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Gisele Sends Best Bitch to Best Buy

3/5/2009 8:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The honeymoon is clearly over -- because yesterday in L.A., Tom Brady was back to running errands as his new wife, Gisele Bundchen, kept the car running with Tom's son in the back seat.

Tom & Gisele: Click to watch
Like a good hubby, Brady picked up a couple of items in the "Ink and Paper" aisle at a local Best Buy ... because Gisele told him to.


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Capt Jack    

For pete sake. What guy doesnt like an excuse to run to Best Buy, an ultimate guy store?
Especially a guy with money that can afford the toys!

2056 days ago


That's the guy from the best buy commercial that aired during the superbowl.

2056 days ago


HEY! That Best Buy employee!! He's the guy from the Best Buy commercial where he says he helped three generations of women (grandma, mom, daughter) find just the right computer for their needs. Y'know... the one where grandma was allegedly so happy with the service she received that she tried to get the Best Buy guy to date her granddaughter?

2056 days ago


Whoever did this story is a moron. If Brady wasn't so hot I'd be able to resist reading.

2056 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Are any of you azzholes at TMZ married or in a relationship?

2056 days ago


What's the matter TMZ, do none of you have significant others? Are men not allowed in stores? WTF is your obsession with Tom Brady going into stores? He isn't allowed to buy something for himself, his family or loved ones without you guys commenting on it?

Does Harvey have a crush on Tom?

2056 days ago


You have two choices: go thru 5 minute rigamarole of dismantling the safety straps and grabbing all toddler gear need for even 10 minute trek so both can go in & create even bigger Best Buy disruption, scaring hell out of same child... or ... one of you is the paparazzi fall guy, and the waits in the car w/ child. clearly, tmz writers have never had the *joy* of shopping w/ a toddler.

if they sent "people" out to the store to shop you'd snipe that they're bratty. if they get their own stuff, you snipe. if they brought the kid in, you'd make some crack about how Bridgette would feel about her son being dragged out in front of photogs... oy vey! OMG STOP THE PRESSES they use an ink jet printer and when done, use even more!!!

2056 days ago


lol... yes sencho, i think is that dood.

2056 days ago


Isnt that best buy guy the one from the commercial?? LOL

2056 days ago


So TMZ was in the car and heard Gisele order him into the store? He has two options here besides doing it himself, take his son out of the car seat and drag him into the stores past a bunch of cameras or sit in the car waiting while the paparazzi surrounds his wife. Ever consider that he is a gentleman?

2056 days ago

hoochie mama    

What is it with TMZ and Tom Brady....why is he an errand-boy?
He's in the off-season. He has time on his hands. I'm sure Tom isn't the only athlete/celebrity who
goes to run errands for spouses.

2055 days ago


its the commercial guy too!

2055 days ago


another slow news cycle, I just don't get why you dislike them so much. My husband does errands for me and i do some for him, it's the way it is. I think stalking him when his son is in the car is sick. They just got married and they seem like a couple in love. Focus on the jerks who beat their girls or vica versa, Tom comes from a great family as well as Giselle. They could have announced their wedding an had every paparazi their but they did it their way, small and w/o the likes of you. So I think they deserve some respect, Tom has never been in trouble for anything, so move on to the ones who do.

2055 days ago

We love blonde hottie dude!    

Hey Mr. Right,

Do not insult the staff @ TMZ! especially the blonde hottie who should be an Abercrombie and Fitch model! His fan club members will beat your ass....

2055 days ago


It's called doing nice stuff for your family, loveless loser.

2055 days ago
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