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Chris Brown Rebounds

3/9/2009 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown isn't letting a couple of felony charges get in the way of his game. We got video yesterday of Brown at Tyrese's apartment building in downtown L.A., shooting hoops on the indoor court. That's Chris in the blue. After the game Chris and company chowed down on pizza.

chris brown: exclusive
A Brown source tells us Chris was supposed to leave town after his court hearing on Thursday, but wanted to stay with Rihanna over the weekend. And, we're told, the feeling was mutual. As the source put it -- "They are together and very much in love."


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All i can say is GOOD FOR HIM!!
Stress is not good for anyone and if he choses to shoot hoops with a few loyal buddies.. GREAT! Ri-Ri has her loyal followers too so they both have their support groups. And if any of you read the last posting by TMZ Ri- Ri was BEATING him FIRST while he was DRIVING THE CAR!!! Removes this from a felony!! So they are BOTH guilty and BOTH need to get their act together!! And BOTH need to lean to keep their hands to their selver... SHOOT HOOPS Chris... BETTER THEN HITTING ANYONE ANY DAY!!!

2019 days ago


OMG, Chris Brown was playing basketball and eating pizza, How scandalous!!!Must be a slow news day. REALLY, what do you expect him to do? Become a monk? Altho it should have never happened, he has to live. Good God.

And who gives a damn who is first to comment on a website??? says on mine you're 7th, sucker.

2019 days ago


She's an idiot!

2019 days ago


Ignorance and justification is no excuse to remain with a abusive person when there are clear options,
This little punk is only sorry so that she wont back the charges, that honeymoon phase will wear off pretty fast and she will just hide future abuse better because of shame.

Abuse is everyone's business when we all pay for the damage it causes our society.

And #15, Please get educated honey, Get some self worth, Expect respect.

2019 days ago


It is great to see Chris Brown engaging in more recreation with his spineless buddies! God knows Chris Brown shouldn't have to feel bad for one teeny tiny little second about what he did to Rhianna.

2019 days ago


damn he cant do nothing without you guys saying something..what next chris brown is taking a dump without you guys saying somehing next it gonna be chris brown takes a crap oh my he shouldnt be doing that how can take a crap with him going through legal issues

2019 days ago



2019 days ago


There is no way that Chris will leave Rihanna's side for fear she will have time to really think about this and realize what a bum/pig he is. I would hate to see her hurt again - but if the court date has been moved maybe during that time he will lose it in some way for her to realize that this is a pointless situation and one that she needs to get out of. They have too many of the same friends and work for quite a few of the same people and I really fear she is not getting the right input on this or time to herself to really think about this. Right now I am sure she is hurt and feels like she is in a bad dream that will not end and there is Chris right in her face saying OH BABY I am the only one that understands blah blah. He is a first class pig. Any show that he appears on I will refuse to watch. Anything that endorses him I will refuse. As far as Rihanna I understand what she is going through that does not mean I endorse it, but she has been abused once and I am not going to victimize her the way many are and have been. She was the VICTIM not Chris Brown.

2019 days ago


I support you Chris ! I'll buy your album !

2019 days ago


It's so sad that such a talented, beautiful young woman like Rihanna would allow herself to be with Chris Brown and his violent temper. When spousal violence gets this bad, it can lead to death. I understand that Rihanna has cut herself off from her parents and family. And that she tried to cover up the fact that Brown had been beating and hitting her before this incident. Tina Turner needs to have a long talk with her.

2019 days ago


OK and? Whats wrong with him shooting some hoops and eating pizza? He's 19 years old he should be able to move on with his life. what do you want him to do? stay in the house every day till his court date? hell no!! let him live his life TMZ.

"OMG chris is playing basetball and eating pikzza how dare he?" please GTFOH!

..Chris live ya life man F*CK THE HATERZ.

2019 days ago


so what is he suppose to be hiding under a rock somewhere.. god...Hes living his life..

2019 days ago


Yes, what he did was wrong, but do we expect him to just stop living. He will have his day in court, and will receive whatever punishment they deem appropriate, but again the boy does deserve to go on with his life.

2019 days ago


Rhianna I heard was re-doing Britneys song " Hit me Baby One more Time.. hehehe

2019 days ago


WHO CARES?!?!?!?! She reconciled so it's all good. Stop giving a wife-beater as well as octo-scam attention!

2019 days ago
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