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Birth Tape Coming Soon

For $$$$$$$

3/4/2009 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has absolute confirmation from multiple sources that a videotape showing OctoMom giving birth to her 8 babies in the hospital room is being shopped around town -- FOR SEVEN FIGURES!!!!!


It's unclear who's working the camera, but we do know the tape was shot with Nadya's consent.

Talk about a bloody show!!!

octo kids

** TMZ users submitted their best spawn-snap-shots and showed Octo-Lips who's boss!


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Can someone please post her publicist's (Victor Nunez) email address? I think he needs to hear from all of us what we think of his loathsome client.

2005 days ago


Does anyone know if Nadya getting paid for doing the DAILY DIARY on ET??

2005 days ago


This woman is has no shame. Nex thing you know she'll be auctioning herself and her kids on eBay.

2005 days ago


Please somebody rescue all of these poor children. Child welfare should have been on this case long ago and should already have a plan in place to protect these children from their mother. She is quite obviously a VERY SICK individual. These children need help NOW! My god she called 911 to report a lost child when she only had 6 to take care of ... what will happen when she has 14? There is no way this woman can even begin to take care of these children. She does not live in reality or even on our world. If she is collecting all of this money from donations and whatever else, she should be made to turn it all over to the state of Cal. In fact the way she lies may-be everyone should just give the state the money in the first place. There are alot of medical bills to cover. She keep saying that she doesn't get welfare and doesn't want any welfare... well then may-be she should pay all of her and her childrens medical bills. That is a form of welfare. She has taken advantage of the peolple and the system. ENOUGH! MAKE HER PAY! There are real people who don't lie and cheat and they may need this help and there won't be any money left to help them. Get a JOB like the rest of us and support the children that you so much wanted. Forget your hair and nails getting done. Get a JOB! Buy diapers, formula and food for your children out of your money not the taxpayers. I would not give her a penny. Very doubful the children will benefit from any money donations. She will be taking care of herself with that.

2005 days ago


I will never watch this video and everyone I have asked never will either. People are not interested in her getting any money unless it is protected for the kids and she is never allowed to touch it, EVER!

2005 days ago


Remember when Anna Nicole Smith sold her birth tape to ET? I smell ET again..

2005 days ago

mr awesome    

this lady needs to be put in a mental institute.. She is f#*king crazy and not fit to raise one kid... this c*@t deserves to go to prison for life...

2005 days ago


enough already

2005 days ago


The only thing I want to hear about this sick woman is that all 14 children have been taken away from her.

2005 days ago

TM in LB    

All right! I hope it is in IMAX!

2005 days ago

catherine turley    

this tmz crowd is getting on my nerves. these kids can't go into an overcrowded foster care system and they need loads of money immediately. as long as it isn't illegal, who cares how she gets it. why is it o.k. for all these t.v. shows (i.e. harvey and all the little kids working for him) to make money off these babies, but not the mother who actually has to pay for their needs. nadya is providing a service to the media and she should get paid for it.

2005 days ago

Jus D truth    

If I had that tape I'd be selling it too, just so she won't get the money. I'd try to help at least afew families who are in my same posistion, trying to survivie & to save their homes. Damn, I would most definiatley sell the tape just to help some other folks as well as myself!!! not questions about it!! Some might think I'm being selfish, rude, greedy....but hey....I'm just being REAL!!

2005 days ago


tmz is a bunch of fkn losers find something usefull to post u fkn idiot dechebags

2005 days ago

Sue Wong    

Oh for heaven sakes. What the hell is wrong with showing a tape on the birth of 8? It would be interesting. My son had to watch one in school the other day. A SMART girl's gotta make money anyhow.

2005 days ago


ok people there is a simple solution to this. start requiring licenses to have a child. i mean think about need a license to drive a car, you need a license to go fishing, you need a license to sell real estate, you need licenses for just about everything...but any ignorant, stupid, retarded, skanky, inbred, rednecky, money-hungry crack whore can have all the kids they want? we need to get some control over this. and before anyone says that is an infringement on our rights, just remember, having a child is NOT a right, it is a choice. and is't time for that choice to be taken away from certain people.

2005 days ago
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