need to stop been afraid of conservative groups and religious fanatics. They are trying to take away freedom of speech and put our society in the dark ages. These are the same people that want to discredit science books so they can change school curriculums in order to pursue their conservative agenda. People need to watch out for Republican lawmakers, as they always look for a chance to bring religion into politics.

2060 days ago


If people are upset by this because their small children will see it, then they should'nt let them go to a beach or the pool where there are many women in bikini's. I think they need to get over this and find other things to worry about.

2060 days ago


Who gives a Flying Fxxx! ; )

2060 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

I'll bet the engines on that ride can develop a *lot* of "thrust."

2060 days ago


Never thought I'd say it but I wanna have sex with that Boeing 737 !!
Not on it - But to it ! I want to do naughty things to that plane.... yesssssssss~

2060 days ago


Sorry, but it's not "flying PORN". It's a hottie in a bikini. If you can walk to a public beach anywhere on earth and see this, why not on a plane? If you're somehow "offended" (probably because of your couch-potato bon-bon TV habits), then look the other way when it flies or taxis by.

2060 days ago



2060 days ago
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