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I Think

We're Full Grown Now

3/6/2009 1:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We're not saying she looked bad at all, but .... when 37-year-old/former mall rat Tiffany decided to rock reeeeaaaallllly tight spandex pants during her performance at Tao in Vegas last night, she should've considered who she'd be standing next to: Younger, hotter chicks in even tighter clothing!

Tiffany: Click to watch


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dont know    

What a whale. Celebrity fit club was such a joke---there is NO way people can continue to eat that crappy food...eventually, they have to eat regular food (not pre-packaged) and they go over board and become whales again.

2020 days ago


Who ate all the pies........

2020 days ago


I'll say it "she looks bad." is she pregnant? she looks like she's going on tour with Wilson Philips. if you can't sing (well, better than a teen arts show at some high school) then you better show up looking presentable. yechh!

2020 days ago

Vancouver Girl    

This is rather disturbing AND disgusting. She needs to go away and become the new spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

2020 days ago


Hate to break it to all of you, but not everyone a.) weighs 115 pounds or b.) wears the most flattering items 100% of the time. Truth be looks like she's just having fun and enjoying herself. I woulda' liked to be there - the energy from the show seemed great.

2020 days ago


yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk !!!!!! (as in ewwwww) my lord, she needs to:

run just as fast as she can
far away from the frying pan
gotta get away
into the night
and then you take a good look at her
and your jaw drops and you fumble and you say

i think YOU"RE alone now
nobody wants to see you
and you look like a clown !

pretty good huh?

2020 days ago


I think she's alone now......with a bucket of freakin ice cream

2020 days ago


I heard that she may be pregnant. Its very sad that people continue to make comments about people's weight. This is the reason why so many young girls suffer from eating disorders.

2020 days ago


Actually it looks more like a pregnancy stomach and not overweight stomach, at least from that angle

2020 days ago

allen antrim    

You know when the commie station-PBS- runs all those over the hill performers for their fund raisers and all those wanna be 15 year old again, 60 year old fans, don't really mind that a lot of the performers can't sing or should have wheel chairs and oxygen. This girl ain't on welfare and has always worked (at least that is what I have heard), and her work does provide jobs for the hot chicks around her. Maybe the commie station can book her in a few years.

2020 days ago


I'd hit it.

2020 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

She can still sing the shiz out of a song. She's gotten heavier. Got it. She was on Celebrity Fit Club (what was it called?) and it didnt' work. So what. Move on.

2020 days ago


Regardless if she's fat or pregnant, it appears she didn't look in the mirror before she left the house. That outfit is awful, period.

2020 days ago


Is she preggers? Cause that doesnt look like regular fat... lol

2020 days ago


You guys are idiots. She is atleast trying to stay in the limelight rather than people like you taping others just to make a buck. She is probably old enough to be some of those other girls mom, so lay off her. Alot of women in their late 30's and early 40's look a hell of alot worse than her.

2020 days ago
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