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Chris Brown Rebounds

3/9/2009 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown isn't letting a couple of felony charges get in the way of his game. We got video yesterday of Brown at Tyrese's apartment building in downtown L.A., shooting hoops on the indoor court. That's Chris in the blue. After the game Chris and company chowed down on pizza.

chris brown: exclusive
A Brown source tells us Chris was supposed to leave town after his court hearing on Thursday, but wanted to stay with Rihanna over the weekend. And, we're told, the feeling was mutual. As the source put it -- "They are together and very much in love."


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You guys are going way too far with this...he's facing what's coming to him - what's he supposed to do in the meantime, hide in a garage! So what ... he's playing basketball!! Maybe he's trying to blow off some steam. Should he be in church on his knees so you can film that too! This is ridiculous! What's done is done - he was face what's coming to him - but you guys are jumping on everything - "pizza party" - I think not!!

2019 days ago


Another OJ! He will kill her if she is stupid enough to stay with him. She is a fool to be with him now.

2019 days ago


ummm..what is he supposed to be doing ? She's still with him, so why does everyone care so much..she doesn't.

2019 days ago

Two Women Beaters!!!    


2019 days ago


Hey Chuck the Cluck, number 14. I got a little reality for you and this black culture thing. Are you ready?

1) Elvis is white, he beat Pricsilla
2) Humphrey Bogart was white, he beat his wife
3) Sean penn & Christian Slater beat their wives, they are white
4) The current profile for a pedophile and serial killer is white men in the thirties to forties
5) have you ever heard Heavy Metal? Played by white rock bands? Gives homage to satan, suicide and violent acts!

Next time you want to have a healthy debate on culture, think about the aforementioned and know that we know, Woody Allen married his daughter! Hypocrite!

2019 days ago


finally someone talking some sense! Thank you EVA

2019 days ago


WHO CARES? Is there nothing else to report on?

2019 days ago

Jris Ujraibe    

Where is the guarantee that they haven't made a video of Rihana and Chris making love in diddy's bunker?
Most Americans are mad and you are all about money and fame, no fear of God. They must have done one indicent thing or the other which they would use to trap , blackmail and pay Rihana back later on, if she goes ahead to testify against Chris in court. Its a mad society? Ipity that woman, and if the rumor that they have married is true, then she should expect an experience worst that Whitney Houston. Its a shame.

2019 days ago


I feel "dlvme2" and "I said it" are right! He will stick to her like glue until that court date. No way would he risk her being influenced by someone other than HIM. All the talk of them being "so in love" are from HIS sources. And Page Six reported that P Diddy wasn't too thrilled about him tipping off the paparazzi that he was supposedly at Diddy's home with Rihanna. Chris told him he needed a place to stay while recording. lol His people are spinning like crazy. Rihanna may feel she loves Chris, but I do not think it's mutual AT ALL. She has low self esteem, probably feels humilated and has bad counsel. He probably has her convinced that she caused it herself. She's in way over her head in this situation and he is playing her like a fiddle.

The real test will be after he cops a plea deal! Once the court case is settled, watch what happens then. I bet he dumps her with a quickness and she'll be let scratching her head and hating herself. If so it will be sad, but a GOOD thing for her in the end. It has to be said: the worst case scenario would actually be that Chris isn't playing with her head and stays with her. If these two both feel they are truly "in love" we'll have a real life "MR & MRS SMITH" SCENARIO! Blown up houses, etc, but unlike the movie, someone will end up dead!

2019 days ago


does anybody notice that chris brown hung out at both tyrese's and diddy's crib both are known women beaters. just ask kim porter and tyrese's ex wife

2019 days ago


I admit he's a loser and a coward for beating up a woman, but he isn't dead. I guess some have the notion that he'd be too ashamed to show his face. If you're waiting on SHAME, it's a long wait. IF someone could be shamed into being a better person there would be more good people in the world. I don't expect him to sit at home lamenting his actions. He's young and stupid and in a few months this won't even be a blip on his radar.

2019 days ago


I can't wait until he kills her and goes to jail for life. In case anyone didn't know it yet, but that is how this story is going to end. Bye, bye, Rihanna. I will not cry for you when you are gone because you chose this. Bye, bye, Chris Brown. You will end up in jail for the rest of your life because, unlike OJ, you forgot to use gloves! See ya, losers!

2019 days ago

big deal    

let him live his life damm

2019 days ago


Posted at 2:55PM on Mar 9th 2009 by Chuck the Cluck

Your ignorance is typical! This has nothing to do with color, but since you went there...what's your excuse for people like Shauna Sands, Pam Anderson, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and the rest of the ho's & skanks that are either too lazy or stupid to get themselves educated so that they don't have to strip, suck or act like ho's for a little attention? What's up with all the plastic surgery & fake boobs? Because there's not only nothing in their brains but air, but nothing else that makes them attractive other than looking like mail order blowup dolls! Now that is a shame!!! Take the easy, gunk of the bottom of the shoe route in order to get noticed! Wow, you should be so proud! Perhaps if "you people" would spend more time with your kids being parents & less focused on being their friend, then maybe just maybe they would have a little more respect & self-worth not to be little ho's & wouldn't be getting molested, lured & killed from being on the internet looking for what you are not giving them!!!!!

2019 days ago


It's the ones who put $$$ behind his career that are trying to get him off. They want a return on investment.

2019 days ago
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