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Celebrity Look-Alike Contest!!!

3/7/2009 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fake Angelinas, a bogus Bruce Willis, and a poser Penelope Cruz -- the TMZ celebrity look-alike contest brought in a ton of worthy submissions -- and some lame ones too -- but alas, the finalists have been chosen!

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Which of these wannabes will score the $250 prize? Check back Monday to find out who wins -- and to find out the topic for next week's photo contest.


No Avatar


Wow - most of those people are delusional...I see very few that look like the celebrities they claim to look like.

2054 days ago


The last Neil Patrick Harris or whatever his name is from How I Met Your Mother looks just like him!!!!!

No Angelinas
No Jennifer Annistons
Dream on girls!

2054 days ago


I don't think any of the Angelina Jolie "look-alikes" have actually seen her. Not one of them look anything like her. This is the worst look-alike contest ever

2054 days ago


Wow, some of those people are delusional if they think they look like who they think they do.
Seriously ladies, just b/c you have big lips does NOT mean you look anything, ANYTHING like Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba,.
Just b/c you style your hair a certain style or color does NOT make you look like a celeb.
It's just amazing to me that people could actually fool themselves in to thinking they look like a celeb when they look nothing like them... at all.

Some of them are pretty good though.
#27 the Rihanna girl looks pretty close.

And that Octomom was is pretty hilarious lol

And all of the kid ones are pretty cute.

2054 days ago


I submitted a picture of my boyfriend, and he looks more like Mark Wahlberg then the other guy posted.
Maybe I submitted to late.

2054 days ago


I had to stop a 50 because I was about to pee my pants! These effers are DELUSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!

2054 days ago

Linda Suarez    

I dont care what anyone says.. the picture on the main page is on point! That guy looks EXACTLY like Nick Jonas just with shorter hair!

2054 days ago


i like the octo mom look alike ! this was runny as hell !!!!

2054 days ago


i think the winner is hilary duff lookalike

2054 days ago

I look like no one but me    

#96? - Are you flipping kidding me? NOT EVEN CLOSE - GROSS And #115 - Not bad. Pretty close!

2054 days ago


Funny how many women think they look like Angelina Jolie!! Good luck with that "ladies". I think this contest proves just how truly delusional some people are.....

2054 days ago


UM, Althea? #160 REALLY???? Gwenteth Paltrow??? Honey get some glasses...maybe Lisa Kudrow....and steve #101? Chris Brown? Proud of that?? Oh and FYI people should really put so and sos mom afterward..too old!! These women need to stay out of the bars!! really..I look like Kate Gosselin, but who cares!! at least i dont think i look like britney, or angelina

2054 days ago


The real competition is between the Hilary Duff-look-alike #7 and the Megan Fox-look-alike #151, #7 should win maybe, she's beautiful.

2054 days ago


Ok the lady that claims to look like Michelle Obama is great..looks just like her!
The first Leo looks like him too
The first Rihanna looks just like her
#67 is the only Bruce Willis that kinda looks like him
The first Hilary Duff could win too
#115 Nick Jonas is pretty close as well
#149 Octomom..hahaha..u look nothing like her but that was funny
#151 Megan Fox does look great
No one came even close to looking like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston or Kim Kardashian

2054 days ago


★WOW! Some (MOST) Of The People That Entered Their Pics Are Delusional!★
★Somehow I am not surprized! ★

2054 days ago
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