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Charles Barkley -- Tent City All-Star

3/7/2009 6:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Barkley finished delivering a news conference from inside the Tent City Jail in Phoenix, AZ this afternoon, and his fellow inmates are already cheering for him like it's the "Shawshank Redemption."

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Sitting next to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the NBA Hall-of-Famer started with a typical PSA monologue, saying he made a mistake and had "learned not to drink and drive." Barkley reiterated that he is not a role model. Understatement of the year.

But the good stuff came after the newser, when inmate P519798 played politician -- shaking hands and even posing for pictures! All within the confines of jail. Oh, and apparently he's aware that TMZ broke the story of his DUI arrest.

If you're wondering what Sir Charles will do in his downtime over the next three days -- he's reading "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Spanish." Ay Dios Mio!

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YA YA    



2033 days ago


This "jail" should be reformed. It reminds me of what I've read about civil war prison camps. The idea that anyone can get away with exposing even prisoners to the Arizona heat {which is most of the year}, is not humane and should not be allowed. I'm really stunned that it's going on. What about human rights in general ? OK, if you screw up you do jail time, but 120 in the shade with just some dumb-ass fan blowing the hot air around is not alright. What's next ? A tent city in deep snow in some upstate area ? What's the difference, ? Extreme temperatures either way are inhumane treatment.

2033 days ago


I actually like this dude. He is incredibly witty on TV and seems very sharp.
Three days? Well, this too shall pass.

2033 days ago


Hey Charles, Cheers to you for doing the time when doing the crime. I still think you are a role model because you're doing the right thing, taking your medicine! You didn't hire Robert Shapiro and punk out of your sentence and at least I know you could have. I think it's great that you're there for your time and everyone can see. I will show my 8 year old boy who you are, ya, you made the messed up mistake of drinking and driving, but you publicly in jail says ALOT. take it easy, charles, always will support you because of this.
The Freebird=============Family.

2033 days ago


I've worked at this jail. Barkley ought to be damn grateful he aint doing time in tent city in the middle of July.

2033 days ago

Illinois person    

So let's see, holding a press conference, shaking hands and posing for pictures? So is this jail or the red carpet? I really doubt he's giving his DUI much thought and/or that he's learned from it. Shame of the the sheriff who enjoys bragging about what a tight ship he runs. I wonder who's enjoy the spotlight more, Charles or the sheriff who seems to happily be standing by his man so to speak. it seems the the sheriff is willing to bend the rules depending on how famous you are. Frankly the whole thing is in pretty bad taste and isn't sending a good message at all. Like what, for the couple of days Charles is going to be there, he can't go sit in his tent? Isn't that the point? Why isn't he handcuffed? Where's his jail garb? You know you're on your way down when you're having to hold news conferences from jail? What was the breaking story that it couldn't wait until your time is over? Just goes to show no matter how much money you have, alcohol still has the same affect on you and it still can't buy you any brains or worse yet any class. These two are hardly example setters.

2033 days ago


This Joe Arpaio should be in Jail. He is the most corrupt warden in the USA. There are many instances of his corruption on line. Joe u should be in jail . What is going on here demonstrates the corruption of American society. A decaying society. This is sad.

2033 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Arpaio is a fame whore and an insult to hardworking law enforcement men and women across this country.

2033 days ago


"Dont do the crime.. if you cant do the time" What a joke!
I personally think Charles is a great guy.. but what a joke to the criminal justice system!

2033 days ago


was charles driving down a one way street?

2032 days ago


Is it just me or is there something wrong with Charles only apologizing for the DUI? Shouldn't he be apologizing for being a married man and seeking a b--- job from a prostitute?

2032 days ago


Sheriff Joe is an ASS, but Charles is only sorry because he got caught. He isn't even aplogizing for the fact that he is seeking hookers and cheating on his wife. Great role model for your daughter Chuck!

2032 days ago


Charles isn't getting any special treatment by wearing his jogging suit, you only get the striped uniform and pink under wear if you are going to spend more the ten days in jail. Those sentenced to less then 10 days are housed in tents reserved for 10 days and under and those on work release, so everyone in that section wears civilian clothes. Almost everyone in that section is there for DUI, I know I spent a one night sentence last June for a DUI there. Its hot, but its also hot in Iraq were our troops are wearing battle gear to add to the heat.

As for all this negative rap against Arpia, well he gets re-elected by landslides every time he runs, so not everyone out there thinks he's a clown.

2031 days ago


I agree 100% with the person saying that Chuck was wrong NOT to apologize to his wife and daughter! I can't imagine the shame and hurt they felt having to deal with this, let alone with the public knowing. I have known Charles, Mo and Christiana for a very long time. Mo is a wonderful person as is Christiana. Mo is one of the best mother's that I have ever known and Christiana is not one bit affected by the celebrity of her father. For whatever it is worth, I know that Chuck loves Mo very much. He entered the NBA with many demons and they only grew with his celebrity status. I pray that this family can get through this.

2031 days ago
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