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Disney Star

Booze, Babes and Bikinis

3/4/2009 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For a 19-year-old, David Henrie of Disney's "Wizards of Waverly Place" had a magical time livin' la vida loca down in Puerto Rico Saturday night.

David Henrie

Good thing you only have to be 18 to legally have a margarita -- and a grope -- in PR.


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I love David Henrie.
And he is just being a normal 19 year old boy. Put any teenage boy in that situation and you'll get the same thing.
Oh, and hes super cute so I can see why girls would want to grope him. :)

2061 days ago

Beatriz *JB FAN*    

it's no big deal!!!
he's old enough to drink! and he's a guy!!! he's dancing with a pretty girl!!! WOOOAH, SHOCKING!!!!!

2061 days ago


gotta watch out for those disney kids their a bunch of freaks LOVE IT lol

2061 days ago


what a fugly girl

2061 days ago


wow, just because he's a disney star it makes this some scandalous story?
he's 19, im sure most 19 year old guys are doing this and maybe crazy things that this.

2061 days ago


haha well kinda wierd that he's a disney star.. but he's 19!! seriously! what 19 year old WOULDNT do that?
just looks like a fun party to me :)
i love david henrie!

2061 days ago

Carrys F.    

Quick! Someone get that boy a purity ring and a meeting with the Jonas Brothers!! Stat!!

2061 days ago


Okay...seriously? Where is the crime here? David is a good guy. And he is acting like a normal 19 year old boy. And for your was just a Bikini Contest at his hotel!! What 19 year old guy ISN'T going to go if they had the chance? And all he is doing is dancing. I didn't know it was wrong to dance. And even if he WAS drinking (which you have no proof except for him holding an empty cup that could have been the other girls)...he is 19. The drinking age in Puerto Rico is 18. So there is no crime there. Just because he is on Disney it doesn't mean he lives in a bubble. TMZ...seriously. This was one of the dumbest things you could ever post. I love David and I KNOW he is a great guy and is responsible for his actions.

2061 days ago


oh please, he's 19 year old, why he cannot do this, he's just dancing and having fun isn't that bad.... I love him, he's so cute! I wish I was that girl, OMG 'cause he's so hot and he looks hotter in that pic hahaha please don't mess with him.

2061 days ago


the best i could do at his age was bang brit brit, and she was a dead lay

2061 days ago


due is gay, he is barley touching her, nasty or not id hit it

2061 days ago


In response to #49 and #73... yes, you are very right, he wasn't breaking the law! That being said, if he was back home he would be breaking the law!!! The legal age for most of his US viewers is 21. The bad example is set, when he is seen drinking at sexually charged parties when they, the fans, aren't allowed to... and they just want to do what he does!!

As for the fact that it's OK because the legal age to drink in PR is 18... Well, it's also legal to have sex at the age of 14 in PR... Would that be ok for him to do too??? Thats just sick however legal it is! Sometimes we gotta live by the laws for our home country as these are the morals we set for each other...

Don't u agree???

2061 days ago


isnt he lyk dating thatone girl from the show privileged?

2061 days ago



2061 days ago


GIVE ME A FREAKEN BREAK PEOPLE! This is what TMZ DOES!!! And you're reacting just like TMZ WANTS YOU TO! The only REAL skank in these photos is TMZ for trying to portray David as something he's NOT. And some of you fell for it hook, line & sinker. The HEADLINE should've read: "DISNEY STAR HAVING A GREAT TIME IN PUERTO RICO!" And what TMZ SHOULD HAVE ACCURATELY REPORTED is: "Here's a pic of 19 year old David Henrie dancing in Puerto Rico with a bikini contest contestant. [and if it's even worth mentioning...] she's holding a drink that could be a margarita or maybe even a lemonade, while he's holding an empty cup. David Henrie stars on the hit Disney tv show WOWP. The two appear to be having great time DANCING!" Obviously the TMZ photog isn't a reporter cuz if he was, you'd know the truth, not just ATTENTION-GRABBING HEADLINE.

2061 days ago
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