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Publicist to OctoMom: I CAN Quit You!

3/8/2009 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctomomA publicist is paid money to say good things about you -- which is why it's always a problem if they keep leaving and calling you "nuts."

Victor Munoz is the second publicist to quit on Nadya Suleman -- and he blamed Octo's greediness (and the fact that she's completely insane) as his reason for leaving, according to Us.

Octomom's first publicist left after she was sent death threats that she would be thrown in a wood chipper. That's classy.

The question has to be asked: how will the Angelina Jolie impersonator ever get back on TV? We know she'll find a way.


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Hippo. You do make a very good point. My mother was emotionally & physically abusive toward me. every day of life , while I lived at home. It was done "in secret". Neither my father nor her friends, or visitors, ever saw her violence. I wished that someone had, I wished that someone would come & take me from her. They didn't. I left myself, as soon as I was able, after years of this abuse. I, too, believe that she should be monitored, scrutinized. The "luxury of secrecy "....the blanket , covering a truth-----an Ugly truth. TMZ, continue on reporting about this sub-human. Everything comes out in the wash. It may take several washes, but the truth will supercede.

1999 days ago


She's ugly. There are lots of weird, interesting, or just plain crazy people who would make for great reality TV, so why bother with a social parasite and child abuser with rubber clown lips?

BTW, who was it that said Denny's has come out with an OctMom special? 8 eggs, no sausage. Hilarious.

1999 days ago


I never thought anyone could make Britney look like the best mother a kid could have.

1999 days ago

solid snake    

when will OCTOHO jump off a cliff already?????!!!! if she doesnt do that soon im getting my AK-47 and blowing her into pathetic bits!!!!

1999 days ago


I would love to donate something towards those precious little babies, but it's because of their irresponsible mother that I'm not going to. I agree with some of the other Commenters that those kids should be adopted out. There is open adoption these days, so she could still know about them and how they are doing. She needs to take the onus of supporting them OFF the California taxpayers, and ONTO loving, stable, eager adoptive parents who will be able to take care of their every need, physical, emotional, spiritual, educational, stability, etc, etc, Let four sets of parents adopt two of the kids each. Let the identical twins be adopted together - as you know, twins have a very special, exceptional bond with each other.

If Nadya takes all these kids home, they will grow up in chaos. Her other 6 seem to be in a very chaotic, rather uncontrolled household. I am hoping so hard that the hospital and Children's Services will stick to their guns about not allowing the babies to go home until she meets all the guidelines they've set out. I'm not holding my breath that she will meet them. She's already, unbelievably, turned down a fantastic offer for help from the Angels in Waiting.

The kids life with her will be a trainwreck, and they'll always be in the media spotlight which doesn't make for a normal upbringing. Remember the McCaughey septuplets? Their family did a few media things, magazine cover shots, etc, and th ekids are now being raised quietly in their town, in relative normalcy, by their loving parents, and the folks in their church, etc. They have sensible parents.

I don't know who Nadya thinks she's fooling - she doesn't realized that when she speaks, she shows her ignorance each and every time! She doesn't know she comes across as being from another planet - like, what reality does she live in?? Hopefully, nobody will enable her by sending donations, and then the right thing for those little kidlets will happen.

Thanks for indulging me. Sorry this is so long. I have a lot more to say, but I'll stop here.

1999 days ago


I think this woman is an absolute joke. Not only is this woman extremely money hungry, she is media obsessed and addicted to plastic surgery. This is such a sad sad situation and OctoMom desperatley needs psychiatric help!! I feel so horrible for the children! The children need to be taken away from her and adopted by parents who are stable and can trully care and raise these kids. She is obviously crazy to have all those kids, and not even care about the children to basically try to make money off of them. And she really needs to stop with the plastic surgery, she looks like a monster. The media has it right though, everyone is talking about octoMom, so weather or not she is crazy and the media puts too much attention on her there both smart in a way. By having so much attention with the media, the world sees how crazy and ludacris this situatuion is and puts a ton of pressure on octoMom and maybe she will then open her eyes and realize that she needs to stop!!! But most likely if this attempt to gain recognition and this attempt to become totally rich, Im sure she wont stop at that and try other ways. Good luck OctoMom, I am definitely NOT by your side!!

1999 days ago


personally i think this is hillarious, and she is way more interesting to read about than the BORING chris brown rihanna story or BRITNEY spears who seems like a much worse parent than octomom!

1999 days ago


Hope they take her kids away from her. She must be 'sick'.

1999 days ago


The video diaries she is doing on Radoronline are disturbing. For one thing, she is in full make-up and her hair is curled. How the hell does she find the time to do these videos and get ready for them?? Off screen her kids are screaming for her and she just sits there with her stupid smile basking in the spotlight talking non-stop and yet never saying anything that makes sense. Another EDUCATED IDIOT.

1999 days ago


I have 2 teens. I would like to give them away some day. They are good kids too (mostly) I can't imagine 14. Do they know how it costs to feed,cloth,insure,fun things, plus home and education. Ironic she wants to be a counselor. Try it at home first toots! I have a 17 year old that would not be caught dead in non designer clothes (she works) cell phones. (Plus GPS devices lol)
She needs help. Give them to someone who will love and take care of them as they deserve to be.

1999 days ago


Why did she want multiples? I support single moms all the way. But not 8 at once. ON PURPOSE. With no income. She has already lost track of some of the older ones. IF I WAS HER MOM. I would get her fixed, ALL parents know how challenging normal kids 1 at a time with a spouse/support is. Something awful will happen. Everyone knows it. And we as a poor economic public pay for it!

1999 days ago


OctoMom is CRAZY... I can't wait to see what happens with her next.. She is a train wreck in the making and we have to look !!!! ...

1999 days ago


i left another comment on the filthy pig's web-site where she is asking for money. i wish she would leave it so people could read the comments left for her. i guarantee, most are as negative as mine and no doubt worse.
those poor kids are victims and should not have to pay for this sick woman's disgusting actions. my comment to her folows:

"you are a disgusting money-grubbing, leech.

you are living off the backs of hardworking people.

you used these innocent children as a meal ticket.

you are a media whore, unstable mentally and your kids should all be removed from your "care" and i use that term loosely.
they are indeed victims in your financial scheme and need to be placed in loving, financially and mentally stable homes far, far away from your avarice and scheming.

you should be forced into having a hysterectomy, so you can never breed again.
you are not fooling anybody.

i have seen those set-up and coached videos of you playing with your kids, i have never seen anything so forced and insincere in my life.

you are a greedy, evil, pathetic excuse of a human being.

dr. phil is an idiot thinking any monies you receive would benefit those poor, innocent children. no, you are out there spending it all and whoring yourself out to the media, while your kids starve, sit around in a filthy home, un-nurtured and neglected."

1999 days ago


She could be somewhat of a meal ticket for now, yet two publicists have quit her, What does that tell you? No amount of money in the world is worth dealing with her craziness.

1999 days ago



1999 days ago
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