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Britney Spends Quality Time with Her Sun

3/9/2009 7:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a few days off until the next stop of her Resurrection of Britney tour, a bikini-clad Spears soaked her bones in the warm Miami rays on Monday.

This time none of her lady parts hung out.


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Britney doesn't even look female, she has no curves, she looks like a man, her legs are like tree trunks and her neck
is fatter than a linebacker. she is aging badly and already looks like she is in her 40's.

2056 days ago


So what. Wow getting a tan in Miami, what a concept.

2056 days ago


OMG........her lady parts aren't hanging out, but how on EARTH can you have BELLY FAT laying on your back??? Her abs were painted on before children, I guess they still are!

2056 days ago


How marvelous to see Britney has regained her egocentric, smug, self-satisfied demeanor once again. Amazing what a few lackluster Circus Tour performances will do for a has-been pop tart. Perhaps she should take a long, hard look at herself in the mirror and then do some serious soul searching and she if she still feels so self-worthy and above it all.

This girl should retire and concentrate on trying to become a decent mother to her two sons.

2056 days ago


she is fat and traashy> i don;'t get why they bash Jess for her weight when she not fat at all. Spears is fat go and see her tacky outfits and u will see how fat and nasty she she is.

2056 days ago


I have to admit, she seems to be looking and feeling A LOT better. Seriously, she looks completely sober and healthy! Good for her!! I hope she keeps it up! It is a good thing she complained about her Va-jay-jay hanging out! I remember a time when she didn't Give a (@$%!!!!!!!!!!!

2055 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

No tmz moles at her concerts? Your moles invade American Idol but none "reporting" from the concerts?

2055 days ago


I feel sorry for the idiots who bought tickets - no live singing but you can hear her yell that her p*ssy is hanging out. Boy all them Spears' need to go back to the trailer park. BUT NOT UNTIL THEY COLLECT MILLIONS MORE FROM THE BRITARDS.

2055 days ago


Big deal - Britney is doing the same thing over and over and over. It's getting old.

2055 days ago


She looks good. You people need to stop being such haters.

2055 days ago


Why do soooo many people thrive on being haters? A year ago, you all were saying how she needed to get off the streets and get her act together. Well... here she is relaxing and soaking up some rays... nothing sinister... and you've still got to trash her. Good people, of Christian heart, are proud of her for the positive changes she's made in getting her life back together. As far as her concerts and on-stage persona... guess what... she's back to work, costumed and putting on what appears to be a well choreographed show. As far as the lip-synching that you all seem to be so shocked by; most of today’s entertainers, that include as much dance and movement in their shows as she does, rely on the same method of ensuring a quality sound. Y’all will sit back and raise the roof over the couples on “Dancing with the Stars”, who do one shortened number and then nearly collapse. Don’t you notice how out of breath they are afterwards? Her stage presence is hard work, to expect her to carry a tune at the same time would be expecting an awfully lot. Listen… give the girl a break. Rather than annihilate, how bout congratulate her for a job well done with both her personal and professional life. Way to go girl!!! By the way, she looks awesome….

It's great to see TMZ putting a more positive spin on most things Britney.... now, how bout the rest of you.

2055 days ago

party time britney

2055 days ago


To me she has a pregnant pooch, not a fat pooch. She truely does look better now than she ever has! I say go Brit, not that I would ever spend money to see her but honestly I'm proud of her getting her carreer back, kids, family, etc.

2055 days ago


I think she looks amazing-good comeback girl

2055 days ago


From some reason I was expecting her to have a bag of chips in one hand and some watered down light beer in the other.

At least she shaved her face, with a little more makeup she could pass for a woman.

2055 days ago
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