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Make it Rain -- Korean Singer Sued for $30 Mil!

3/9/2009 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RainRain -- the so-called "Korean" Justin Timberlake -- is fast becoming better known to American fans for his lawsuits than his singing.

Rain, and a host of people in his camp, are being sued for bailing on a 2007 concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. According to a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, Andrew Kim had the rights to the proposed concert -- but he took a huge financial hit when Rain bailed.

Rain was also sued in 2007 for missing a gig in Hawaii, allegedly over trademark and technical issues.

Kim is seeking an astronomical $30,000,000 -- plus punitive damages.


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There were name issue problems that did not allow him to perform for the concerts in Hawaii & safety issues for the venue in Las Vegas.

I hope JYP Entertainment wins both cases.

2059 days ago


The TMZ staff who wrote this article & all the darn RACIST people out there writing mean and nasty comments on Rain just for his ethnicity REALLY need to grow up. Do you all really think you're superior because of your race? If you do, that just shows how ignorant and dumb a person can be. & for all you who don't know Rain, he's been through hell to get to where he is right now. He's one of the most famous and talented stars of Asia. Have YOU lost a mother who had diabetes because your family didn't have money to pay for the medical bills? Have you slept out on the streets and starved? Have you worked your ass off every single day of your damn life to become one of Asia's GREATEST stars?! If not, PLEASE don't be so ignorant and say stupid things. You guys don't know what he's been through... UGH! And to the TMZ staff who wrote this article, please don't compare Rain to Justin Timberlake. The So Called JT?! Come on...Rain is his own person. NOT a clone of Justin or any other artist out there. He's unique and talented in his own style & ways. And for the person who wrote that he's just another one of the Asian artists who have feminine bodies, don't say things like that if you haven't seen what Rain's body looks like. OBVIOUSLY you DON'T know what his body looks like because if you did, you wouldn't have even said that...He's got one of the best bodies. Everyone knows that...He's famous for having a perfectly chiseled body, in addition to his talents in dancing and singing. Oh, and not to mention his humble and respectful personality. & to the person who said he sings a "Miley Cyrus high pitch" whoever you are...Uhm, if you haven't heard his voice, it's masculine. He doesn't have a high-pitch voice in all his songs. THAT would be Justin Timberlake.. By the way, this whole reason for the lawsuit wasn't even his fault. Do you think he'd WANT to cancel his concerts?! He loves performing...Hello....he's a singer for a reason! It's those stupid companies who couldn't do their jobs correctly. Rain had nothing to do with the cancellation! It's not the performer's job to take care of ALL the issues going on. The performer's job is to PERFORM! I wish I could go to Hawaii to support him, but at least he knows that his fans will love him and support him no matter what. Rain, stay strong. We're always here to back you up

2059 days ago


I don't care what people said.Rain, we trust in you.Fighting!!!We love you.

2059 days ago


With Clouds Rain not alone.Aja aja fighting!!! Clouds love you.

2059 days ago


Rain is rich enough to pay off all law suits, the most wealthiest young boy in Seoul.
Cant stand his arrogance and boastfulness. Rain has to take responsibility of all the wrong things he did and pay back to the public. He thinks he so famous n popular in the world, can get off scotts free from blame.
Weari a big hat on a small head, seeking public attention with publicity stunts here n there at every chance with media.
Terrible singing, atrocious acting, sexy dancing sucks like hell - groping groins like having sex?
Who cares he live or die, juctice has finally befall on him to bear his own consequence.
Stop talking about Racists, Racism - to all the die-harder fans - who the heck is he?

2059 days ago


Rain the nerd, about time you have to serve your sentence of being the most greediest South Korean Boy, want to make your billions before you reach 30 - fat hope you will be sued all the way to your kitty back to explode your bank. Teach you a bitter lesson not to land on foreign soils without doing your homework, want to make money do it in your hometown,
Stop seeking public attention, you are already the famous nerd of the world, need to splash yourself all over the net, television, magazines etc etc etc.
I'll be damn if you can win all the cases coming up!!

2059 days ago


THE WRITER OF THIS POST IS OBVIOUSLY BIASED!!!!! Don't go off writing something without looking at both side of the story,,,..isn't tat what a GOOD WRITER do?? or else this so called "news" is just a mere ordinary blog with narrow minded opinions anyone can write.....

Seriously.........some people here just are so fake, I'm sure that u've heard of Rain b/c you bash him even though you claim that you've never heard of him b/4....-__-.....fake much?
AND don't go bashing someone when you don;t know the full story behind it...
YOu do know that a concert DOES NOT just involve an artist ryt????

WHATEVER~~~~~.....I STILL LOVEee YOUuu RAINNNnn!!!!!!!!!!!

2059 days ago


Rain is the best. No doubt about that. Andre Kim can kiss this lawsuit goodbye because it's been what, 3 years???
Andrew Kim probably went bankrupt or something and Rain shouldn't have to pay for it. It was not his fault.

2059 days ago


To all the ignorant people who do not know who Rain is. They can all just be quiet. Pls do your research before you comment on someone you do not even know. TMZ staff, shame on you for saying that " Rain is fast becoming better known to American fans for his lawsuits than his singing." No further comment. Rain, fighting! & Clouds~ fighting!

2059 days ago


Rain's innocent in this case.
I don't want you to write some bad comments about OUR RAIN.
If you don't love Rain,PLEASE SHUT UP!!!!
for anti fans:RAIN'S NOT A GAY

2059 days ago


RAIN, I allways support to u. i'm vary sad when u must sued for $30 Mil. But that's ok, i know u will passover anything because "THE CLOUDS ALLWAYS BE WITH U!"

2059 days ago


@ 73:
Can someone scream...........: HATERRRrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2059 days ago


LOL if you don't care who he is
so why did you write a commend about him, just ignore him except you are haters or being jealous
BE ignorant if you don't care what you are reading hahahha
Racisim still exists in America for sure not black also asian.
ROFL ....copy cat !!!!! not every thing originally comes from America so don't say asian artists are copy cats dude.!!!!
last thing he is not gay , just different taste of guys !!!!!!!! let's say muscle-----> man , cute -----> GAY
wrong idea people !!!!!!

2059 days ago


uhm...yea i if you don't like rain, what's the point of commenting?
why do you even HATE on him anyways?
i see that all u haters are just trying to find false excuses to hate on him.

2059 days ago

Support RAIN!!    

Hate him or love him. RAIN ROCKS!! That you idiot racists are going out of your way to stereotype and talk trash just proves how freaking great he is. Jung Jihoon is the most multi talented man out there. Normally I love TMZ but wow, you guys COMPLETELY dropped the ball on this one. Idiot staff. Do your homework. And fix those quotation marks. It's not only embarassing to you but to American's everywhere. Rain rules. Harvey! You'd better hire some new ppl or get a better editor. This is sad.

Rain has plenty of American fans who are not asian. Staples Center was nearly sold out. Sales were great. He sold out Madison Square Garden in New York and played a few amazing nights in Las Vegas Nevada. at least a LITTLE background checks before you go sprouting off about things you seriously have no clue about.

2059 days ago
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