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Mr. Pitt Goes to Washington

3/5/2009 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rockin' a three-piece suit, Brad Pitt hit the U.S. Capitol for his hot date with Nancy Pelosi today.

The 45-year-old superstar is in D.C. meeting with members of Congress to discuss Angelina, his movies charity efforts in New Orleans.


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the country is falling a part and Pelosi is meeting with Brad Pitt. Couldn't she find something better to do? What a crock.

2055 days ago


New Orleans is lucky to have a major celebrity in its corner! Good work, Brad Pitt.

2055 days ago

Brazilian Thong Bikinis    

I think what Brad Pitt should so is have Joli wear a thong and strut around the beach in it so we can compare her thong body to Jennifer Aniston's.

2055 days ago


Brad is there trying to get more support for the devastated people of the U.S. Your stupid negative remarks makes you look even more like the immature a-holes that you are.

2055 days ago

M in Maryland    

I LUV YOU BRAD!!! Your'e so HAWT!!!!!

2055 days ago


I can appreciate that Brad Pitt is one of those celebrities who is trying to use his status for the greater good. Yeah, Brad. However - show some freaking respect and take your damned sunglasses off in the U.S. Capitol for the love of God.

2055 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

I was going to write something disparaging about Pitt and "celebrities" in general, then I remembered what a porcine, ignorant, hypocritical bastard Rush Limbaugh is, and suddenly Brad Pitt looks a whole lot better.

2055 days ago


12. That's's not like Congress has anything more important to do than spend time talking to Brad Pitt about Angies stupid charity organizations.

OHHH YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!! "stupid charity organizations"???? WTF have YOU EVER done to help ANY CHARITY?? Help us all - the entire human race & your family especially, by trying to be a better person, because right now you are a HORRIBLE one!!!! I pity you & your entire family & friends!! Everyone who knows you must realize what a self centered waste of human organs & tissue you are.

2055 days ago


He should be going to his Hollywood buds asking for money. gezzzzz...For God sake, his ex wife spent 50 thousand to keep her hair looking perfect for a 3 day premier in London! And you know they all do it. He is the epitome of why folks can’t stand stars that get involved in POLITICS! Stick to acting or better yet adopt the Octomons’ 8 kids so we never have to hear about her again!

2055 days ago

Jane Doe    

Hey newsflash for those that don't know.

Mr Charity is not giving those homes away. The people that get them have to pay for them - not that thats a bad thing. But the guy is not Mother Theresa.

2055 days ago


Umm, doesn't Pelosi have important things to do.

Rome is burning and Pelosi, Obama, are hanging with Clooney, Pitt. Is Matt Damon next? Why exactly must Pelosi use precious taxpayer time and money to promote Pitt? He can push his charitable image down everyone's throat on his own time, not taxpayers. All these people are so out of touch in their little self-congratulatory bubble.

2055 days ago


To all you NO whiners- does anyone remember Cedar Rapids IA last year!!! They just pick them selves up and get to work and don't need Pitt or that idiot Sean Penn making a ruckus!!!

2055 days ago


Brad & Ang need to get a grip...the BAILOUT well is running dry. Gee, what happens if all us worker bees stop working for everyone else & get on the band wagon for gov handouts?!

2055 days ago

Jane Doe    

The homes being built have solar panels. I can assure you he is there to talk "green" with the queen bee- atch.

2055 days ago


Obama = One Big Ass Mistake America!

2055 days ago
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