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Brad Pitt Denies Breaking the Law!

3/6/2009 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We called it the "Crime of the Century" -- but to Brad Pitt, running a stop sign on his motorcycle was clearly a forgettable offense.

Brad Pitt: Click to watch
To Brad's credit, Pitt refused to use the so-called "UPS Defense" -- in which certain people speculated he couldn't see the sign because of a delivery truck blocking his view.

We're not buyin' it.


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L. P.    

Arrogant self righteous pig...

2025 days ago


Brad's a liberal democrat with connections to Pelosi & Obama, so just like them he cannot break the law.Or should I say he can and it does not matter.

2025 days ago

YA YA    

TMZ should e mail the video of pitts to the police . ( the video of pitts running the stop sign on his motorcycle )
That way the police can mail that idiot the CITATION. HOPE ITS A HEFTY ONE TOO. That will be in some money to LA.

2025 days ago


the law is the law, glad he didn't hit anyone and killed them. but he's brad pitt, so far above the law! cheater and all around ignoramous. if the posts about him not bathing or brushing his truth are true, jen is better off without him. he can stay with his brood mare, they are both disgusting and deserve one another.

2024 days ago


Maybe he would talk more if you guys would give him a little intelligent conversation every now and then.. Haha

2024 days ago


So the UPS truck was blocking the sign, huh...

What about the big white letters painted on the grown spelling STOP...

He blew through that stop to get away from the Paps...

2024 days ago


Is it true he has this thing for not brushing his teeth?

2025 days ago

love it!    

Apparently he also does not like taking showers or using deoderant! which is disgusting! and also, running a stop sign is inexcusable. what if he'd been hit by a car? Think about your kids Brad, they'd love to see you come home in one piece!

2025 days ago


He is one of the SPECIAL people who don't have to follow the laws that are in place to keep all of us safe. I am so sick of this couple I could spit and he is looking a little portly is he not??

2025 days ago


TMZ your pap is barely coherent! Seriously, these guys of yours are NOT interviewers - why dont you employ some?

2025 days ago


I agree with comment 4. TMZ, your paps are NOT interviewers. I can understand why Brad says he HATES paps. Your guy sounds so STUPID.

2025 days ago


#2 So what if he was hit by a car!!!! I'm sure Angie can bait another Man Nanny just by spreading her legs!!!! LOL

2025 days ago

paris phillippe    

I knew he didn't take baths but he doesn't brush his teeth either! What a pig.
Both he and his live-in lover, think their shi$ doesn't smell.
Personally, they both win the award for the two biggest phonies in Hollywood.

2025 days ago


TMZ, I read your website, and so do alot of people. But I doubt Brad Pitt makes mental note of everytime one of your retarded Paps films him from far away and also doubt he even read your site. For one of your paps to puke allover himself trying to talk to and get footage of Pitt, and to sound offended when Pitt says "what are you talking about?" is rediculous. Pitt is def A list and TMZ you are def D list.

2025 days ago


Harvey Levin wants to eat Obamas ass

2025 days ago
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