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I Think

We're Full Grown Now

3/6/2009 1:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We're not saying she looked bad at all, but .... when 37-year-old/former mall rat Tiffany decided to rock reeeeaaaallllly tight spandex pants during her performance at Tao in Vegas last night, she should've considered who she'd be standing next to: Younger, hotter chicks in even tighter clothing!

Tiffany: Click to watch


No Avatar


it doesn't even look like the same woman. she looks like she ate tiffany.

2057 days ago

the people u talk crap about look better than you    

FYI, attractive people do not go talkin dumb sh_t about other people as a passtime. She undoubtedly looks better than most of you losers bloggin like corney bitc_es in your moms basement. Your ass needs to get on a treadmill...oh yea, you can't afford one cuz talkin sh_t about people who look better than you doesn't pay, is a company owned by your mother, and her broke fat ass doesnt speak to you anymore cuz your a corney bit_h !

She looks good and is making more money than you doing it. You need to wake up and be real. The standards you put on these people show your simple. And guys, a woman with those attributes wouldnt be attracted to someone like you regardless.
So, all you talking crap, take off your shirt and get in front of a mirror, then holla at me. Actually don't, I DONT SPEAK TO UGLY PEOPLE !

2057 days ago

Ya Think    

If she's pregnant (which I'm not sure about)...why in heck is she wearing SPANDEX?

2057 days ago

something smells    


2057 days ago

Black Teef    

what happens when you cut the cheese while wearing those pants?

2057 days ago


What's wrong with you people?! You guys should give a pregnant lady her due respect, ok?! She's pregnant and performing. That's the spirit!!!

2057 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

These fat "girls" disgust me! Why oh why doesn't anyone have any discipline?

2056 days ago


"Food Court Beware"

2056 days ago

YA YA    

what a fat blabba. Terrible outfit...............

2056 days ago


Tiffany is the best. she has a Huuuuge gay following and is well liked all around. she is pushing 40 and your not going to look like you did in your teen years or later on in your 20's or 30's. so give her a break. if she was not popular she would not be touring since she always is in the U.S and Europe. she may not have a major label behind her but she doesn't give up and is always out doing shows and singing cuz she loves to perform and sing and she can Sing live Very good not like todays young talent who lip sync. she even signs autographs after her shows! even if she is not what you call IN with the kids today. she will always be a star has been or not. she is TIFFANY and she is a great talent and person!

2056 days ago


looks like two bulldogs fighting in a gunny sack. i think she's alone now...with thunder thighs. being pregnant does not give you those turkey drumsticks. wonder how the fat under the breast implants make her boobs look.

2054 days ago


i'd still hit it.

2057 days ago

fortune cookie    

at that angle, anything except someone in a size "zero", would look bad.

2057 days ago


That is exactly what a "Food Court" will do to a person!!!!
Just saying................

2057 days ago


Pity she still doesnt have her Playboy photo spread weight! Then she would look great!!

2057 days ago
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