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Cyber-Prudes Ganging Up on Sexiest Plane Alive

3/4/2009 2:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Southwest Airlines is in big, big trouble -- not just with the FAA, but with a band of angry cyber-geeks pissed about the half-naked bikini model on one of their airplanes.

sports illustrated plane
Ever since SW put Bar Refaeli's Sports Illustrated micro-bikini clad cover shot on a Boeing 737, people have been leaving tons of scathing comments on the Southwest Airlines customer blog page, describing the plane as "a Las Vegas Strip taxi cab" and "a flying porn ad."

But Southwest is standing by their Bar-fly, telling us: "We are proud to have partnered with Sports Illustrated on this promotion," adding that the response has been "about 70% positive, 25% negative and 5% neutral."


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Wow, there are a lot of losers on this site. You must all be so ugly with such empty lives that this is the coolest thing to you. It is porn and it is about power, and anyone, especially a woman, who doesn't get that, and who doesn't get how exploitation of women seeps into every aspect of life, including the fact that woman don't get the good jobs, that they are paid 78 cents on the dollars, that they are objectified and valued only for beauty (thus the massive plastic surgery industry) needs a lobotomy.

This kind of moron mentality is why the world is in the shape it's in. There's no intelligence, creativity, or integrity. Everything's cheap, exploitative and irresponsible. The world indeed is coming to an end.

So all you losers now have a plane to jerk off to instead of turning your lives into something of value and meaning.

2026 days ago


Isreal paid Sports illustrated to put Bar on the cover, and they paid for the advertisement on the plane. They did it hoping people would think of Isreal in a more positive light. Bar would never have been on the cover otherwise. They would never have picked someone who is so plain looking and required the extensive airbrushing that is obvious on the cover shot. Southwest Airline is under contract to keep the plane as is for a couple of months. So all the complaining in the world isn't going to make it go away any sooner.

2026 days ago


Is there anything people WON'T complain about? I'm more worried about losing my luggage or getting strip-searched by airport security!

2026 days ago


I con't understand how Bar Rafaeli got the SI cover or herself on the side of a plane. She is not as pretty as other SI covers but oh wait.....that's right she is Justin Timberlake's girlfriend! That explains it.

2026 days ago


There's NOTHING special about that girl at all. She shouldn't be on the cover of the magazine or the side of the plane. The only reason she is, is because she is Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend.

2026 days ago


bar is soooooooooooo plain looking. she must have sucked a mean c*ck to get the cover!!

that being said, i will NEVER, EVER fly southwest again. they are the worst airline. the planes are dirty and stinky, the employees are all on a power trip, and their planes are unsafe. i would much rather pay the extra 50 bucks to fly on a REAL airline that actually values their customers, and are polite to them!!

2026 days ago



2026 days ago


yeah, just what every dad wants to see ... your daughter in a bikini on the side of an airplane! This just screams "FLY ME!". It's "Bikini Bimbo's" life and if she wants this picture just a few thousand feet closer to Heaven then so be it ... who am I to spit into the wind?!

2026 days ago


I agree with CrAzY DaDdY (comment # 4) hypocritical to the MAX...but that is SO the norm for our culture! Madoff (as in "Made Off with Millions" of other people's money/life) gets house arrest and an ankle alarm and gets to keep millions in 'personal effects' while my son get an alleged DUI and may face to do jail time! Only in America!

2026 days ago


You think the photo on the side of Southwests' jet gets attention? You should see the photos of the beautiful beach brides and gorgeous resort backdrops within the pages of Gulf Coast Bride and at
These are truly something to look at and make everyone want to get married in Destin, Seaside, Santa Rosa Beach, Water Color or anywhere along the beaches of South Walton, on the Florida Gulf Coast.

I think the Southwest jet with the SI model plastered on it, is great though, much better than the boring look of most airliners.

2026 days ago


I am guessing that Southwest Airlines is sinking, and has to resort to ...advertising.

The photo itself is no big deal. Lots of women wear bikini's, and lots of women in bikini's are used as advertisement.

But, does it really belong on the side of airplane? Do you really want to take your daughter on a flight and tell her.."Look! This is what you can aspire to...all new heights, in very little clothing."

2026 days ago


All the complainers make me want to move to Europe and stay there! So uptight here in the states! do you all go to the beach in an oversized tshirt and gym shorts??? And what are you teaching your kids about the beauty of the human form and sexuality!? Lighten up!! Geez! Two thumbs up to SI and Southwest for a unique and fun idea in promotion =) Keep up the good work!!

2026 days ago

Black Power    

To #38 Sick Losers- you are a tight assed idiot. I guess your opinion is the only thing that matters. My guess is that you are a fat, ugly, stinky old bitch who has nothing better to do than call people losers while you hide in your home for fear of scaring little children with your looks. I hope you feel better about yourself. It seems to you that the Sports Illustraded swimsuit issue is they same as Donky Suckers magazine. Please! Uptight idiots like you make the world an ugly place, not a plane with advertising on it. Most likely, YOU are the loser here, because your head is so far up your ass, you don't even know what stinks, and what smells like roses. Now go take a nap before your head explodes.

2026 days ago


Good Lord! It's a girl in a bikini people. Get over it!

2026 days ago


I think it is fine. What bothers me is the story last year about the girl being kicked off the plane because her skirt was too short and their company policy thought it was too provocative. I guess they think Bar in a bikini covering the entire plane isn't? SWA - Just get your story straight and be consistent. I would think the girl from last year would be suing them again right about now.. especially since they don't seem to be clear on what they are doing.
Here is the article from last year:

2026 days ago
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