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Believe It or Not: OctoMom Not Welcome

3/5/2009 8:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A bunch of legendary fertility statues from Africa are coming to the Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium in Hollywood ... and guess who's being warned to stay the hell away -- Octolady!

Knock On Wood - Launch Photos

Experts say the statues features in the exhibit have helped over 2000 women get pregnant just by touching them -- and museum reps are urging Angelina wannabe Nadya Suleman to stay far away for fear that she could somehow add more federally subsidized pups to her litter.

They needn't worry because these days, the only thing Octopussy will even come close to touching are paid interview requests and TV/book offers.


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Old School Woman    

Oh, Please like she would really come there. There's no money in it. She is crafty, not stupid. She has milked the system for so many years she is a pro at it. The gravy train will probably stop due to all the negativity towards the situation. A majority of posts say they will not support this woman in anyway. Well, too late you already have. She is getting SSI for her 3 disabled children (that is Federal Goverment), She is receiving Food stamps (another Federal project), therfore it is not just the state of California that is supporting her. Everytime someone comments here be it positive or negative she is getting more money, because she is getting more exposure and comes on some other news show or talk show to set the record straight (in her own warped mind anyway).

2058 days ago


first bitches

2060 days ago


1 {866} 436-57toofastforyou!!!

2060 days ago


TMZ you bash her for taking tax payers money and now you bash her for trying to support herself and her kids. WTF!! No different then when you bashed Britney daily, and now that the media likes her again you jumped on the Kevin bashing train

2060 days ago


those non-living statues are too smart- way smarter than that sh*tbrained c*nt's doctor.

2060 days ago


don't worry hollywood - the bitch is out of sperm!

2060 days ago

She still looks good    

Stop bashing her... those kids need a mom... what's your plan? To get child protective services to get them to take the kids away from her? Oh yeah, great idea... who'll raise them if she won't? You guys need to get a life. If child protective services thought there was a problem don't you think they would have done something already? Hello, everyone knows about her she's always on TV. The hating octomom thing is getting old. No, It already did. Get over it.

2060 days ago

She still looks good    

You're first comment... okay so what? Go eat $hit.

2060 days ago


I dont think what she did by having all those kids was right but why does anyone think its okay to bad mouth innocent little kids what did they ever do but be born to her they had no choice in that, its just so sad

2060 days ago


Hey you can say what you want about freakomom but lets not call the kids names... They don't deserve her or this BS. They are young enough to go to good families, unfortunately.

2060 days ago

mama mia    

I wish people would leave Nadya alone....her doctor is not getting even half of the blame here. I admire her for telling people how much she loves her kids and that she will do anything for them...Raising 14 kids alone will be very difficult for her but c'mon, she has to have thought about this already!! Leave her alone and let her what if taxpayers have to help her? I'd rather have my money go to her than to people who will buy drugs or alcohol.....I am rooting for her to prove everyone wrong.

2060 days ago



2060 days ago


How TMZ can keep up with her and her stories??? Getting tired of hearing about Octomom. Give us a break!

2060 days ago


Do you want her to stay home and criticize her or do you want her to work and criticize her. You may not like her job but at least she is making money. You know that's a lot more than I can for a lot of gang bangers.

2060 days ago


Sharona, she isn't doing anything to try to support those kids, she is only helping herself. So shut it.

2060 days ago
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