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Nickelodeon: If Chris Brown Wins, Blame Kids

3/9/2009 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown - NickelodeonEveryone's wondering why in the world accused woman beater Chris Brown is still up for two Kids' Choice Awards. We finally have an answer -- Nickelodeon is blaming the kids.

Instead of being responsible adults and taking a stance, Nickelodeon, which airs the award show at the end of the month, is hiding behind their tiny voters. A Nick exec tells TMZ Brown "was nominated by kids several months ago, and the kids who vote will ultimately decide who wins in the category."

In other words -- kids rule! Who needs adults stepping in to teach young minds why Mr. Brown might not be the best role model?

Remember, kids also want cake for breakfast, unlimited allowance and the keys to Dad's new Porsche.


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As a parent I am outraged that the executives at Nickelodeon would leave this decision to the children. It is the adult's responsibility to help children understand violent behavior in any form is not acceptable. I can't believe their poor judgement. They struggled more in their decision to leave Zoey 101 on after Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant. Way to go Nick! Today's children are struggling enough with values. My child will no longer be watching this station.

2022 days ago

Lee Nolens    

Chris, if I was Rhianna's brother I'd personally kick your ass myself. Many years ago a punk-ass roughed up my little sister and he paid the price for it. Afterward I pissed on his bedsheets. Someone close to Rhianna should do the same to Chris... You punk bitch coward.

2022 days ago

Canadian Bacon    

What is the big issue with Chris Brown being nominated?
Kid Rock is nominated, so what the #@%$ is the problem with Chris Brown being nominated?
(I am actually a Kid Rock fan, not Chris Brown)

Aren't people Innocent until proven guilty?
....or is there a special "Rhianna" clause?

2022 days ago

luv ur self    

SO WHAT ABOUT MICHAEL PHELPS WHO WAS SMOKING OUT OF A BONG?! AND WHAT ABOUT KATY WHO SINGS ABOUT KISSING GIRLS... what kind of example or as ppl call them ROLE MODELS are lets be fair n let the boy win i mean he worked hard for it.... STOP HATING ON CHRIS

2022 days ago

You Can Do Better    

For all you who are comparing: Michael Phelps (smoked pot), jamie Lynn Spears (had a child at 16), Miley Cyrus (had some risqe photos?). Those are not qualities I want to instill in our children. But...will someone, ANYONE tell me...DID ANY OF THEM END UP WITH A PHOTO OF A WOMAN WHO LOOKED LIKE SHE WAS HIT BY A TRUCK??? They do not compare.

2022 days ago

You Can Do Better    

And for those of you who say "it's his personal life, not his public life, so leave it alone". Doesn't wash. It's the money he makes from the public that allows him to think he can get away with this crap. Take away that money, and he's just another woman-beating punk.

2022 days ago

No more Nick    

Thank you TMZ for asking this question of Nickelodeon! I had emailed the Nick network, Oprah, The Today Show, and The View, but no one but you had the guts to ask why Chris Brown was still on the ballot.
Nick has a lost a family of viewers in our house. Hello, Disney Channel!

2022 days ago


Come on people why is everybody on attack agaisnt him. I do not support what he did but his personal issues and his work are very different to be compared and i think hes done a pretty good job selling his album, hes a great artist and thats what everyone should see cause i bet that eveyone here has sang or danced to a hit song of his, so why is everyone just focusing on his personal issues and not his career, nobody here likes for others to be all up in your business so why with him. His nomination is for chis the artist not on his issues and this votes are coming from the kids cause his music makes them happy aswell so why would you guys want for nick to drop him from everything, Michael Jackson, R-Kelly Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn, lil'Wayne, T.I. ,Terrence and an etc. amount of artists and actors have done worse things or the same and never been dropped from anything and their life continues not only that but all you guys keep supporting them so why hate on Chris his the not first or last one,or is it just because Rihanna is the victom thats such a big deal cause if not no one would of cared. So i say nick should let him stay he deserves it as a singer and kids want him thats why they voting and Im pretty sure he will win and yaaa hating it. Ohh and regards of what people think they back together anyways so all the noseybodys are the ones that should be dropping it not nick.

2022 days ago


I've always believed that the authors of your picture captions were about 13 years old. Most of those captions are hilarious. Let the kids decide. They'll get it right whatever that is.

2022 days ago


Kick his ass out

2022 days ago


kick him out!! KICK HIM OUT!!!......KICK HIM OUT!!!

2022 days ago


"bxgirl" you cannot compare Britney spears insanity and her stupid little sister getting pregnant at 16 to Chris Brown almost beating Rihanna to death. AND YES IT IS A BIG DEAL. You'd be surprised by the number of people who are influenced by celebrities actions.

So what if the eldest Jonas brother is having sex? he's old enough!! So what if Harry Potter want's to get naked? He's old enough too? So what if 16yr old Miley Cyrus is dating a 21yr old underwear male model and seeks a similar fate to Jamie Lynn spears!!

Anyway, my point is, Violence should not be acceptable. As photographic evidence reveal, Chris Brown had no remorse for Rihanna therefore he has no SOUL. Rihanna might have forgiven him, but the public won't.

2022 days ago


bxgirl i am sooooo on ur side on this one im not really a huge fan but i do like his songs n my son really enjoys his music, i dnt think he focuses on his personal life and he has voted because of the songs and i think thats what counts not that he beat her rihanna up, and like bxgirl said 4 everybody its a huge deal cause its rihanna if not u wouldnt even hear about it. So why dosnt gaby talk about michael jackson rkelly lil wayne ti others like koby bryant. Cause all she could talk about its the simple ones, the only credit i give gaby its that violance its not acceptable but child molestation either, dealing with drugs, possesions or anything that other artist do is acceptable by the public plzzzzzzzzzzzzz...... I also say he should stay and when fans react the same way for others that do wrong then judge him.......Gaby its probably a miley cirus fan n its hurt lol so bxgirl easy.

2021 days ago


This is the dumbest statement EVER from Nickelodeon. Let the KIDS decide! How absolutely insane! Shall we let them have candy for their three meals a day, stop going go school, decide whether they need a shot or not if they're sick? I've already let Nickelodeon know my opinion and will continue to call and protest Brown's appearance. He needs to be in jail, and Rhianna needs to be checked for some semblance of a brain!

2021 days ago


We've already given him 1000 votes.

The award is for him as a singer, not for his personal life.

Go and get a life.

Nickelodeon don't care what you think and neither does Chris. Most of you on here have not even purchased his CD's and you did not know who he was before this event.

He won last year and he has millions of fans still. If he wins this year I'm glad.

2021 days ago
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