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Coherent Jacko Declares British Invasion

3/5/2009 1:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With thousands of grown men and women screaming like teenagers in the crowd, Michael Jackson announced he would be performing 10 shows in London starting in July.

Michael Jackson: Click to watch
He threw the peace sign, he spun around, he did some weird Kirk Gibson style fist pump -- and then he left.


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jim munyon    

its great to see him sing , but that was not him at this press thing so ?? if there going to have impersonators do press ? then what s the point.

1968 days ago


He needed a tele-prompter for THAT?

1968 days ago


Say what you will about him but he's getting paid and you haters here are barely surviving in this post Bush jacked up economy.

1968 days ago


Micheal is King of Pop and Madonna is Queen of Pop. End of story.

If Madonna can reinvent herself over and over again and so does Micheal Jackson. He'll be back!

1968 days ago

UFC Fighter    

It's a FAKE. That's NOT MJ. Doesn't even sound like him. Different build. How come these diehard fans can't even tell????

1968 days ago


Who is this Michael Jackson guy? i've never heard of he a rapper? Is it true that he molested his siblings and kids? Why isn't he in jail then?

1968 days ago

too sad    

check this out,

this is NOT michael jackson,
it is an imposter,
there are so many in the u.k.
look at this guys lips and his whole demeanor is not jacksons and his movements and his voice is too deep,
this is NOT michael .

1968 days ago


well, the less people say they'll go, the more tickets for us!!! neener neener!!! *raspberry

1967 days ago


I played this video 2x already and I've come to the conclusion THIS IS NOT JACKSON,but a good imitater.
For one thing everyone says his voice was too low .TRUE,but in a interview
of one of his butt-kissing lawyer,spokesman claimed that Jackson has 2 diffrent ranges that he speaks one hi and the other low.
Also I saw recent pictures of him taken only 2 -3 weeks ago and he looked SOOO Gaunt and frail.This "guy" looked semi-buffed and check out the shoulders on him.
I really think this is not Jackson,and maybe they'll send this guy to England to do the tour,pay him off and Jackson keeps the rest. Sounds like something he would have dreamed up!

1967 days ago


I wish he could come to the US. I really want to see him perform. I love Michael!
Damn see what you make people do?

1967 days ago

Illinois person    

Wishing wacko-Jacko luck 'cause he'll need it. Of the 10 shows, at best he'll do 1 or 2. Then the promoters will sue and blah, blah, blah. Hopefully he gets a good haircut too. He's way too old to be wearing his hair that long. Quite certain those group of people cheering him on were paid because he's been known to do that.

1967 days ago


Last ditch effort; he's out of money!

1967 days ago

Ginger Gargoyle    

lets see plastic surgery, dark glasses, fake nose, wig, had to get a dr.s report in order to book the show ....

Are we sure its really Jackson and not some look-a-like who is just going to lip sync it all?? I think the real MJ already went home to his "home planet" and they just keep putting this guy out there to keep the reporters at bay.

1967 days ago

S Cheever    

That was not Michael Jackson, but someone posing as him. Check the video very carefully, listen to the voice, and look at the demenor. Those are not his lips. I think MJ hired this guy to be him, as he could not make an appearance himself.

1967 days ago


He looks like Maria Osmond.

1967 days ago
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