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Make it Rain -- Korean Singer Sued for $30 Mil!

3/9/2009 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RainRain -- the so-called "Korean" Justin Timberlake -- is fast becoming better known to American fans for his lawsuits than his singing.

Rain, and a host of people in his camp, are being sued for bailing on a 2007 concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. According to a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, Andrew Kim had the rights to the proposed concert -- but he took a huge financial hit when Rain bailed.

Rain was also sued in 2007 for missing a gig in Hawaii, allegedly over trademark and technical issues.

Kim is seeking an astronomical $30,000,000 -- plus punitive damages.


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At here , I see many anti fans ...
I don't want to talk with anti fans , you don't understand Rain ...
anyways , Our Rain will win !!!

2053 days ago


I support Rain completely and I hope he doesn't take it as a bad experience in North America. It's sad to see that some things never change, even we'd consider that we are now well advanced in the 21rst century. It may be silly, but i thought that the racial hate would be something fought against when Obama would be elected--I guess it'll take more than that. Anyways, fellow supporters of Rain please calm down, expressing your thoughts aggressively will not make a difference to their blinded eyes. If they really wish to prejudice others by their lack of knowledge, it's fine by me. They'll never feel the joy of supporting a talented human being that strives until he collapses for his fans. That is punitive enough. We all wish you well, Rain.

2053 days ago


Rain a good man would not be needed always to hurt!
I love RAIN!

2053 days ago


Rain has overcome obstacles of prejudice and poverty to get where he is. He works incredibly hard and has helped others with acts of charity many times. An American band called "Rain, the Beatles Experience" tried to stop his entry into the US market with a lawsuit over the name Rain in 2007 that pretty much torpedoed his American tour. He got clearance to perform just prior to the LA concert, but an incompetant promoter didn't construct the stage sets on time so they didn't pass safety inspection. Rain begged to go on anyway, but was not allowed to. The whole situation was not his fault and people are just trying to profit from it at his expense. He is a terrific guy who deserves respect. (Please see the glowing comments that co-stars Susan Sarandon and John Goodman had to say about him in interviews when Speed Racer released.) Rain has been hurt enough already over this and the last thing he needs is for someone here to rub his nose in it. I am sorry to see negative and racist comments posted here. I am not Asian btw but I respect and support Rain and wish him much success.

2053 days ago


poor guy..........

2052 days ago

Rain or Shinefelisshi    

I support Rain. He is such an inspiration to aspiring artists. He encourages them to work hard and never lose hope if you have the determination to stay in your field of interest. What he is experiencing now may be one of the challenges that he'll have to face in life. He did nothing wrong. He was also a victim here. What I can say to him is our prayers are with him; not to lose hope; don't be discouraged. Good luck!!! Fighting !!!!! Aja Aja!!!.

2052 days ago


Rain is the best in singing, dancing and actor. he is a good guy... he canceled the concert for the sake of the fans, he knows that if he continued the concert there might be a accident because the place is not yet fully prepared for the concert... he has a good intention in canceling the concert...

2052 days ago


when I was informed these messages, some anger and regret at my heart. even if you don't like him ,should not gloat. at this time, he needs a famous lawyer is better than other . these greedy guys (Click Entertainment) just want to make use of RAIN's reputation to enhance their own reputation in the entertainment industry. however, this is shameful! Finally, damage to him are his own.
Our baby,our rain, we know you so kindness and tolerance. Fighting !! and when game is over, you must win!
Global FANS with you!!

2052 days ago


Rain's innocent..
Rain had prepared Worldtour without caring his health. But Rain damaged by the inexperienced work progressing of entertianment companies...When LA concert was cancered, he came to LA 2 weeks before his concert for preparation , all the equipment were already shipped in LA ,all the staffs and dancer were also in LA ..(so he's innocent)
Until the Hawaii concert of Rain was determined to be postponed, there were involved so many things. Star-M, the major company of Rain's Worldtour, sold the copyright of Rain's U.S concerts to Revolution Entertainment and Revolution resold the copyright of Hawaii concert to Click Entertainment. During this process in which there were some channel changes for concerts, there happened production problems(regarding concert facilities, equipments, etc), concert postponement because of the povisional disposition to stop using name 'Rain', and a lawsuit...(because it's the inexperienced work progressing of entertianment companies, It's not Rain's fallt)
When the Sydney concert in Australia faced a danger of cancellation because of the production problem of local entertainment company, Rain arrived there a week before the concert and completed the concert difficultly while he was leading a work progressing. In a perspective of Rain, when we assume in bad manner, he may think that he will not be damaged if he performs a concert or not because he already received his guarantee. But he never thought it. On the contrary he did his best to perform promised concert encouraging the staffs.
Rather, Rain and his fans are the main the vitims...

