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Scores a House!!!

3/9/2009 9:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom don't need no publicist, because she's about to get a new home.


We've learned her dad is the purchaser of the 2,583 square-foot house for Octo. It's located in La Habra, near where OctoGrandma lives now. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, a large master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a large backyard. It's listed for $564,900. The buyer paid near asking price.

It's listed by Mike Patel of Prudential Realty in Anaheim Hills in the O.C. We're told the deal was just inked and it will close on Friday. Sources also say the "substantial down payment" came from money that OctoMom has been scoring over the last few weeks. As one source put it, "the money has been coming from all over the place -- $15,000 here, $25,000 there." We're told the seller is financing the deal.

We're told Octo will either move in over the weekend or early next week.


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Other than having 80 fingers in her at once why should she star in an adult movie?

2019 days ago


well she is a smart cookie~ her dad buys the house that way she can still claim state funds!!!!

2019 days ago


How can a person on Welfare buy much less be able to live in a 500,000. plus house.
Why is the state letting her get away with this fraud? No wonder Calif. has no money.
Are we really letting her get away with this. AP.

2019 days ago

Mary T.    


2019 days ago


TMZ! Your sources suck. Now two stories on the Octomom you've reported flat out wrong!! First, that she was purchasing that other house that turned out to just be a place to interview and now this story that her dad bought the house!! At the very least, add a little snippet to the lie and state your sources were wrong and actually Nadya puchased the house and that she's proud of herself because she e-a-r-n-e-d it.

2019 days ago


I don't understant why so much "dilema" on this case
Even if she gets some help, from the gov., wich comes from our what? we have to pay taxes ANYWAY, so why not those money are used for a good cause, instead going on whatever BS the politicians do, or their pockets?how much it's affecting us to give up 1 cent per week for her, cent that it's taken from us anyway, for other stuff.
Plus that, US should be proud of what their science can do
I am NOT saying that everybody should have octoplets, but this doesn't happen everyday and everywhere. Maybe she was irrational when she decided to have more kids with no husband or personal income, but we are not the ones to judge, so if we want to help her, let's do it, if no, let's stay out of this and don't throw ugly words or other crap at her and her family.
It's the best thing we can do.

2019 days ago

They were in it for the money    

To SouthSideofChicago,
You better believe the HOA is bringing this subject up at their next Board meeting, from there, they have every right to post a 15 day notice to the owner and the occupants of said home at the same time, inform the HOA attorney of their intent to follow through with the recourse as needed, not to mention reporting the information to La Habra PD and the City Council.. We do not hate children, BUT...the home is NOT situated for 16 + people, the other homes are too close together and the noise will be extreme-That voice of hers can break Baccarat! CA. Stae laws RE HOA Rules are pretty specific.

2019 days ago

Don Austen    

This is all nonsense. Apparently Nadya has already received over $100,000 in contributions, which was the down payment on the new home. Instead of caring about some woman with 14 kids, why does no one care that our charity can go out of business because we can't get a $200,000 loan on a $325,000 piece of property which our landlord walked away from.

We need help. We need media exposure to let people know our dilemma. We need a loan or $200,000 (that equates to less than 50¢ each for every child we have saved!)


THIS IS WHAT WE (and 25,000 children a year) STAND TO LOSE:

The National Hotline for Endangered Youth

Our toll-free hotline stands unique in the fact that there are 10 hotlines and 30 directory listings (below) the primary number being (800) USA-KIDS). Call 800 directory and most 411 directories anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Pacific territories, ask for any of the following and you get us:

