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Christian Bale's Kid: I Got Your Back, Daddy

3/10/2009 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Bale gave his daughter a calm, cool and collected piggyback ride after picking her up from school on Monday ... LADI DAH DAH DAH!

Neither member of this dynamic duo threw a temper tantrum.


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Let it go already TMZ!!!

2021 days ago


that doesn't even look like him

2021 days ago


Cute Daddy and cute daughter!

2021 days ago


You TMZ people are real sleezes staking out the schools looking for your celebrity shots...

2021 days ago


This reminds me of this one time I was at Disneyland. We were in a boat on Pirates of the Caribbean, and during one of the quiet parts of the ride another guy in the ride ripped one. Straight out farted, and it was loud and echoey. A couple seconds later my niece turned to me and whispered, "I think that big fat guy farted!" I giggled, and thought the matter was over, but she decided to turn to every other person she could and give them the good news. At the time the ride ended, everybody piled out of the boat and she suddenly decided to yell, as she followed him, "Somebody farted on the boat! I wonder who?!" She said it five or six times, until the joke was no longer a joke, and borderline harassment. Sound familiar TMZ?

2021 days ago


Stop showing pictures of star's kids on the sly...can't a dad pick up his kid from school without ridcule and picture of his kid to boot? I hve never seen C. Bale's kid at any photo op and he clearly is trying to protect her...from you.

2021 days ago


i think let him leave alone him and his family but this photo is so cute! my dad did the same thing with me!

2021 days ago


What do we expect from TMZ? No class. She is a cutey, and he seems to be a great dad. I didn't realize she was already in school.

2021 days ago

Bale's Mistress    

AS much as I look foward to seeing pics of my favorite hottie out & about,I gotta say this is get ting real ly creeeeepy TMZ. I mean,you guyz are the same folks that tempted to embarrass,humiliate ,and ruin Christian with the release of the infamous "rant tape",now you can't leave him alone. What was it,a couple of weeks ago,when you guyz staked him out playing a video game?!!! Come the f*ck on TMZ!!!! I don't care how bad he sounded on that tape,I've always felt in my heart,that he was and is and still a good man,and he demonstrates that in his personal life.It's been few times where you've seen him without his wife and daughter,how many other celebs can you say that about? He's been given a bad rap,and while it may have been deserved,he has atoned for it,and you all need to stop referencing quotes from the damn tape!!!!


2021 days ago


I agree. As much as I WANT to see all the pics I can of Christian Bale (because he is the best and hottest actor EVER) this is creepy. Ugh...paps are now either following him or standing outside his daughters school? That's just gross.

2021 days ago


Brilliant TMZ. You've come to the realization that Christian is a HUMAN BEING??! No s#*t. Not only is he a phenomenal actor, he's a good man and doting father, now leave him alone. Stop referring to the outburst and I agree, keep your photogs away from the schools. Very desperate. Christian, do yourself and family a favor, move far way from LA.

2021 days ago


My goodness! Look at those arms! Nice! Now, the only reason TMZ keeps referring back to the "rant thing" is because they can't figure out anything else bad to say about Bale. They still think it's newsworthy and funny, even though most of the world has moved on. That's why TMZ gets such a bad rap all of the time. In this instance, though, I don't think the paparoo idiots are close to Bale and the little one because he will generally ignore them, but being little, she will spot them, but give them the "stink eye". She's not doing that this time. So I don't even think they are close enough for Bale to see them. I still think there should be laws in place for the paparoo not to be around the schools, though.

2021 days ago


Oh no, this pig has a child, poor thing, wonder if she has to walk around on eggshells when daddy is near. Poor little thing.
you stupid little brat how could you spill your milk, I am working her you thought less little *%$#, I can just hear it now.
Hope he does not have much custody like maybe every other weekend for the girls well being. Bless her heart!

2021 days ago


Well, well, well, lookie, lookie, a Bale basher. Feel better? Unfortunately, instead of trying to make a statement, you just came off sounding extremely ignorant. LOL Better yet, how about, we will pray for you. That sounds better. I think you need it more. And yes, he does look good, doesn't he? Nice buffed arms, clean beautiful child, filthy rich and handsome. His wife his probably banging him every night. It's a shame how people's jealousy shows. Don't be jealous, you can get out there and do the exact same thing that he is doing. Quit that job at McDonalds and go to Hollywood, you can do it! Idiot!

2021 days ago

Bale's Mistress    

Thank you,thank you thank you!!!! #15 Wow,idiots can type LOL (love that name,by the way) I appreciate someone like yourself,and #'s 11,12 & 13,for your mature comments on Mr. Bale. I can't believe bottom feeders like #14 can say such heartless,mean,cold things about someone he or she does'nt even know about!!!! First of all,those of us who've read about Christian, watched interviews of him and have followed his career for many years,know darn well,that little girl is his life,and he absolutely loves and adores her.

#14 obviously does'nt know he's married,so "custody" is a stupid word to use when referring to his daughter.And secondly,I'm sure he has the maturity,decency,and intelligence to separate his professional life from his personal life. I'm pretty damn sure he would never ever talk to that little angel the way he did the dp. Everyone has a bad day,and he admitted as such,and apologized the same day it happened.He's a very dedicated,hardworking,and passionate actor,and sometimes that can be come across as mean or even egotistical.

#14 Here's some words of wisdom you might wanna remember:Before you comment on someone you don't know,GET THE FACTS FIRST!!!! Oh,and by the way #14,hurry up and get back to Mc D's,your lunch break is up,lol!!!!!

2021 days ago
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