2052 days ago


i wish rain/bi the best!!!!!! i hope and pray everything goes well for him......

i just wish that some of us could think twice or three times before posting hurtful and very racist comments..... if you have nothing nice to say, then it's better to just keep your comments to yourselves......

rain/bi..... you have my all-out/forever support! Fighting!

2052 days ago


If you don't know Rain who is it's meant you don't know Asia.

The first, RAin was on Times for the most influential in th world in 2006. You really don't know?????

A big concert in Los Angeles in 2006. The Movie Speed Racer in 2008.
Rain is the best singer in Asia, an talent actor and he's also a deginner.
He's a talent young man. A kind person. A great artist.

You should more interest than in Asia_ the important continent of the world.

Dear Rain, I wanna say: I love you and proud of you so much.

2052 days ago

Ganesa Kei    

7. man nobody even knows who this rice eating,slanted eyed SOB is.

Posted at 8:39PM on Mar 9th 2009 by rick

wow... really? Your argument is so juvenile. Racist much?

Bi Rain made #1 in Time Magazines Top 100 most influential people. He also played in Speed Racer if any have seen it. I know him best as the South Korean Pop Star.

He might have good reasons for ditching those concerts. Although I understand why that man would be sooo pissed off. Thats some big money. But that's really between Rain and Andrew Kim. Obviously, he didn't solve the problem. He's a cool guy, though. Hope it all works out. Hope Mr. Kim gets his dough and hope Bi Rain learns from the matter.

2052 days ago


As a Korean man who is buff and loves lifting weights, this girly man confused about his sexuality MF is not whom I would want representing me. These idiots are big in Asia and think they can pull the same game in the US, not realizing in the US, the laws and contracts are actually enforced, so I hope this MF gets his just deserts, this sorry ass girly man, go do some squats and for those Asian dudes that call me a hater, you're probably a 120 pound girly man too, so shut up and do some squats and talk the crap to my face not on your girly man keyboard

2052 days ago


Rain girly? Heck you people who think that sure do hate the guy.

Guess what? I'm a woman, I love Rain coz I find him to be the most sexiest male alive. I was crushing on Vin Diesel before (I love hunks), and along comes Rain and BAM! I was like is this guy for real! Ah yes very real as I discovered!
And I aint even Korean!

Yo Rain haters, take your sorry jobless asses and tiny weiners and go find something worhwhile to do. As for Rain, he's more male, than you'd ever be.

2052 days ago

to people who are saddd    

to those who have a negative view on this guy...

people screaming their heads off to say how sexy a person is when they are successful... when they enter a hiccup in their career, people screaming their asses off to say how suck he is.... WELL PEOPLE UR SUCK URSELVES, so GET UR BRAIN RE-CHECKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

racist people like you lot doesnt deserve to breath the air which are being polluted, probably from the likes of you!!!!!!!!

being ignorant is one thing, but slating people you dont know is like calling urself a loser, so be careful wat u type in the comment box.

so america didnt really changed much eh, all worthless pieces of waste!!!!!!! good luck in all ur lives btw, u no who u r, coz ur gonna need that luck!!!

and to Rain, i dont no wat is going on, cancelling concerts certainly is not good, so get ur head straight.
Click ent., if u want to bite bucks off famous people, try to do it without everyone know ur lying, coz yh, its that obvious!!!!!!!!
and JYP, i dont no where u are doodling with ur Wonder Girls, but u still got a court case to care about, coz yh, ur beingsued as welll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, i do ave a lot of time on my hand rite now, so toodles!!!!!!!!!!!!

2052 days ago
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