Alcoholism Hotline for Teens 888.329.5244 (no other such hotline exists)
Anorexia Hotline for Teens 800.872.5437 800 USA KIDS (no other such hotline exists)
Binging Hotline for Teens 866.210.5230 (the National Eating Disorders Association offers a hotline that is not listed with directory and is only available limited times during business hours)
Bulimia Hotline for Teens 800.872.5437 800 USA KIDS (the National Eating Disorders Association offers a hotline that is not listed with directory and is only available limited times during business hours)
Child Abuse Hotline 800.872.5437(we have the only listing for child abuse reporting with 800 and national 411 in all of North America)
Child Abduction Hotline 800.872.5437 800 USA KIDS (no other such hotline exists)
Child Exploitation Hotline 866.210.3388 (the National Center for Mission and Exploited Children, funded $31 million by Congress, have a a hotline, but it is not listed with 800 directory)
Child Pornography Tipline 866.628.7494 (no other such hotline exists)
Children's Hotline 888.501.8336 (no other such hotline exists)
Cutting Hotline 866.210.9795 (there is a self-injury hotline, but they are not listed with directory)
Cybertip Hotline 866.628.7494 (no other such hotline exists; the National Center offers only online reporting)
Date Rape Hotline 800.872.5437 800 USA KIDS (no other such hotline exists; there is the RAINN hotline started by singer Tory Amos, but they are not listed with directory)
Drug Addiction Hotline for Teens 866.210.9795 (no other such hotline exists)
Drug Abuse Helpline for Teens 866.210.9795 (no other such hotline exists)
Eating Disorders Hotline for Teens 888.501.8336 (the National Eating Disorders Association offers a hotline that is not listed with directory and is only available limited times during business hours)
Exploited Child Hotline 888.501.8336 (the National Center for Mission and Exploited Children, funded $31 million by Congress have a a hotline, but it is not listed with 800 directory)
Hotline for Teens 888.329.5244 (no other such hotline exists)
Internet Predator Tipline 866.210.9795 (no other such hotline exists; the National Center offers only online reporting)
Missing Children Hotline (no other missing chlldren hotline is listed with directory services, even by their name)
Narcotics Helpline for Teens 888.501.8336 (no other such hotline exists)
National Missing Children Hotline 866.210.522 (no other missing children hotline is listed with directory, even by name)
National Youth Advocacy Hotline 866.628.7494 (no other such hotline exists)
Peer Pressure Hotline for Teens 800.872.5437 800 USA KIDS (no other such hotline exists)
Prostitution Helpline for Teens 888.329.5244 (no other such hotline exists under this category; there is a hotline but you need to know their name to get their number)
Runaway Hotline 866.210.5231(ours and the Texas Runaway Hotline are the only two listed with directory)
STD Hotline for Teens 866.210.5230 (the Centers for Disease Control CDC offers a hotline but they are not listed with directory)
Suicide Hotline for Teens 866.210.3388 (the National Suicide Hotline, 1 800 273-TALK, funded $3.5 million by the Federal government, is not listed with directory services)
Teen Helpline 866.210.5227 (no other such hotline exists)
Teen Pregnancy Hotline 866.210.5227 (no other such hotline exists)
Youth Crisis Hotline 866.210.9795 (no other such hotline exists)

Live Internet Support
We are the only hotline that offer live (real time) Internet support. We do this through Skype.

Hotline Services
Crisis Counseling and Intervention
Assistance with Skip Tracing for Parental Abductions
Child Abuse Reporting and Follow-up Assistance (no other non-governmental hotline will assist in child abuse reporting)
Information and Resource Services
Follow-up where Requested

2019 days ago


This whole situation with this Octo-scammer is sick. A family of LIARS.
Dr.Phil has zero credibility. He and
Gloria Allred and Angels in Waiting
All have hidden agendas. How dare them
volunteer everyones money and time.
Dr.phil has stooped to a new low allowing that beggar Suleman into the
privacy of his home. Also Dr. Airbag could not be more phony by going to the
Hospital and visiting the octuplets. Like
he is going to be around for the kids
in a few years. He has the nerve
to ask the whole nation to donate money
to her. I say with his multi-million dollar salary, let him reach in his own pocket. Please don’t donate one cent to
this scamming family, nothing is appreciated and never enough for Crooks.
Wasn’t Octgrandpa on Oprah show crying
how he only had a $100 in the bank? What
A liar. Some how Ed pulled $110,000 out
of his hip pocket for the house down payment. Also this man was telling the
world “I am leaving for Iraq any day now”. All those windall interview payments put the truck driving job on
life long hold. And as far as Angels in
Waiting, where do they get off offering
$810,000 of free care for 6 months? I guess they thought working people would
donate their hard earned money to LIARS.
I Say let DR. Airbag, Allred and Friends
open up their check books. Also look up on Extratv online.
Linda West Conforti ( angels in waitng) are broke. I say GOOD!!!!!
Maybe all this free childcare will be re-thought.
Just heard Conforti on channel 2 begging for more donations,
Unbelievable, Can anyone tell me what Octo-scammer is going to be doing
herself? Would not put it past her to ask the caregivers to do all her cleaning,shopping,cooking,driving and
wipe her behind if should get away with it.

