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The Most

Tasteless, Hilarious

Joke Ever

3/7/2009 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's wrong in every possible way, shape and form, but when Lisa Lampanelli decided it was time to exploit Rihanna's horrible, tragic situation at the Comedy Central Roast of Larry the Cable Guy -- people couldn't help but crack up.


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That was funny because she doesn't have to be with him. It's her choice.

2064 days ago


that wasn't really that funny....i feel sorry for chris not rihanna shes dumb enough to go back to him and he needs help did any1 hear about his childhood???shocking......he had money he should have got help before he cracked! he assumed because he was rich and famous he was happy and he wasn't chris get help before it's to late you can change your young so you've time!

2064 days ago


Lisa Lampanelli is hilarious! If only more people just told it like it is. It's definitely not too soon, he's a woman beater and she's an enabler, so screw both of their retarded asses.

2064 days ago


I would be first all the time too if I could sit at home collecting public aid, and sipping cheap wine, and doing coke all day!

2064 days ago


NOT available to CANADIAN viewers??????????

2063 days ago


Not too soon.
All bets were off when idiot went back to Chris Brown.

2063 days ago

L. P.    

SO WRONG!!!!!!!

#3 and # 12 THANK YOU!!

2063 days ago

YA YA    

Rihanna is a FOOL.

This is not the end of the beatings.

2063 days ago


Hey, if Rhianna doesn't want to be made fun of, she needs to stop dating a guy who has proven to be an abuser. Chris Brown will continue to hit women and people will not stop talking about it.

2063 days ago


Rihanna has no self respect, so why should anyone respect her situation? So whatever.

2063 days ago

Illinois person    

Since Rhianna herself has chosen to go back with her abusive boyfriend then they are both fair game. Brown does what he does best, beats on women, and Lisa does what she does, makes people laugh. If you don't think it's funny, then don't laugh. Bet the people who support battered women are laughing at Rhi's choice to go back w/Brown either so frankly, what's the difference? On another matter, we've all commented on the life, or lack there of, from "toofastforyou". How sad that this seems to be this persons only goal in life? To just live vicariously through celebrities lives via a computer is really sick. One can only assume your own sexual partner is either your own hand and/or a blow up doll. Either way, get a life!!!!!!!!

2063 days ago


That is classic Lisa humor. It's raunchy, sick and tasteless most of the time. HOWEVER, Rhianna sort of opened the door given the fact that she took him back right away and has been less than cooperative with authorities. This is exactly NOT what young women need to see from a role model. Like it or not, Rhianna is a role model and young girls/women compare their own decisions to role models. I like her but she is doing a HUGE disservice to young women out there with her actions, telling them it's alright that your man beat you to a bloody pulp - don't leave him, not prosecute him, just go back and take more because it's going to happen again.

I've always liked Rhianna, but I seriously disagree with her decision and I hope she comes to her senses soon..

2063 days ago


I hate this site! Race aside she is not funny! That retarded ass black peple and chicken joke is so played out. Then you have people on here calling this girl stupid because black women beating.... is that s**t called for. Ignorance at it's finest! There are white ladies getting killed and coming up missing at the hands of white men everyday so enough of this blacks love beating crap! grow up! if any of you saw rihanna or any other black women none of you have the balls to say any of this crap in their face! If you believe that blown up police report than you a damn fool! She was not sitting there taking a beating! Trust and belive she saw that text and went off the wall like any other woman and hit him upside the head with that phone and he popped here in the mouth! I cant wait until he starts talking and the media looks like the fools they are. "you just did the stuipest thing ever" he didnt say no s**t like that! thats something here broken english non american a** said!

2063 days ago

bitch please    

Lisa Lampanelli is a gross pig. She is ugly on both the inside and outside. Hey just speaking the blunt truth, just like Lisa does...

2063 days ago


this holle thing about Rihanna and Chris b. its a joke . i cant wait till every one be making them look like idiots more then they already are .

2063 days ago
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