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Scores a House!!!

3/9/2009 9:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom don't need no publicist, because she's about to get a new home.


We've learned her dad is the purchaser of the 2,583 square-foot house for Octo. It's located in La Habra, near where OctoGrandma lives now. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, a large master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a large backyard. It's listed for $564,900. The buyer paid near asking price.

It's listed by Mike Patel of Prudential Realty in Anaheim Hills in the O.C. We're told the deal was just inked and it will close on Friday. Sources also say the "substantial down payment" came from money that OctoMom has been scoring over the last few weeks. As one source put it, "the money has been coming from all over the place -- $15,000 here, $25,000 there." We're told the seller is financing the deal.

We're told Octo will either move in over the weekend or early next week.


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Something has to be done-I dont know if with her or with all the people supporting her.

2023 days ago


Disgusting!! Someone take those kids away!!

2023 days ago

Jesus juice    

Hmmmm...Didn't know you could buy a 1/2 million dollar home with $100 these days. (Remember poor Grampa whining on Oprah a month ago about how he had to leave his grandchildren and go back to Iraq to support the family because he only had $100 left in his bank account?) Watch...HE ISN'T EVER GOING BACK TO WORK. If anyone with common sense has figured this out yet....the WHOLE family has been involved with making it a 3-ring circus---(the arguments between nutball and Octogramma, etc...) in order to get free handouts from the public. The whole family lies--if anyone has caught onto THAT yet. And, they may be nuts, but they aren't stupid. Nadya IS NOT going to have ANYTHING put into her name because then she WILL NOT be eligible for food stamps, etc... As long as she has NOTHING in her name and she's unemployed, single with 14 kids....SORRY folks, but that makes her eligible for assistance. As long as that family keeps the media involved, with some obscene BS, the $$$ will keep coming in from those that "feel sorry for the children". Bottom line, doesn't matter HOW much money she receives, that family will go through it like flies on poop....obviously NONE of them are responsible with money. All those kids are doomed---and no amount of money can change who your relatives are---mental illness tends to run in families. Also, she may be getting what she wants NOW---$$$$, but she will have to contend with VERY unhappy children....and worst yet.....a housefull of UNHAPPY, messed up teenagers. Nadya is also cheating these kids because they will NEVER know what a FATHER is. She has NO CLUE that it takes MORE than hugging a child for 10 minutes to raise them properly. It wouldn't surprise me if the "donor" to all these kids was "Octogrampa". Speaking of whichhere's ANOTHER lie: First the "donor" was a good platonic friend of hers, who she stated "was shocked" and may be involved with the kids "at a later time" she's changed that to "I paid him and it was a business arrangement." (More like she paid off this guy who claimed to be the father on the Today show, so he won't butt into her ability to make $$$$$ off these kids) All I can say is: "What comes around, goes around".

2023 days ago


The poor neighbors. Their street has just turned into a circus.

2023 days ago


People from third world countries have a very odd sense of what looks "nice." Very tacky looking place.

2023 days ago


I know people who have lost their jobs, and applied for Medi-Cal.
They either can't get it, or have to wait an ungodly amount of time to receive any benefits.
The state is also scaling back on the reimbursments to doctors, and what services they will cover.
And part of it is because of Suleman and her family.
I have no ill will towards the children, and I'm glad the babies are doing well.
It's just the way the adults in the case have lied, cheated, and flat-out scammed the public for funds that bother the public.
Putting the house in the fathers' name, for example.
So she can avoid paying her debts? And keep getting state and federal benefits she is not entitled to?
How many families with a real need are going to go without because of her and her family?
What sort of family do you think this will be with morals like that?
Those children are doomed to a life of poverty and "gimme-gimmes."

2023 days ago

Jesus juice    

Hey 406........You definitely are not going to ever "hit it" as she doesn't like men.....(all those kids came from a petri dish and a turkey baster---not a man's appendage) I don't think she likes girls either....because she doesn't have ANY friends. Usually, problems re: relationships with men are related to "father figure" issues. Gee....Grampa will be making a great contribution in the mental stability of HIS/THESE kids. Maybe Rob Zombie can make a movie based on this family----they already have a House of 1,000 Corpses or The Hills Have Eyes ring to them.

2023 days ago


you cannot blame her blame her doctor. any doctor that would let someone who already has six children doesn't need to have invitro. he should be ashamed of him/her-self. that doctor was putting the mother and those poor little babies is harms way. i would make the doctor support the family.

2023 days ago


This woman just makes me absolutely livid with anger. She has truly been scamming the American public and these people who are donating money are truly fools. While our country is going down the toilet and people are losing their jobs (through no fault of their own) and in return losing their homes and ending up in tent cities and I don’t see the American public helping any of these people. This woman is not only getting a half million dollar home while collecting welfare. She can afford the implant of all these embryos, she can afford plastic surgery and she can afford to get her French manicures
“People what fools you are, you will help this woman gain notoriety while you let the people who have worked hard all their lives lose everything, Shame on America!”

2023 days ago


Why isn't the IRS or other government officials investigating this home purchase & down payment money, demanding reimbursment of the student loans & other freebies that parasite has bilked out of the taxpayers?
I live in Calif., work full time, have no kids & I still can't afford my own, I'll be getting an IOU, instead of the tax refund of the money I worked my ass off for!!!

2023 days ago

Jesus juice    

LOL at Michelle. Blame her doctor????? are saying that her doctor came over to Nadya's house and forced her to have more kids???? The doctor doesn't need to support her family anymore....common folk who feel sorry for her are ALREADY doing that!!! BTW Michele...your donations can be sent via PayPal on her website. Maybe you can buy her a bigger vehicle or some more new purses that she's sporting everyday. For someone who was suppose to be BROKE...she's got some nice expensive clothes and purses.

2023 days ago


What a pity this unbalanced, manipulative schemer didn't recognize that her first debt is to the poepl of her state, who she obviously expects to pay for the birth of her children. She plainly has the same major talents as PT Barmun and Britney Spears, that is those of self-promotion. That poepl like her can capitalize on a lack of ethics illustrates plainly what has made our nation a cesspool of Jerry Springer fantasies. The only answer is sterilization.

2023 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

When Zillow puts Octopus' plastic surgery face as an add for their website things have gotten ridiculous. Nadya Suleman's new house is in a location east of Harbor Blvd. which is the 'Leave It to Beaver" pocket of La Habra. It is not located in the gang invested barrios of that northern Orange County city. In fact within a mile of her Madonna home, up Fullerton Rd into La Habra Heights are some serious estates. So the good news is that she has a home in a good neighborhood.

The bad news is this woman expects to live off the land. What happens when the novelty of her story fades and Dr. Phil stops taking her calls? Her poor mother and father aren't financially able to pay for that soccer team of kids.

2023 days ago

love is the anwser    

PEOPLE PLEASE!!!!!! Love is the anwser, we as a society need to embrace Nadia and her children and offer her guidance and our support. we are failing and we are at fault, love joy peace and harmony are the anwsers to all of our questions today. Nadia, you and your children are in our prayers and we hope all goes well for you!

2023 days ago

Level Head    

Did any of you see her on Dr. Phil. She NEVER stopped talking continuously with the "oh my goodness, NO" and "oh gosh, certainly not". Batting her eyelashes and acting like she is just as surprised as everyone that this "happened" to her.

Freak. I pray for those poor kids everyday. I just don't know how anyone can even give her money. I know that the kids need to be cared for and shouldn't be split up but "Oh my goodness NO" they are going to end up trainwrecks with her for a mother.

2023 days ago
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