2018 days ago


Well, surprise, surprise. Now Angels in Waiting reports they may not be able (without financial help from generous donors of course) to honor their agreement with octolips. Dr. Phil (also known as Colonel Tom Parker, if any of you remember the Elvis Presley days) will be "keeping a close eye on this situation" (in other words any viewers of his show will be subjected to this nonsense many times in order for the network to get their money's worth out of what they have paid to octolips to perpetuate this travesty for ratings). This shameless, useless hustler will milk what she can out of the situation, in the meantime shopping in Nordstroms for an outfit and pair of shoes costing $500+. Now we should all open our wallets for the "welfare of the cf the children". Wake up people, you are all enablers and join the ranks of Colonel Tom Parker, her parents and anyone else who has ever believed anything this woman said was the truth. If you want to be manipulated, fine, but don't pee on my shoes then tell me it's raining out, I would rather give money to Shriners Hospital for Kids or St. Jude's Hospital for children if I want to help children in need.

2018 days ago


To BrendaBehan, God bless your heart! go & wipe her behind then, if you are so thrilled about her story. We all are depending on you to donate what ever you can afford to the scamer Nadya. That"s why she got away with it, she got all the publicity,& the money from donations, because of the suckers like you! Don,t forget that she used one hundred thousand dollars for her cosmatic surgery. such as inflating her ugly lips, fixing her nose & cheeks, oh , also her breast. That"s ok to you? It doesn,t seem you are following her story. If she is a fit mom, she would rather had spent it on her 6 children instead. Don,t you think so? To me what she did, is a crime in a different way. Wake up honey!I don,t know why the religious christians, believe that what ever people do, right or wrong, you always say, god will take care of it. If it is really true, have him take care of her, Therefore, she is in god,s hands!!! Whatever will be will be.

2018 days ago


I will never ever watch Dr. Phill"s show again! I hate him more than ever. He is kissing her ass , like he is making money out of her on his shows. I,m boycotting him period!!! I,m so pissed of him. I

2018 days ago


Now they want us to donate money to the angels in waiting so they can give it to her. how do they have the mind to ask us that. When they give me and my family everything then I will think about it. I've worked for years to care for my kids. I have bills to pay so my family can live. Why would I give my money to her. She won't even give money to her kids. Are these people crazy. I do not watch Dr. Phill cause I feel he is using everyone I saw them asking people to give her money on the news.

2018 days ago


Here is a good idea to start putting on the brakes to Octoscammers new crib.
Call the LaHabra Department of Building and Safety to let them know their
is major construction going on without an alteration and remodeling permit.
Maybe upon inspection they can find other code violations, such as mold,unsafe
overloaded electrical panel, bootlegged plumbing repairs, termites and every
other hazard. I am sure this idiot contractor (hero) is bypassing necessary demoltion
and alteration permits. Let's add a few city inspectors to the mix!!!

2018 days ago


She used up all of her mother's social security and leaves her high and dry as the bank forcloses on her mothers house. What a selfish, stupid woman nadia is. She just expects everyone to take care of her and her brood. She makes me sick. I really feel sorry for all of the children. What a head case. Unfortunatley there are alot of women like nadia out there.

2018 days ago
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