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The Most

Tasteless, Hilarious

Joke Ever

3/7/2009 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's wrong in every possible way, shape and form, but when Lisa Lampanelli decided it was time to exploit Rihanna's horrible, tragic situation at the Comedy Central Roast of Larry the Cable Guy -- people couldn't help but crack up.


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skeptical at best    

it wasn't as tasteless as i thought it was going to be. i don't think it's a question of being too soon. the question should be if it's ever appropriate to say. and, to be honest, i really could care less.

i have to get this off of my chest: i do NOT like her. i think she's crude for the sake of being crude. i watched some of her stand up on HBO, and i didn't laugh once. i never watch a stand up and not laugh. i didn't even smile. i wasn't offended by the black "jokes" b/c i was too offended by the asian and homosexual "jokes". her style of "humor" is not for me. she comes off looking like a jerk. oh, and if you tag your own joke as the best joke ever, then it probably isn't that funny.

2020 days ago


To #109: I seriously doubt you are don't even know how tospell trailer. I think ghetto is more your speed, besides whites donot call themselves "white folks" - thats strictly a black thing. Andwe don't go around saying PLEASE. Do you think by declaring thatyou're white will make your stupid comment valid? The jokes areFUNNY. End of story. Get over it. That goes for you too, "NatTurner" (the real Nat Turner would be ashamed of you - trying to getreparation off of something you never went through - just lazy,wanting something for nothing. not surprised)

2020 days ago


Lisa Lampanelli is a crude, ruthless, punch you in the nuts comedian. When I saw this tag that she told this joke, I wasn't surprised. Too early, the only time it would have been too early for comedians like her is if she would have seen it happen, go to an improv comedy club that night and make the joke. She's a true to her craft, which is take something very sensitive and shove it in your face as a joke. Was it funny? I chuckled a little as I was saying, "wow". It gets the point across.

2020 days ago


the cat who calls himself 'a proud republican' is a moron; if not for just being a republican, but saying obama isn't black, but black people voting for him because he's black are racist. nat truner, you are just that's settled. re: the joke. i appreciate politically incorrect humor, i just don't think its that imaginative, or frankly that brave. especially from lisa lampanelli, who has the 'fall back' that she loves black men. she was ripping on asians and gays on hbo, but thats less risky. the rihanna chick has the right, moreover, to stay with the man she loves. you people don't know her, or chris brown. its the mob thats abusing her now. think about it. who was the song writer who sang: 'kick em when they are up, kick em when they are down'.?

2020 days ago


Since she was dumb and went back to him, then no, I dont think its too soon. Shes sending out such a bad message to young girls everywhere. She deserves everything the press/comedians are going to give her.

2020 days ago


I don't care what anyone says....that sh*t was hella funny!!!!!

2019 days ago



We have a black president, really ? Last I checked we had a Hawaiian born of a white woman with a little Kenyan and who knows what elses in his family tree. But he black ? Might want to recheck your presidents dodging of the racial issue during his initial campaigning months while trying to grab the caucasian votes in the primaries. Of course you know this already though.

I can see im reading the comments of a typical ignoramous. I'm sure its hilarious when viewing a comedian on rag tag BET crack a few jokes on the white man but can't appreciate a little light hearted ribbing back at you huh ? Go collect your food stamps and mumble on your way to your free section 8 housing about how 'the white man' is holding you down.

Intelligent black's ( and other races including caucasians ) don't waste their time griping about what they feel entitled to, rather, they work hard to attain what they feel they can acheive while assimilating with the rest of society.

Enjoy your fried chicken.

2018 days ago


wow Nat Turner its a joke get over yourself!!!..!!! She has been doin jokes like that all her career thats why she the queen of mean... i mean damn u think it ok to tlak about white folks but when it comes to blacks it bad really poeple its a new day get over yourselfs.

2013 days ago
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