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Coherent Jacko Declares British Invasion

3/5/2009 1:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With thousands of grown men and women screaming like teenagers in the crowd, Michael Jackson announced he would be performing 10 shows in London starting in July.

Michael Jackson: Click to watch
He threw the peace sign, he spun around, he did some weird Kirk Gibson style fist pump -- and then he left.


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Who in their right mind would go watch this CHILD MOLESTER! I mean it!

1969 days ago

vile comments    

i'm sceptical but i would wish him he makes it! he deserves success after all mean publicity he got.

i've read all the court transcripts. this man is innocent.... but the press convicted him.

1969 days ago


Don't you guys find this Michael a little "off". I don't think that was really Michael Jackson. It didn't even sound like him. His mannerisms were strange too. Something is definitely not right here.

I am definitely not a Michael Jackson fan.....liked him better in the Jackson 5. But I don't for one minute think he is a child molester. Of all the children he had around him and only a couple made accusations and wanted money. Something fishy there. I definitely think he had been abused as a child and still, in his mind, remains a child. Very, very sad story.

1969 days ago

allen antrim    

You show an anorexic lady--where is Mike?

1969 days ago


Dream on. (or nightmare) He will never perform again. He couldn't handle it.

1969 days ago


In reply to #34 thesheriff
"Don't you guys find this Michael a little "off". I don't think that was really Michael Jackson. It didn't even sound like him. His mannerisms were strange too. Something is definitely not right here."

Wow.... I agree, I wonder if the other posters' on this site watched the video? MJ has changed his color, hair, face...........and now his voice? His voice is not even close to original.......but then again, his color,hair & face aren't original either:)

1969 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Where is the women who released the pigeons after his latest trial? She must not be That much
of a fan.

1968 days ago


I need tickets!!! Is he coming on tour in USA?

1968 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Shoulda been Asia. Asia is a continent of pedophiles...

1968 days ago


OMG! That press announcement was so over the top staged that it's hilarious! It looksas real as a scene from The Hills! Those screaming fans are adults planted in the crowd. Listen to their ridiculous staged cheers and reactions. I've seen a million press junkets like this and the crowd reaction was much more real than thi, with the screaming being non-stop, not staged spatterings throughout his speech. I like Mikey, but this circus act was hilarious...and a sorta sad sign of the times.

1968 days ago


Crotch grabbing pedophile perverted creep ... why is this man NOT IN PRISON????????????????

1968 days ago


That was NOT MJ. I saw the clip on the Insider (sorry, TMZ) and his walk was "too cool", his nose was too wide, his mouth/jaw area didn't protrude forward (as can be seen during his trial and other times) and his voice was wrong. I also agree with the other posters that the thing was so obviously staged.

I hope they didn't pay this guy too much because he wasn't very good.

1968 days ago


It doesn't sound like him...but how could anyone ever duplicate his messed up nose to impersonate him? He must have worked on his voice or maybe stopped taking some kind of drug that allowed his voice to go back to normal.

I would go see him if I lived in London or closeby. He is brilliantly talented.

I also don't think he molested those kids. I think he may have been acting like a kid with them and just playing....nothing like the media made it out to be.

1968 days ago


OMG!! WTF?? Is is just me or did no body notice that this "man" was born black?? This "thing" looks like it has been cut up and folded back wayyy too many times. ***Warning*** Plastic surgery cannot fix your troubled childhood and neither can little boys...

1968 days ago

L. P.    

He acts like he's gay. And he really can't get enough of himself, can he?

Oh and don't forget, he really loves you guys, from the heart of his bottom!

1968 days ago
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