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Chris Brown Rebounds

3/9/2009 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown isn't letting a couple of felony charges get in the way of his game. We got video yesterday of Brown at Tyrese's apartment building in downtown L.A., shooting hoops on the indoor court. That's Chris in the blue. After the game Chris and company chowed down on pizza.

chris brown: exclusive
A Brown source tells us Chris was supposed to leave town after his court hearing on Thursday, but wanted to stay with Rihanna over the weekend. And, we're told, the feeling was mutual. As the source put it -- "They are together and very much in love."


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I think he should get some punishment because of what he did but to all of you holier than thou people saying how he should be jailed and raped...put me in a car with your and let me beat you upside the head and throw the key so you can't get away...don't hit me back because than you'd be a hypocrite but don't worry eventually I'll calm down lol They were both victims so should she be jailed and raped also??? Give them both the same justice...oh and what if she was bigger does that make a different? Is it now a fair fight if the woman is bigger and starts it possibly beating him to a pulp...seen it happen

2021 days ago


make it the law go to WWW . RIHANNASLAW.COM and sign the petition so we dont have to go through this again.

2021 days ago


leave him be people make mistakes and then they learn from them,,,,, no bodys perfect, not even super stars

2021 days ago


No one really knows exactly what happened. Only Rihanna and Chris do, and if she chose to go back with him, then everyone should support that. She obviously went back for a reason, she wants to be with him, so why do you guys care? Jeeze, leave their lives alone, its them not you. People make mistakes you know.

2021 days ago


"They are together and very much in love." right that's just crazy, rihanna is not a smart girl for making that retarded decision. CB has got it light, maybe the court will slam the law in april, anyway rihanna going back to him... NEXT STORY PLEASE

2021 days ago


I get the feeling Chris Brown will be deeply in love only as long as he needs to be i.e. until he pleads his case out and gets a slap on the wrist. At that point, he will decide he needs his freedom and Rihanna will get kicked to the curb. Rumors have swirled, complete with accompanying pix, that Chris was cheating six months ago. Doesn't sound like a guy who's deeply in love. He just wants Rihanna to believe it so she won't testsify against him. What a j e r k .

2021 days ago


Indoor court at an apartment building...stalk much?

2021 days ago


#14 Chuck the Cluck is RIGHT.

To the other raving idiots - What do Pam Anderson's breast implants have to do with anything? You others are mental. Not one black man has spoken out against this. Those who did quickly retracted like useless dogs. White men don't act like a violent gang and white men don't have a whole branch of music glorifying violence and white men aren't constantly whining and screeching about being treated right while they pound on others. The abuser is fitting nicely into the stereotype - playing basketball with his other gang buddies.

2021 days ago


To all you idiots out there calling this a MISTAKE:

It was not a mistake. A mistake is doing something that you unconsciously know is wrong. He was very conscious of the fact that he was pounding the s**t out of her, slamming her head into a window, biting her hands and ears, and choking her to the point that she almost passed out. That, my friends, is not a mistake. Stop giving the guy more excuses to be a f*****g punk, already! Anyone who calls this a mistake is an abuser, too!

2021 days ago


Hell, why a pizza party,.........let's get it on with a more lavish party, elegant foods, generous bar, and invite the crowds, and the press.......don't forget the guess of honor.

2021 days ago


Everyone needs to stop with the Rihanna pity party! She is known for being violent herself, and the fact that she was repeatedly hittiing while he was driving, putting both their lives as well as innocent people, in danger speaks volumes on her part. So don't act like this is the first time she has raised her hand to him or anyone else. Obviously, she ran up against the wrong person. What was he supposed to do? So, what you're saying is it's ok for a woman to hit a man? It's ok for her to have a temper tantrum & beat-up on him, knowing if he hits back, not only will it hurt but will leave a mark & continue hitting & provoking him, but when she is hit back it's not ok? Make up your minds! Don't trash him for defending himself & praise her. She's just as guilty as he is! What would be the difference if it was the girl that was texting him that beat up Rihanna, then what? You'd find a reason to blame him & poor Rihanna would still be the victim! Could she be hidiing out because she lied? Why is she hiding then, but still seeing Chris? Chris needs to leave this girl alone for good! She's obviously got some serious mental issues & won't quit until she ruins him, all because he doesn't want to be with her anymore. Yet, she can't handle that, why not? Nickelodeon needs to cut them both, if that's the case! I was definitely feeling for her until I found out she lied. The only person getting boycotted her is her, for being stupid & lying!

2021 days ago



2021 days ago


It is such a shame that love (if you call it that) is blind. I guarantee she will end up badly hurt or worse. I have seen this happen over and over again. They always say I'm sorry and all the crap that goes with it. I never thought that she was so stupid to fall for it. She could have anyone she wants and he is just a punk.

2021 days ago


i guess you forgot to add eminem to abuse women he white clint eastwood has he's white..the funny thing is most women men are known to be serial killers rapist and child molsters ..there are some blacks but more white thats blacks sorry to let you guys know some facts

2021 days ago


what a joke...........not funny! This punk belongs in JAIL!

2021 days ago
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